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By:- To MJ Respect is due


Something has been on mind I’d like to address this. While trying to figure out the less than obvious, reasons why the Jackson family has been made out to be public enemy number one; I went and reread the Jackson letter. When the Jacksons, wrote a letter, asking for the resignation of estate executors John Branca and John McClain; the letter was sent privately to the executors and copied to Trent Jackson (nephew and elder abuser), Randy Phillips (CEO and President of AEG LIVE) and at Michael’s home at 10:30am when he wasn’t breathing. Tom Leiweke (president of AEG) Phillip Anschutz – pardon a need a moment to give you the particulars on this guy owner of AEG, The Staples Center, The Kodak Theater, Club Nokia, L.A. Live Entertainment District, The O2, Farmer’s Field, The Home Depot Center, The El Rey Theater, Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay, The Regency Ballroom, The Warfield, and Valley View Casino Center….these are just some of Anschutz holdings we have told you that he runs LA. Lowell Henry (manager of Joe and Katherine Jackson) Perry Sanders Mrs. (Jackson’s lawyer sent in by the estate) Howard Weitzman (lawyer for the estate the same lawyer that represented the butler who took control of Doris Duke’s estate this estate too was stolen by lethal injection and he also helped defraud Ms. Love of Kurt Cobain’s estate) Martin Bandier of (Sony/ATV) and last but not least Tom Barrack (Colony Capitol friend of Phil Anschutz and holder of the note on Neverland)


The CC line of this letter is rather important; this was a very courageous move in the pursuit of Justice. In copying these men on the letter asking for the resignation of the executors and citing fraud along with proof of it, the Jacksons spoke directly to the “THE” powers behind the scenes and let them know we will not take what you have done lightly. The arrogance of the men in suits had their ego crushed.


Fear ran through than as they were now exposed. It’s one thing for all to silently know and speak amongst themselves in privacy, but what the Jackson’s have done needs to be commended, they stepped to the elitist that run the world. The powers knew and recognized even if no one else paid attention.  For the past three years they’ve been living high on the stolen Life of Michael Jackson and his empire. Just what if, the Jacksons has rallied the troops?


They have been silent resolved publicly quiet with the exception of some words here and there. Murray is jailed the world believes he’s the lone assailant. People take kindness and being soft spoken as a weakness, they thought they got away with it. This letter proved that they didn’t, this letter proved that the Jacksons are aware and this letter said we will not let you live off us and make a mockery of our brothers memory another day. The powers are scared. Anschutz the Zionist had been untouchable his named protected in court, the Jacksons named him…and the others…. The unwritten words were read between the lines.


The Jacksons didn’t make this a public fight the powers did. One or many of the receivers of this letter leaked it to the public. Maybe it was there patsy Trent or errand boy Sanders, make no mistake that the orders came from high up and Anschutz is very high up.  The estate quickly made a statement trying to denounce the letter all while exposing the letter….as you know the media are trained to attack the Jacksons. Once the media storm was under way the Jackson were called every name in the book, all this to deflect from the truths in the letter.


They were accused of wanting money and attempting to over throw Michael’s estate by kidnapping their own Mother and attacking the kids. Such harsh insults this shows us just how alarmed the powers are by this letter. The aggressive nature and moves of the estate going forth was declaring war on the Jackson family. Anytime someone or people are exposed of their wrong doings and feel they have a lot to lose they go into defense mode doing anything and everything to cover their tracks, including murder.


The Jackson remained calm… Randy Jackson spoke to Al Sharpton and spoke on GMA effortless and stated the facts, no fear, strong he gave it to them. Randy has always been abreast of Michael’s business matters, did they think he would not know did they think he could not follow the trail and figure them out. He is not one to just go saying shit without being informed.  He does not speak unless it’s absolutely necessary and has always spoken the truth. Randy shortly after Michael was killed spoke to CNN and he talked about the outrageous moves of the estate and how they pushed papers before them and made the grieving family sign, this all within days of Michael’s death.


They arranged Michael’s memorial, they raffled and wanted to sell tickets. Did yall know that, the estate and AEG wanted to sell the fans tickets to the death of Michael Jackson? The family could not give their beloved the sendoff they saw fit that would honor him and they so graciously wanted to share that moment with all us.  The family united PROTESTED against the sale of tickets yet you all say they want money.


Randy came to court during the Murray trial, each day with his sister Janet on his arm; another Jackson quiet poised…silent except for a few conversation here and there. Now that the public is aware of her allegiance with her family she is being attacked. Why would one think that Janet would be anything but aligned with her family, because she has been silent on some topics does not mean that she is against them. Once again they didn’t expect this family to outthink them. The arrogance of the suits has them underestimating the unity of this family, ie The Unity Tour.


Rebbie calm poised lives her life outside of the prying eye, cares for her family, raises her kids and stands by her Mom’s side…she was the wild card they didn’t expect her to be on to them either, she was the last one they thought would sign this letter. She is the eldest and she helped to raise her sister and brothers, did you really think that you can kill her little brother steal his money and she would just take it.


Michael is her brother and her son, I too am the eldest I understand this line of thinking. Mom was with the ones that signed the letter, you know this gives this letter iron clad backing the powers knew this too. When the letter dropped they probably called Mama to scream her head off about putting her kids in check, but when Trent said uh she’s with them, she not here. All hell broke loose. Trent didn’t do his job, Mom was out from under their thumb, the letter had just exposed them all and oh shit the jig is up. Give way to the media attack.


The Jacksons are used to the media abuse, there is nothing you can do nor say about them at this point; been there done that. Get a new plan Branca. Let’s deal with this bullshit about the money.


The Will was drawn up years ago, look at it… Michael had no kids when the first draft was created it was just he and handing the estate to his Mother his handing it to his family. It was easier that way, he didn’t have to break it down to all his siblings he didn’t have to say you get this and you get that. It’s so much money everyone can live and will live for generations.


This was a LIVING WILL sorry but his mortality was not a factor at the time, why would it. Mother is my next of kin she will take care of her babies as usual end of story. The Will had to be updated from time to time for purposes such as marriage and when he had his own kids. He got married to Lisa Marie and then divorced… C’mon guys you think… Where is the amended Will with Lisa and her kids provided for and provisions for the ones he wanted to have with her.


Michael is a romantic and a family man do you really think that she was never part of this Will….I don’t see that in this document do you…. Lisa Marie and Michael are no longer together and now there is Debbie Rowe. They later got divorced yet out of that union Prince and Paris were born. The will clearly states that he is no longer married to Deborah Rowe and has not made any provisions for her. Prince and Paris are added, their names spelt wrong and later when Blanket was born he too is added and his name spelt wrong. It appears while the powers were drawing up this counterfeit Will, they couldn’t keep the story straight. They didn’t care about Michael’s kids and definitely not his family. Yet it would be too obvious not to include them and while they were in the den pulling the words together that gives them total control. When it got down to adding the children they were like what’s the boy and the girl names, shit where that paper with them on it … wait oh shit the other boy Blanket…. yea what his name.


Their mother is Debbie Rowe right yea include her we don’t want her coming after nothing. They kept some pages deleted some pages. Michael was close with his nephews 3T he sang with them made music with them, look how long ago that was. It’s apparent they were added years before Michael had children and when they were one of the dominant people in his life. Look at the way the trust is set up. If he didn’t have kids, if Mom hadn’t survived him, 3T would split the money as well as three of Michael’s cousins. One of those cousins, Mr. Anthony Jackson; I’ve never heard of him til now, have you?


Funny…. all the ones that stand to gain something taking it to TMZ and Radar Online and X17… and lying in court to get custody, talking smack on twitter…the paid fan sites included. Meanwhile the ones that are said to be greedy gold-diggers and kidnappers…have said nothing. Randy gave us the facts and set the record straight on MSNBC not TMZ on GMA not Radar Online. The accused Jackson stood with their MOTHER while she told the world these accounts were RIDICULOUS and STUPID and that a bunch of lies were behind them; this on Nightline not a tabloid news magazine.


Anthony Jackson talked about wanting to save the kids, TJ talked about wanting to save the kids. Rebbie Randy Janet and Jermaine only said the Will is a fake the executors should step down, we are concerned about our Mother’s wellbeing you have already made our Mother ill and we want to put a stop to this abuse. This doesn’t sound like the talk of people that are interested in money, it sounds like the talk of people that are concerned about the safety and justice of their family.


John Branca and John McClain, Trent Jackson and Perry Sanders, Martin Bandier and Randy Phillips, Tom Leiweke and Laurel Henry, Tom Barrack and Phil Anschutz all have something to gain by Michael no longer living. These are your greedy vile abusers, who are fighting over the money; they are fighting to keep that which they stole. They have revealed themselves with their moves.  There would be no fight if they opened up the books and gave the Jacksons the answers to their questions. How simple would that be? “Hey guys I’m sorry you think that we are frauds yet I assure you we are not. Here is the Will and the documents that you request.


I know that Michael Loved his family and would want you apart of this here is a seat on the board you should run it with us, you know him better than we. Hey guys we got this letter let’s talk let’s have a meeting. Instead… they made egotistical statements, created a media frenzy stole the children, held a Mother a hostage, separated a man and woman that has been married for 63 years, barred kids and grandkids from a mother’s home all to what…. Not answer the questions they claim have no basis; typical criminal behavior.


The thing is people think that others think the way that they do. If you are vile hateful and greedy, have vengeance and malice in your heart. You will think that others will as well. Paranoia will have the person or people harboring these thoughts making hostile moves to protect their agenda thinking that they are anticipating their opponents move. In actuality how you respond to Life and situations is just an indication of who you are.


John Branca may have hurt the Jacksons absolutely with what he has done but what he also expose himself to the world. Remember he said to this Mother I am Michael Jackson now. Branca also foolishly believes that he has many followers and supporters; he spends his time in forums seeing what’s being said about him and trying to buy friends with Michael’s money. Most of his supports are young kids who have not learned the ways of the world are still bright eyes and believe whatever they are told.


Michael is Loved wherever you go, that won’t stop nor change. And those who were close to Michael many times use that to gain Love from others. These kids most of them that run these sites and forums run their mouths in chat rooms and on twitter are no more than 16.


They aren’t sophisticated enough as of yet to see how devilish this man is, that he would use Michael’s Love to destroy and steal all that he worked for. We adults sit back and watch we see you Branca, we know why you do what you do. We have tenancy agreements are involved in contracts, have experience in the business world, your spin won’t work on us.


We know that you have no legal standing to bar Mama Jackson’s kids and grandkids without just cause even if you are as you say the landlord. Nothing illegal has taken place no crime was committed; no one has been place in harm’s way by the Jackson siblings coming to see Mom and certainly not by grandchildren coming to visit. Those that the estate employs are the ones that are creating the danger.

Don’t let the rumor mill think for you, think for yourselves. Nothing is as it appears.




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