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UPDATE:- Amazing! KJ declaration filed today with the probate court, says practically word for word what the lawyers said when they were unable to reach her…Soothsayers? telepathic?


Jermaine withdraws his signature. This actually changes nothing, in my opinion. All it says is that, although his feelings about the estate haven’t changed, his way of dealing with it has. To be fair, those who followed the situation from the beginning–not the ‘missing’ thing–but the real beginning, the estate letter, know that the Jacksons never made this ‘public.’



The Fed-Ex receipt attached the copy of the letter that was leaked indicated that it was received by Perry Sanders’ (Katherine Jackson’s lawyer, who has monetary connections with the estate) office; last time I checked, no one in Perry Sanders’ office is related to the Jacksons.



Now, what this does mean is that being barred from seeing Mrs. Jackson hurts her other grandchildren, most of whom have known–and in some cases, lived–with her since before Michael’s children were born.



That puts their parents in difficult positions. Jaafar’s 16th birthday was only a week or so ago, actually, so being told that he can’t see his grandmother because his father’s made the representatives of the estate angry has got to be a crushing blow.



Now, in my opinion, the Jacksons’ children are being used against them. Tito rescinded his signature after his son’s support of the estate  went ‘public,’ and now Jermaine’s rescinding his signature–though not his feelings toward the estate–because one of his children has been hurt by the estate’s ‘protective’ decision.



If we look at this in light of everything that happened–from the very beginning–we can see that the only reason this train wreck began is because the private letter was leaked to the public by one of its’ recipients.

After that:

1) The estate made a public statement.

2) Then another recipient of the letter (Trent Jackson) reported K.J. missing. TMZ ‘reported’ this (that’s impt. b/c that website comes up a lot in this story).

3) Then Paris–whose former tweets were calm, cool, and collected–who was left with Tito’s son and Trent {who works for the estate, who’s been leaking stories about Paris and her siblings for over a year now (often to TMZ), and who K.J. tried to fire–though the estate says that she does not have the ‘authority’ to do so}–sent out panicked tweets about her grandmother being missing.

*She b/cs upset with Randy over a misunderstanding about Katherine’s health. She denies that her grandmother had a mini-stroke recently. Of course, she was told that her uncle said that. His actual statement was that he and his siblings found out recently that her grandmother had a mini-stroke some months ago.

I read Paris’s apology tweet. It (the thing between her and Randy) was just a misunderstanding. Apparently, Katherine had a mini-stroke some months ago, and it was mentioned in the letter. However, by the time that got back to Paris, people had made it sound like Katherine had the mini-stroke recently (as in, a few days ago), and that upset her, which is understandable, because it would call in to question Katherine’s ability to care for her and her siblings, and they obviously need all of the stability they can get after losing their father.

4) Then her aunt, and two of her uncles came to collect her and her brothers, and were told by security to leave, and a physical altercation was reported–though no names were mentioned.

5) Then TMZ reported that Janet slapped Paris and–to put it nicely–called her out of her name, and that she responded in just as vulgar a manner. And, attached to this ‘report,’ was leaked security footage that showed Janet attempting to take Paris’s phone, Paris refusing to give it up and walking away, Janet starting to go after her, and Randy pulling her back. Then, in the vid., Randy and Janet are shown using the phones to record something.

* Paris denies the slap/verbal abuse story on twitter.

* This doesn’t stop the general public from entertaining and spreading rumors that it was Janet’s idea to keep the children and Katherine separated, that the slap/verbal abuse story was ‘accurate,’ and that she did all of this because she was jealous of Paris’s youth and beauty (really? ).

6) Then Randy answers Al Sharpton’s questions over a phone interview, says that their mother is at an Arizona spa, that she is with members of her family, and that she gave up her technological devices like phones, etc. on Doctor’s orders. He says that he and his siblings came to collect the children so that they could be with Katherine before security interfered. He also denies the ‘slap’ and ‘name-calling’ stories, and says that what he and Janet were recording was security’s refusal to let them in and not, according to a creepier public theory, recording Paris as she walked away (what would even be the point of recording her walk away?)

7) Then K.J. does a television interview in which she denies that her children kidnapped her, even interrupting her prepared statement for a moment to reiterate that such theories are ‘stupid,’ that she gave up her phone willingly, that her assistant checked in with the children for her, that many of her valuable employees (cooks, servants, etc.) were dismissed in her absence, and that she wants to fire Trent and certain other members of security. She also announces that she’s going home. Reporters on TV disagree on whether or not she looks comfortable or uncomfortable–with those who feel that she seemed comfortable saying that Janet and Jermaine were the ones who looked uncomfortable {they are also the two who’ve had their public profiles damaged the most, and Janet–by acknowledgement–distrusts most interviewers, almost to the point of paranoia (sound familiar?)}.

8) Then some of the other siblings, who are admittedly friends or connections with members of the estate (Jackie and Tito are upset and publicly announce as much because they were left out of the decision-making in regards to their mother (Marlon)–which, if you have family members who are older and whom you are attached to, you can understand the outrage that would result from being left out of decisions regarding their welfare.

9) Katherine Jackson goes home; Paris and Marlon tweet their satisfaction with that–saying that she looks and seems fine.

* Later on though, Prince tweets a screen capture that implicates Janet as deliberately keeping the children from Katherine–which makes Randy and the others look like liars, but there are a few issues with that screen capture; in order of importance:

– Janet’s name is stored as ‘Janet Jackson,’ whilst Rebbie’s name is stored as ‘Aunt Rebbie.’ Now, why would one be aunt and the other ‘Janet Jackson’? This message was supposedly sent before anyone came to see the children. They wouldn’t have had any reason to store Janet’s name like she was a complete stranger before her alleged ‘attacks’ and ‘lies.’ And besides, wasn’t Michael a stickler for manners and titles when it came to his children addressing their family members? Could they have forgotten that training that fast?

– Rebbie’s son Austin is referred to as ‘Austin Jackson.’ His legal name, his twitter name, his performing name, which everyone (including his cousins) have used when referring to him (even on twitter and other social media) is Austin Brown, after his father and Rebbie’s husband. I have a graphic that showcases the Jackson Family Tree. There is no other Austin there. Why would Prince store his cousin’s name incorrectly when he knows that it’s Austin Brown?

– Now, what do I think of this screen cap? I think that it’s a sham. I think that Janet’s name is stored as ‘Janet Jackson’ for maximum public viewing impact, and I think that the incorrect version of Austin’s name is an ignorant oversight on the part of the fabricator.



You can fake phone conversations by storing bogus contacts; I’ve done it before to add extra pizazz to my stories. It’s not at all difficult, no matter how expensive the phone is.



And do I think that the children went after their aunt maliciously? NO. I think that they’re being ‘helped’ along–if you know what I mean. Exactly how does Prince–whose tweets were formerly grammatically incorrect and about video games, action figures, etc.–begin tweeting in long, grammatically correct, sentences, expressing his thanks for public ‘support.’? Really?



Now, a typically grammatically incorrect tweet from Prince ‘these our [sic] not our tweets’ (I cringe writing it, Grammar fanatic that I am ), was deleted, when Paris reposted the graphic that he’d originally had up, saying that his account had been hacked.



Yes, it’s been hacked alright . . . her confusion over the whole situation was evident when she was tweeting the lyrics to ‘Will You Be There’ (Everyone’s taking control of me, seems like the world’s got a role for me, I’m so confused will you show it to me?). If the only two adults in her family that she has access to are those who work for the estate, and they’re telling her that some of her other family members are out to get her, couldn’t she–teenager that she is, who lost her father and her old way of life far too soon–be manipulated? If they’re the only two people there? Just saying . . .

10) The estate sends a letter to Janet, Rebbie, Jermaine, and Randy barring them and their children (why is that even necessary, to bar grandchildren–and why is it necessary to protect Michael’s children from their family members when–according to Paris–they were not hurt?). Another, completely under-promoted view of the situation is that Trent Jackson was the one who was physically attacked, by one of his male cousins.
11) Jermaine rescinds his signature after the emotional conversation he describes having with his son, though, in his tweet, he states very clearly that he has not changed his feelings about the estate.

* Let’s pause. The public battle that Jermaine alludes to was not, as we can see if we look back, started by the Jacksons. When their private business was leaked, and Paris’s tweets became frantic, both Randy and Jermaine took to twitter in order to defend their positions from angry fans and overall Jackson detractors.




That was a mistake. The fan community is highly emotional, and ranges from tolerant to suspicious of Michael’s family. This dissent is what fueled the negative reports in the media anyway–because this is the audience that focused on it. The real ‘war’ was never between the family members, not really–the war was between the family, the executors and their affiliates, the general public/media, and a divided and confused fan community.



And all of it took attention away from the original issue–the request for John Branca and John McClain to step down as the executors of Michael’s estate, accusations of elder abuse towards Katherine Jackson, and accusations of forgery in regards to the Will. Pause over.

12) TMZ retracts the slap/verbal abuse story. http://www.tmz.com/2012/08/01/janet-jackson-did-not-slap-or-verbally-abuse-paris-jackson/

Paris had already denied the story herself–so the retraction seems long overdue.


13) Now the issue of the Will is still up for grabs, but the motive that’s been reported is nonexistent–and I can say this because I did my homework and found out that it’s legally impossible, Will or no Will, for the Jackson siblings to have their brother’s money. It’s also ludicrous to pin that label to the richest living member of their family–Janet Jackson–when she obviously has no need for her late brother’s money, and she has a history of financially assisting him (during the 2005 trial when his business advisors left him in a temporary bind–she did not ask for the money back) and helping him financially support their mother.

14) So, I’ve made my case– I think that the Jacksons are being divided on purpose so that the executors can keep their cushy jobs and positions. So there you go. Each and every one of them could rescind their signature, and it would not surprise me–because when people face the risk of losing their family, they make concessions on things that they would not have otherwise.


15) Michael was also told that his family was plotting against him, by his so-called lawyers and advisors. And then, when he needed them most, in 2005, they abandoned him. They left his affairs in ruins, and it was his family–even with all the petty jealousies and faults that some of them have–who went to court with him every day. They came in shifts b/c the court would not accommodate all of them. They did that–not his lawyers, not his advisors–them. And yes they are dysfunctional, secretive, and paranoid at times, but would we be any different if we’d grown up in front of the whole, entire, judgmental, world? I don’t think so. I don’t think that we’re so different from them even in our own small corners of the universe.



EXCLUSIVE – Katherine Jackson And Michael’s Children Are Being Used As Pawns To Validate Fraudulent Will, Family Source Claims

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