JuliensAuctions a customer wants a refund! Stop ignoring her emails!


DOT Investigating Airlines That Delayed Refunds During the Pandemic |  TravelPulse


Darren Julien, a customer has been emailing you for a refund.  You have issued a refund to a different unsatisfied customer, now please do the same for this lady.  Stop ignoring her emails.  She needs immediate refund.  Also $170 to ship a jacket to Sweden is very unreasonable!

Please MJFam if you are in USA call Juliens Tel: 310-836-1818 and urge them to refund and reply to emails from worried customers or Email darren@juliensauctions.com

Please MJFam help this lady.  She does not have money for an attorney.  I just don’t know what else to do but to ask you all to help her.  I have emailed Darren but no reply.  If we all group together I’m sure we can get this resolved for this lady,  just quote lot  no.  707 Juliens will know who it is.   Thank you

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