Collusion: John Branca Part 2: MJ lured to his death

collusion (2)

By:- To MJ Respect is due


“It’s very sad to see that these artists really are penniless; because they created so much joy for the world. And the system… beginning with the record companies, totally took advantage of them. It’s not like they always say, you know, they built a big house. They spent a lot of money and bought a lot of cars, that’s stupid, it’s an excuse. That’s nothing compared to what artist make. I just need you to know that this is very import what we are fighting for. Because I am tired, I’m really really tired of the manipulation. I am tired of how the press is manipulating everything that’s been happening in this situation. They do not tell the truth, they are liars.” – Michael Jackson NYC July 7th 2002



During Michael’s career he amassed a fortune that would allow him to never have to work again if that’s what he wanted. Michael’s fortune contained enough zeros publishing and property so that his children and their children and his grandchildren’s children, so that his parents and siblings, nieces and nephews and his great nieces and nephews would never have to work again. Michael’s fortune placed him and his family in an economic stature that would rival the royalty and elite of the earth.  Every “blue blood” family has kept their money and influence within the “bloodline”. What’s so mysterious about that? Man the head games… Anyways, this is how they have financed their agendas whatever they maybe…be it the takeover of nations people and resources as well as hording true information while dispensing false information.  Whatever the goal is, this is how they do it. Keeping it in the family, the oh so “spooky” bloodline, pretty much insures that the objective of this one mind set (simply birds of a feather keeping together or keeping with those of like-mind, same thing) is carried out. (One does not mean 1) As a result the objective has a strong hold thru the generations. United we stand divided we fall; some families however, let’s just say, use this fundamental concept for more devious diabolical purposes. Your banking families, legal and political families, oil barons and dot com empires along with agriculture tycoons have kept it all in the family. Do you really think any of them would take kindly to a stranger of “no blood” no mindset relation walking in and taking it all? Their aim is to keep their regime in place.


Michael and his Family is of a different mindset, they are of Peace Justice and Unconditional Love. This is a most charitable Family with Michael giving away a billion dollars of his own personal money. They don’t do it for taxes, or to create a corporate shill. *coughs Musicare* Their contributions are not geared toward one race, one group, one nation, one pursuit. This assistance has been given to ALL from ALL walks of Life, living ALL over the world. This mindset puts a crack in the current shadowy structure and brings Light into the world. Now they can’t have the richest man on the planet, not using his money power and influence as they do. They can’t have this man speaking of Love for ALL, crossing all types’ racial and cultural barriers. When Michael’s memorial was televised it has been said that One billion people watched. Just take a moment and really think about how profound that is. Michael has waay too much power on waay too many levels for them to ever let him live. It however, was NOT THEIR CALL!

She innocently questioned why, why her father had to die. She asked the men in blue, how is it that you get to choose, who will live and who will die. Did God say that you could decide?

Why should the Jacksons, be an exception to this rule and be expected to sit by and let this happen. They were forced out the family home, with claims that Michael’s money was left to just his Mom and children. Let me let you know right here and now that is pure PR nonsense, Branca does not give not one damn about Michael’s Mother and his Kids. Their trusts still sit empty nearly 4 years later and he has isolated them from their family. Truth…Branca and the crew believes that they can hold this all up as Mom is an Elder (a title of honor) dragging this out in courts until she transcends naturally or by other means…so that they don’t have to give her anything, then entire estate transfers to the kids…who won’t have full access to their estate for another what TWO DECADES! By then, they all will have depleted this estate of its riches and resources and these children will be left with nothing.


Branca wants Mama Jackson left alone after he tells her, “I am Michael Jackson now”, after he and AEG pushed papers in front a devastated family evoking fear that she will lose the rest of her family (more mind rituals) forcing them to sign. Then Branca introduces the Last Will and Testament of John G Branca with no signature page. For Real….Come on people…seriously…you support this guy.  But you know…how dare the Jacksons write a private letter demanding the resignation of a schizophrenic sociopath? Just seriously, how dare they.

“Enough already!! We’ve already lost one family member.” “And THIS IS WHY I AM SO AFRAID FOR MY MOTHER…” “Yes, the letter is authentic.” “I only tweet when it’s serious” – Michael’s Baby Brother Randy Jackson


The “builders” of our society, what’s another word for builder…I mean wouldn’t you call a “builder” someone who creates a foundation on which a house, corporation civilization is erected, based on ones principals (another word for mindset) of “religion” science laws mathematics etc. Connotations on words and doctrine have really hurt us Family. You know we the people…founding fathers…yet I digress….

“They manipulate our history books, the history books are Not True, it’s a Lie; the history books are a Lying, You have to Know that, You must Know that” – Michael Jackson NYC July 7th 2002


The builders of our society feel that, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander, but what makes them geese and us gander. What’s ok for some is seen as not ok for others and just why we have let them decide.

“Do what you want to do, there aint no rules it’s up to you, it’s time to come alive” “Life aint so bad at all, If you live it off the wall” – From Mike’s FIRST Solo Album


For ages, families have lived together, educating one another, working with and protecting each other…this keeps the family strong. Ever ask yourselves why we follow certain societal rules that do not feel natural and why those that mandates them do not. The Queen of England’s Son lives at home and he is 64, yeah he has his place with Camilla, but he lives with his Mum, real talk. The Roman, Russian and Asian Dynastic families all lived together. The Egyptian society, which everything is modeled after, lived together as did the French power families. A tradition that has carried on to this day within the “powerful” families of the world and yet… we are taught to get rid of ours at 18 and leave our heads in nursing homes.  Separating a family is the first step at taking it over, breaking bonds and leaving its members vulnerable to be preyed upon.


So Pardon Joe and Katherine for not walking to that bullshit, beat and kicking out her GRANDKIDS and THEIR MOTHER; she must be the most awful Mom to let grown sons home whenever they wanted, I mean she did GIVE BIRTH to them, like she carried them IN HER BODY. Damn Damn Damn…..Joe how could you try and prevent the powers from stepping in separating your family and managing them and then stealing from them. Joe why? Why would you want to prevent that? I mean they are just YOUR kids that you co-created with your wife and any everybody should be able to get a peace of them….You know it was all about that 10 percent for you….NOT! Joe didn’t steal from his kids, Joe and Katherine kids aren’t raving narcissists and socialites. They actually show the world what WEALTH POWER CLASS REALLY IS. They actually have a Real Reason to be FAMOUS.


In Hyannis Port, the waterfront compound of the Kennedys, the entire Family from various generations, have lived there on and off thru the years. This legendary family is seen as iconic (I thought the Jacksons were called Icons too. Oh yeah, that’s only when they want to use them) and their Family Home a Respected sovereign state….meaning their internal business is their business. Rose Kennedy wasn’t kicked out of her home and her family barred after her sons John and Robert were assassinated, not because they cared for them more (you know what they used to call the Irish) they did kill two of her sons. It was because they were respected by the PUBLIC which would have turned it out had they done to Rose and her husband Joe, what they are doing to Joe and Katherine Jackson. Sadly, when you turn it out for Michael and the Jacksons, you are called CRAZY and a conspiracy theorist and you’re sitting in the cheap seats gossip mongering, while spewing stale internet conspiracy. Ever ask yourself why the media does this or where they get their orders from.


“I’m here to speak for ALL INJUSTICE! You gotta remember something, the minute I started breaking the All-time record in record sales…I broke Elvis’ records, I broke Beatles records, the minute it became the All-Time bestselling album in the history of the Guinness Book of World Records, Overnight…they called me a freak, they called me a homosexual, they called me a child molester, they said I tried to bleach my skin, they did EVERYTHING TO TURN THE PUBLIC AGAINST ME, THIS IS ALL COMPLETE COMPLETE CONSPIRACY, YOU HAVE TO KNOW THAT.” – Michael Jackson NYC July 7th 2002



Unfortunately some of the public has turned against Michael and his Family. They have bought the headlines and over exaggerated typical family issues or just out and out made them up. They have called his family nasty names; they have done to his family that which he spoke against. I’m sorry are some suffering from the same mental issues as John Branca and Co. Once again Birds of Feather… Some peeps take it a step further and talk about his babies. Such hateful jealous mean spirited individuals, yet we are to believe they Love Michael…Really Now! Not feeling that at ALL!


Folks like to talk BS about the Jacksons yet I’ve yet to hear them speak ill about not being in Branca’s Will or demand any part of the estate for themselves. When people are caught out there, they start talking, revealing WHAT…themselves.  So all this talk about money wars are coming from WHOM, those that stole the money. What a great source, many take the words of those that stole the estate as the truth.


All the Jacksons have done was call a spade a spade and demand that the man who was fired years ago, whom showed up after their Son and Brother’s murder with a forged Will and no signature page… giving him and his partners total control of their Son and Brothers’ estate… that they nor Michael’s children have any say so whatsoever about; an estate worth billions of dollars and containing one of the greatest Legacies of the last equinox to…step down. Again how dare you Jacksons…Mrs. Jackson is suing AEG for forcing her child to do 40 MORE shows than he wanted to, which led to the hiring of a man that was hired to get Michael to do these shows by any means necessary; this by AEG’s own admittance and as a result Michael was murdered?  But you know… Mom is supposed to just sit there and take their abuse.


Meanwhile all over the world we see commercials daily from law firms, wanting to represent you for medical malpractice and wrongful deaths. Damn shame, that a Family would want to take care of children whose Father is dead *rolls eyes* Yea it’s about the money, those three babies that Michael co-created (which look like him) couldn’t possibly be a part of him and so they are Loved and they couldn’t possibly be Lovable in their own right….and to think the Family and these children have to hear this and deal with Michael not being here and everything else going on at once. What a strong sound group of people, much Love & Light to them.


“Now I’m just wondering, why you think, that you can get to me, with anything…  seems like you’d know by now,  When and how I get down, And with all that I’ve been through, I’m still around” – From Invincible the song… Unbreakable

“I Love Unbreakable” – Michael Jackson London Sony Boycott 2002



Why don’t people take the time to really listen to what Michael said, take the time to place yourselves in another’s shoes… and then maybe as a people we would  think before speak and check the sh*t we believe. If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem; we must expand….if not we are of the same mindset of those that we say we are opposed to, which makes us just the same when we behave like them. Treat others how you want to be treated.


“John Branca Stole From My Son” – Mrs. Katherine Jackson


We spend a lot of time going over the Will and the billions of dollars stolen from Michael and in essence; this money has been stolen from his children, Blanket Paris and Prince as well as his Mom Mrs. Katherine Jackson, which are his benefactors.  The Will as we know is said to have been signed on July 7th 2002, but Michael was in NYC giving a very important message, he was opening the minds and the hearts of the people and educating them on the system.  Do you really think he would then sign and okay a Will that gave John Branca and John McClain total control. I can’t help but wonder if the July 7th 2002 was left on the Will or added after as a reference to the day that Michael exposed them and greatly angered them. I mean seriously…it was 2002 Michael had already been thru the ringer with the system. Survived ’93, all the falsified debts and bogus loans in his name, thieving employees. Branca had already been fired at minimum THREE TIMES before 2002 he was fired in 1990 returned around 1993 (he always seem to pop up when BS goes down, what a snake) Branca sold Michael out to Sony with the merger of Sony and ATV in 1995. Branca was fired again around 1999 and somehow snaked his way back in and then was fired for good in 2003. But Michael named him as the executor that gets everything. Just fine yall… *sighs*


Michael half owns Sony/ATV catalog (now Sony/ATV-EMI) he 100% owns MiJac which is more valuable than the Sony/ATV catalog.  YES that’s what I am saying. Michael is the hugest entertainer the world has ever known. He has sold more records than anyone in music period. That means groups, solo artist, in any music genre, in all of recorded music history.  His catalog on its own is worth several billion dollars, one artist’s music is worth several billion dollars. And that’s just the musical arm of Mike’s empire. Do the math, Mike is one man that owns MiJac and it’s his material, SO ALL that revenue goes to him. Why you think Branca took that 5% and was selling licenses for Mike’s music on the side; stealing hundreds of millions from Michael over the years. Why do you think Sony wanted that? Why do you think AEG wanted that? Michael had to collateralize part of MiJac for a poultry 6.2/6.5 million dollar promissory note. Um… didn’t we discuss how Branca had to, Ok, when they were talking refinancing while Michael was in Bahrain, and um…didn’t we discuss how Sheik Abdullah had to ok the financing deal as well because he was trustee of MiJac during that time, and had power of attorney. Well… then how it is that AEG can come and put a Lien on something that is already in Lien. Just like the others, they had to get an ok, there had to be negotiations… I mean Sony did get that distribution deal later. Please tell me you see this, Please tell me that you get that, they are all together and are all the same CONSORTIUM. “AEG had locked Michael in with language (tucked into a “ miscellaneous clause”) that stated the promissory note agreement was “ final” and that by accepting a “ loan” of $6.2 million from AEG Michael was backing his promise to perform in London with a lien against “ collateral” that included every asset he owned. The document also acknowledged that a “ definitive” contract was still to be prepared and signed.”


On July 7th 2009 at 6:30am The New York Times’, Deal Book said this in our faces.


“Now they’re in line with other creditors and business partners awaiting word on the state of Michael Jackson’s tangled financial empire. Financial firms including Colony Capital, the Fortress Investment Group and Barclays Bank poured tens of millions into the singer over the years.”


”You are talking about a guy who could make $500 million a year if he puts his mind to it,” the billionaire investor Thomas Barrack, owner of Colony Capital, told The Los Angeles Times a month before Mr. Jackson’s death. ”There are very few individual artists who are multibillion-dollar businesses. And he is one.”


“Others say Mr. Jackson’s death and the huge interest it has spawned only makes the star more bankable.”


“Another sign of Mr. Jackson’s investment value is the lofty prices being fetched for the pop star’s memorabilia. The day after he died, 21 items sold at auction for $205,000, including a painting of Mickey Mouse that Mr. Jackson made as a child that went for $25,000.”


”From a collector’s standpoint, he’s a very good investment. He’s already at the level of Elvis Presley,” Darren Julien, principal of Julien Auctions, which has overseen several auctions of Jackson items, told The Associated Press.”

“Another big advantage for Mr. Jackson’s creditors: They no longer will incur the risk from the singer’s lavish spending habits, which over the years have included a chimpanzee named Bubbles and a hyperbaric chamber.”

”The sad irony is that the estate will likely be run in a very profitable way from here forward,” Mr. Peck told the news service. ”There’s not the X-factor of somebody going out doing crazy things.”

This from across the pound:

“The CEO of the UK’s biggest secondhand ticket seller, Seatwave, told the BBC that “ There’s gonna be somewhere near on a billion pounds’ worth of economic activity brought to London through hotels, restaurants, shops, pubs, people coming to see Michael Jackson. It’s the Michael Jackson economic stimulus package.” AEG Live was now out of pocket nearly $30 million and its commitments to the O2 concerts amounted to a good deal more than that.”



But you know… Joe was seen as an opportunist when he and Rowe stepped to AEG for, um…trying to pay Michael in American dollars when the show and merchandising would receive all their funds in the more valuable British Pound. I just can’t….


Unlike the so called powers, Michael is a One Man Corporation and not subject to all the overhead and a payroll for thousands of employees. Michael Jackson is the epitome of what Private Wealth is, once again he dominates everything he gets involved in. These bastards see Michael as a multibillion dollar stock that they wanted to raid and make public on market. So they all can get their piece.


They like to say Neverland was bleeding him dry, whatever…. If Michael couldn’t afford it, he wouldn’t have owned it, Lived in it for all those years and spent another 50 some odd million to upgrade it…or operated it so successfully for years.


Need a quick sidebar about Neverland just for a moment. Phil Anschutz is a big time rancher as you know and so Neverland would make any ranch and/or land Lover giggle like a school girl. I mean the joint is 3000 acres with some stuff on and underneath it, says Dick Gregory, don’t you just Love how he just says it. Anyways, Tom Barrack of Colony Capitol has a ranch…and was Mike’s next door neighbor. His property borders Mike’s on one side. Talk about a takeover, Barrack was having dreams about Neverland for years. Barrack’s kids would go to Neverland for Field Days, wonderful events Mike would throw for the kids. But Mike’s a pedophile right…. F**K YOU! Oh sorry that just slipped out.


“The polo-playing Barrack, whose own sprawling ranch in Santa Barbara County bordered Neverland on one side and Ronald Reagan’s Western White House on the other, shared a laugh with Jackson about being next-door neighbors, given that their houses were eleven miles apart. His sons had attended a number of the “field day” events that Michael staged at Neverland, Barrack said, and came back each time raving about what a great time they’d had. Ten minutes after that, Barrack agreed to see if he could swing a deal to rescue Neverland from the clutches of Fortress Investments, which had rescheduled its auction of the ranch for May 2008.”



I’m sure you did come up with that check Barrack…70 sheriffs raided the place, Barrack was you talking to Mad Dog, c’mon you can tell us, you wanted Neverland bad didn’t you… freaking HATERS! What they claim 8 million to run Neverland a year; well 8 mil to a multi-billionaire, is nothing.  Believe Mike couldn’t live there with a President as his neighbor and Barrack a Billionaire himself, if Mike wasn’t one. The Lies people tell. Michael could spend obscenely every day of his life and still wouldn’t put a dent in his fortune.  John Branca and Co robbed Michael, Michael was not in debt, he’s too wealthy to be in debt. Besides…Mike pays cash for his… No credit, yea they envious much.


“Sony, you know being the artist that I am at Sony, I generated several billions dollars for Sony, several billion. They really thought that my mind was always on music and dancing and it usually is. They never thought that this performer myself, would out think them. We can’t let them get away with what they are trying to do.  Because now I’m a free agent, I just owe Sony one more album… it’s just a box set really, with two new songs which I’ve written ages ago.  Because every album I record, I write like, literally I’m telling you the truth… I write at least 120 songs every album that I do. So I can give them the box set and just give them any two songs… So I’m leaving Sony a free agent, owning half of Sony, so I own half of Sony’s publishing and I’m leaving them and they’re very angry at me,  I just did good business, you know.. So the way they try to get revenge is to try and destroy my album.” – Michael Jackson London Sony Boycott 2002



Record sales, digital downloads, radio spins are all part of what generates huge amounts of money for the record labels and Michael has had more than anyone. Just one of his albums has sold over several hundred million copies and that’s what’s accounted for. Talks of Sony/ATV-EMI are definitely not to be shunned, as Sony/ATV-EMI is the second largest music publisher on the planet, owning nearly all of music. However, MiJac contains the publishing of the Top Selling recording artist of all time and Michael has been so for over 30 years. The media, historically has tried to play the Beatles songs up as the reason for the catalog’s and Michael’s success. This is talk of sore losers; they have never gotten over Michael crossing barriers, breaking records and ruling the entertainment industry; again how dare he?


“The New York Times’ Jon Pareles built his review around the assertion that, “It has been a long time since Michael Jackson was simply a performer. He’s the main asset of his own corporation, which is a profitable subsidiary of Sony.”


Michael signed a preliminary contract with AEG on January 26th 2009 agreeing to do ten shows at London’s O2 arena. Branca wanted a piece of the Michael Jackson action; no other client has made Branca wealthier or brought him more acclaim than Michael Jackson. Besides, in his deluded mind, he felt he was owed a piece of the action…for he thinks he created Michael, he got him ATV(Mike already had a publishing company and it was growing) Branca negotiated the deal to merge ATV with Sony (Mike had already turned Sony down when they made the first offer) Branca penned the deal that broke records when Michael received a recording contract worth a billion dollars (Mike had already been a shrewd businessman worth a net of a billion plus, knew his worth and he had been the top selling artist of all time) Branca had been working for Sony and he could offer such a deal as the lure to get Mike’s masters and later Branca made a deal to fleece his client of his 50/50 share in Son/ATV.

“All told, he would spend an estimated $65 million on video productions during the 1990s. Despite a net worth that had been estimated as high as $1 billion, he was struggling to service an increasingly massive debt.



Branca the epitome of conflicts of interest has always been working hand and hand and side by side with Sony. What type of deal is this to make for your client all while making the deal of a lifetime for your other client that both clients are part owners of a lucrative business, that the lawyer himself has a 5% stake in, maybe even more on the sly in.


Branca made a deal with Sony that netted Michael a quick $25 million in cash, but the price was a reversal of their ownership positions in the ATV catalog. Now the company owned 51 percent of the song titles and Jackson was the minority partner.”



Branca likes to act bad like he is that ultimate deal maker, nonsense. He steals from them; he actually takes 5% from others he represents too. He talks about buying ATV um Michael’s idea; he talks about the billion dollar recording deal, please… Such deals may seem impressive had they been made for another artist (no disrespect) but for Michael Jackson, they were inevitable how could one expect anything less? Representing Michael Jackson is a rather easy job or as Branca said to Piers “a lazy one”. Michael is making it happen from the beyond and Branca has no control over that.


“John Branca & Howard Weitzman – Piers Morgan Tonight”


Branca could not stand being on the outside for the past 6 years, since being fired once and for all in 2003. Maybe he was somewhat content for the moment, Michael had not been making any music and he certainly wasn’t going on a world tour. Branca could keep representing his interests on the sly, he had kept the 5% for himself and his firm, he also had a bogus Will tucked away just for the right time. With Michael embarking on a tour, not only would there be a new manager, but new attorneys like the many that have come since Branca’s dismissal. Michael’s current reps became public knowledge; the press had been reporting everything on Michael and his camp.  Could Branca really keep making deals in Michael’s name without being discovered? At the very least he’d have to pay the propers to the current men in charge. Paying it forward is typically how Branca worked, remember when the ATV deal looked like it wasn’t going to happen? Branca made back door deals to have the financing pulled from Charles Koppelman and Martine Bandier; they’d be promised something bigger and better down the line.


“Branca, though, had been instrumental to Jackson in securing the ATV music catalog. He had a handshake agreement with Robert Holmes à Court in the spring of 1985, Branca would recall, but then the Australian “fucked me” by making a more lucrative deal with rival bidders Charles Koppelman and Martin Bandier. Branca maneuvered behind their backs with a phone call to Irving Azoff, chief of MCA, which was putting up the money for that deal, convincing Azoff that a favor to Michael Jackson at this particular moment would be repaid many times over. When Azoff pulled the funding for the Koppleman-Bandier deal, the catalog was sold to the next highest bidder, Jackson.”


Isn’t this how this creepy crawler always moves? Follow the pattern it’s always the same. Remember when Bert Fields was in charge, Branca re-emerged and flipped the entire legal team forcing Bert out; which was said to be payback because Bert’s friend David Geffen was one of the reasons Michael let Branca go in 1990.


 “Michael began to resent the attorney, though, when Geffen and others explained to him how much of that money Branca was putting in his own pocket, and how he was using his relationship with Michael Jackson to feather his nest with other clients. In late 1990, it was announced that John Branca was being replaced as Jackson’s lawyer by a team of attorneys who were closely associated with Geffen. Yetnikoff was fired by CBS Records’ parent company, Sony, a short time later.”



In 1993, Branca appointed himself controller of the publishing arm of Mike’s enterprise by giving Michael’s publishing head L. Lee Phillips the axe. Then there were the deals Branca made for Sony/ATV on the Sony side and also on Michael’s side and the deals between one another. Branca was prepared to do whatever he had to do to position himself where he is today. I still can’t imagine Branca not knowing what was going to happen to Michael on June 25th 2009. News that Michael was taking the stage again was the cue that Branca had been waiting for, he knew what type of money was to be made and he also knew what the end game would be.


 “The Calculating John Branca”


Branca would not only make his requisite 5%, once brought back in by Frank Dileo and Randy Phillips, he also had a forged Will ready  to go once Michael was removed from the picture. Many think that Branca should be paid for the work that he does and that he has done nothing wrong by collecting a measly  5%, “oh its just 5% some say.” “How can he be accused of stealing and double dealing?” You must keep in mind that 5% of Michael Jackson, which is 5% of several billion, which correlates to several hundreds of millions for Branca, now adds that, to what he stole off paper. Branca making 5% of Michael’s professional and personal business for the past 30 years; off and on… and staying on… even when he should have been off; means that John is a very very wealthy off Michael’s blood sweat and tears.


John Branca had been nosing around the “This Is It” production long before June 17th when he claims he was rehired by Michael.


“Proof Michael Jackson Did Not Hire John Branca June 17th 2009”


Branca meets with Michael’s then manager Dr. Tohme Tohme.  This “chance” meeting took place in February during the 2009 Grammy’s. This would be just a week or so after Michael signed the contract with AEG. When Tohme discussed the meeting with Michael, Michael had this to say:


“The attorney had arranged to be introduced to Jackson’s new manager by Randy Phillips at the 2009 Grammy Awards ceremony, and afterward Branca phoned to arrange a lunch meeting, Tohme said. When he told his client about it, though, “Michael told me I had to cancel the lunch. He said, ‘You can’t have anything to do with Branca. I don’t want him near me.”



Is it just me? Or does it not make sense for Randy Phillips to arrange a meeting between Michael’s manger and a lawyer that Michael had not seen or spoken to after firing him 6 years earlier? Here is more evidence of collusion between John Branca who is now the Estate and AEG. They  would later go on to work hand and hand in an attempt defraud Lloyds of London, requesting money for Michael’s murder and they would take it a step further by teaming up against Mrs. Jackson  Prince Paris and Blanket when she laid suit against AEG for the wrongful death of her son.


“Why Did John Branca Pay AEG 40 Million”


Let’s go on ahead and add Sony one more time to that list. Leading up to the supposed signing of the contract between the Michael Jackson Company LLP (who at the time was Tohme Tohme) for its artist Michael Jackson the man and AEG…Tohme had been zigzagging across the world putting things in motion. Sony said that Michael had until 2011 to turn his finances around or he would lose it all, everything that he’d amassed and worked for his whole career, would be confiscated by the corporations of the world. They agreed to secure his loans and refinancing up until the year 2011.


“Sony had agreed to guarantee all of the loans through September 2011 in exchange for the right to purchase half of Jackson’s share in the ATV catalog for just under $200 million and Jackson’s agreement that the company could spend up to $400 million to purchase the 125,000-song Famous Music LLC catalog, which included rights that ranged from the Footloose theme song to Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady”.



“What Michael would receive in exchange was the guarantee of a cash distribution of $11 million per year through 2011. Among the obvious problems he was left with was that living on $11 million a year wouldn’t work for Michael Jackson, not when dozens of legal matters remained pending? On top of that, Fortress Investments still held the note on Neverland Ranch and intended to wring every penny from him that it could.”



“The reality of his financial situation was that Jackson had to earn at least $100 million before his financing arrangement expired in 2011, or face the liquidation of his assets—in other words, bankruptcy.”


Ok wait… Sony would guarantee the loans until 2011. So why did they bother Michael in 2005 when he was in Bahrain. Even if the 2011 deadline was a result of the2005 meeting, beforehand Sony was still a cosigner, securing he previous loan deals. It’s all game; Sony agreed to secure the refinancing, this means that if the Fortress was acting up. They could have just handled it, you know…it becomes the issue of the co-signer. If it bothers you so bad, pay the sh*t then Sony. As stated in part 1, it was all game to lure Michael back and get him into contract.


Tohme had a sit down with Sony because they were withholding royalty fees from Michael, claiming that monies were due to them for administrative costs to run the Sony/ATV catalog. The structure in which businesses are set up and ran is entirely insane, how can Sony charge their partner Michael an administrative fee to facilitate a catalog they themselves are part owners in; do they charge themselves an administrative fee as well? Sure some will say that’s standard business practice, yes we know the law…but uh because it’s the “law” that does not make it right.


“Tohme had also compelled Sony to pay Jackson $12 million in royalties from the worldwide sales of Thriller 25. “They really don’t have a right to hold that money for servicing the catalog; they have to turn it over,” Tohme explained. “Sony was not used to having someone representing Michael, be so forceful with them, to threaten an audit or a lawsuit. But I don’t care about my relationship with Sony. I don’t care about my relationship with AEG. All I care about is my relationship with Michael Jackson.”



Sony had allowed Michael to use his shares in Sony/ATV to refinance and secure loans with extremely high interest rates to cover various things Michael needed, like money on hand, living expenses (sounds a lot like AEG huh…birds of a feather) because after he was hit continuously with fraudulent lawsuits, they’d have their banks and their judges freeze up his liquid assets which consumed the Lion share of his annual income. A shrinking income is one of the biggest lies that Michael’s advisors would tell him. When Michael wanted to use his shares of Sony/ATV to finance the purchase of Marvel to launch his film production career, they wouldn’t allow it. They never wanted Michael to get free; he could refinance the loans if it meant becoming more indebted to Sony or another Bank that Sony was in bed with. Or if Sony wanted to use Michael’s money and high revenue generating ability to further their pursuits… But not for Michael to regain his financial freedom and release their grip on him, he was no longer their artist and this debt was the only way to keep hold of him. Michael’s movie studio would have crushed Sony Pictures.  Film was the area Michael was destined to conquer, yet Hollywood would have none of that, they wouldn’t allow their mindset to weaken its grip on the masses. Michael dominates every arena he enters, there’s no reason for film to be any different.  Michael and his messages on the silver screen…noooo no way , they would do what they have to, to stop that.


Stan Lee on Michael Jackson


“Filmmaking had become a fixation for Michael in the years following the HIStory tour. He came much closer to realizing the dream of owning his own movie studio than most people knew, according to Dieter Wiesner: “It was more than a dream, it was a plan.” The acquisition of Marvel Comics was at the core of that plan and Michael had tried for three years to pull it off. Back in 1999, he met with the primary creator of Marvel’s best-known characters, Stan Lee, to ask if they could be partners. “Michael wanted to make a Spider-Man movie long before there was a Spider-Man movie,” Wiesner explained, and he told Stan Lee about that.” Lee, who was on the outs with Marvel at the time, has confirmed that such a conversation took place. “Michael was thinking about playing Spider-Man himself,” Wiesner continued. “He asked Stan Lee to help him run Marvel if Michael was able to buy the company and Lee said he would. I really believed it would happen and it almost did.” Michael actually retained the investment banking firm Wasserstein Perrella to negotiate a sale with Marvel’s then-owner, Ike Perlmutter. “Michael thought this would be like his second buying of the Beatles catalog,” Wiesner recalled. “It was that big for him.” Reports at the time suggested the deal had fallen through because Perlmutter was demanding a billion dollars for the company. “That’s not true,” Wiesner said. “In 2002, Michael was willing to pay $1.4 billion for Marvel, which was the asking price then.”


Michael was a busy man in 2002, was he not? You still think he signed it ALL OVER TO JOHN BRANCA on the day he spoke to the People? Don’t be foolish. His message frightened the system; you think all those heads of state and religion, sought Michael’s company for nothing. The creations that would have emerged from his movie studio…I am at a loss of words. Just look at his music and art work, his dance….the scripts that he’d write would be amazing. He already had one written about himself as King Tut. I LOVE Michael’s mind, the more and more, I learn about him. He’s a University unto himself. There are some Universities quietly teaching courses on Michael and his music and these aren’t just your regular music classes either, they have those too… there is even a business class on Michael.



The financing fell apart, though, Wiesner said, when Sony refused to let Jackson use the ATV catalog as collateral: “Sony was constantly blocking his projects. They wanted to have complete control over him.”



“And today Marvel is worth $4 billion. The Spider-Man movies have made hundreds of millions of dollars. Michael was right.” As an alternative, Wiesner and Jackson had negotiated a deal with Cinegroupe, the famed animation studio in Montreal that would have given Michael a 51 percent share of the company and creative control of its projects.



Michael possessed “plane hangars full of footage” from the film and video shoots he had commissioned over the years, Wiesner explained, “ and he said, ‘Dieter, with the new technology we can make all of this—doesn’t matter if it’s Thriller tour stuff or whatever I have—we can make this completely new for the new generation. We can put everything together in a new light.’” Michael was initially encouraged by friends that included Steven Spielberg and David Geffen, according to Wiesner, who promised to go in as partners with him on several film projects but never followed through:



“He said they had taken his ideas, but didn’t want him. He was always talking about this, about Spielberg especially. He was very hurt and angry with Spielberg. He said they promised him, Spielberg and Disney, but then they kept him out.”



After Michael was murdered, John Branca waged war on any and everybody who had anything of Michaels or knew where any of it was hidden. Remember he and Weitzman sent the Family a letter stating that, whatever they had of Michael’s if they didn’t fork it over they would face legal action. Branca spent millions upon millions of dollars of Michael’s money suing people left and right on a hunt for Michael’s possessions all across the world. You must get that anyone who is selling a Michael Jackson anything has been bought and pimped by John Branca. There’d be a Michael Jackson movie, not that he created or one that his vision manifested. It would be a Branca AEG Sony creation, they’d steal his ideas once again and this time, his life. This movie would be one where the world watched Michael slowly die. Behind the scenes he was once again living in fear and his mind poisoned with demanding threats and belittling meetings where shouting was so loud the walls shook and henchmen stood guard. Michael didn’t get to make his movie, but Branca AEG and Sony did.



“John Branca wanted to make sure that he and John McClain received credit for how redeemed Michael was in the eyes of the American people. “We felt we needed to restore Michael’s image,” Branca told the Times, “and the first building block of that was the movie. People came away from that movie with a completely different view of Michael. Rather than being this out-of control eccentric, they saw him as the ultimate artist, the ultimate perfectionist, but at the same time respectful of other people.” The estate’s executors were praised in the New York Times for having made maximum use of both the passion and the fascination that people felt for the entertainer. “What they’ve done brilliantly is that they’ve taken advantage of the emotion surrounding the tragic and unexpected passing of Michael Jackson,” said the Elvis Presley estate’s Robert F. X. Sillerman, “ and [they’ve] done it in a way that’s tasteful yet profitable, and that’s challenging.”



There goes that name again Robert Sillerman earlier we talked about him and his involvement with Michael when he first came home. The guy that bought 19 Entertainment Group from Simon Fuller, the man that teamed up with Fuller (friend of Phil Anschutz) and Cirque and now the man that has given his friend Branca media praise and directives on how to pimp the dead “tastefully”.  John has a thing for Elvis Presley, so Sillerman will show him how to really stunt, and how to get the most of your product…and how to get the most out of the believers’ market. He’s got


the licensing and merchandising rights to numerous celebrities and their estates and exploits the Presley estate with authority by both Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley –“


Well damn, at least Lisa and her Mama had some say; again the public would have turned it out if Priscilla and Lisa were not treated with anything but respect after Elvis died. The “powers” sure make concessions for some… don’t they. Don’t you just Love how all the “big men” use the word exploit repeatedly, that’s because they do it in our faces. I mean what are you going to do, is how they feel.


John those who Love Michael didn’t see him as an out of control eccentric, they spoke of him as the epitome of Love and humbled genius. They described how the atoms and molecules of a room would change when he entered and that you knew you were in the presence of greatness and it made you greater. Only the jealous feel as you do, you don’t have the awareness to comprehend Michael…well quite possibly you do and this is why it has become an obsession to take from him and attempt to become him. You and your cronies will always try to find a way to demean him; while pretending to give him accolades, your exploitation and theft will be seen as devotion to those that don’t know and support you. We see through your veiled insults. What you have done is beyond money catalogs and estates; this is pure unadulterated hate, your actions and that of your crew have proven that and you alls continual callousness and disrespect of his family confirms it. Michael became and is what you all could not.  The libelous keep trying to push hatred on Michael and his family, they keep trying to turn the world against the Jacksons. They say that his Mom wasn’t a good Mom and his Dad wasn’t a good Dad and that his sisters and brothers and extended family only want money, was only interested in living off Michael Jackson. When the corrupt Superior Court of California turned over Michael’s estate, not ONE Jackson was there. They were home trying to get over the devastation of losing Michael. I’ll tell who was and he came with an ARMY for the seizure.



“The pot of gold at the end of Michael Jackson’s rainbow was not only real, it was also apparently bottomless. Branca was in court, but Katherine Jackson was not, when Judge Beckloff convened the hearing that would decide the disposition of the Michael Jackson estate.



He was in Cabo within days after he claims to have been hired, he told Michael’s family that he was on vacation when Michael died and could not talk until he came back which would be in 4 days. Branca and Sony were in meetings with AEG about “rehearsal footage” within days of Michael’s murder.



“The fact that [Kenny Ortega] is also a movie director is a good thing in terms of understanding what footage they had,” Stringer says. “I’m not sure we’d have gotten this done if it would have been someone else coming in to work on it.”



“The driving force behind the film negotiations with Sony was Jackson’s estate—represented by Branca and McLain—which had to grant permission; Branca’s firm, Ziffren Brittenham, negotiated the deal, in consultation with Phillips.”



“The “This Is It” soundtrack was conceived alongside the film project “when we saw the early footage, pretty much a few days after he died,” Stringer says.”



“One particular meeting stands out for Phillips. “The first marketing meeting I had at Sony Pictures, there were about 40 people in this conference room”



He wasn’t at the private or public memorials and private burial for Michael. He didn’t offer condolences to Michael’s Parents or Siblings. He didn’t stand with Michael’s Mother and Children in their wrongful death against AEG. And he didn’t show up not one day for the Involuntary Manslaughter Trial of Conrad Murray….Yet he and his men were up early in the morning to lay siege on Michael’s estate.



The introduction of the various attorneys involved took nearly as long as the oral arguments. Branca had surrounded himself with a team of high-priced legal talent. Howard Weitzman informed the court that he was working in association with Joel Katz and Vincent Chieffo of the megafirm Greenberg Traurig. The Atlanta-based Katz was the chairman of Greenberg Traurig’s global media and entertainment practice and perhaps the only music attorney in the country whose practice rivaled Branca’s. Chieffo, based in Los Angeles, was the cochairman of the firm’s national media and entertainment litigation group. Also present in court on behalf of Branca were three attorneys from Hoffman, Sabban & Watenmaker, a small but powerful LA firm that specialized in trusts and estates. One of the three, Jeryll S. Cohen, had been much in the news during the previous year when she helped Britney Spears’s father James Spears gain temporary control of the singer’s estate after the pop star was admitted several times to a psychiatric hospital.”



Do you still want to say that John Branca Loves Michael and is here to help Michael and his Family and is the rightful executor of the Michael Jackson estate? If this Will was valid and did in fact name him and John McClain (whom is an executor in name only believe that) as executors giving them total control. Then you answer me this, why did he need all those high powered attorneys and the mega spin company the Sitrick Brincko Group.



John Branca “Cleaning Crew”



We research everything and use quotes from multiple sources after, triple checking any information that is brought to our attention or that we uncover during our extensive research process. We leave NO rock unturned. Our Conscious, Unconditional Love and Profound Respect for Michael and his Family will not allow us to do anything but. We are Savvy Fair and Aware enough to know that the Truth is Everywhere and can come from Anyone. We are Wise enough to See and Open enough to Learn about the Bigger Picture. Our Clear Sight is enabled to sift thru the lies to reveal the Truth. Biases, the Rumor Mill, Bandwagon Jumping, Cliques and/or Agendas will never Blind Us to the Truth wherever she may be. Pure intent drives Us. God and Michael have got Us. Make no mistake about it. We Are Protected and Blessed!



“It’s time for a change. Let’s not leave this building and forget what I just said. Put it into your hearts, put it in your subconscious minds and let’s do something about it. We have to, we have to, because it’s been a long long time coming and a change has got to come. So let’s hold our torches high and get the Respect that we deserve. I Love You *crowd says I Love You back and Mike sings* I Loooove Youuu.” I just want to say, Please don’t put this in your heart today and forget it tomorrow, because we will not accomplish our purpose, we will not accomplish our purpose, if that happens. This has got to stop, it’s got to stop. That’s why I’m here with the best, to make sure it stops. I Love You Most! And remember we are all Brothers and Sisters, no matter what color we are.”

 – The Beautiful Prophetic Michael Jackson, in NYC July 7th 2002












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