Darren Julien uses charities as a marketing ploy




Darren uses charities as a marketing ploy, and frequently tells his consignors to donate to charity so that things are not “questioned”.  In his own declaration (a legal document filed with the Los Angeles County Superior Court), Declaration-Darren-Julien  bottom of paragraph 28, pg 5/6, he tells Tohme Tohme (someone Jackson used as a mgr at times) that they should donate an amount of the proceeds to charity to throw off any rumors that Jackson is selling his personal belongings because of financial problems.


Here is a screen cap:



Later on,  in this same declaration he provides an email where again, he says the same thing: “This helps fans rationalize…” “… will garner additional press and give a good feeling to fans…”   Did you feel good fans??!!!



Just an interesting fact:  Musicare (previously known as Musicians’ Assistance Program) was founded by John Branca.  http://www.johnbranca.com/charity-work/ [page now deleted but we have a copy]


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