John Branca Is A Judas Not A Savior



By To MJ Respect is Due


Today news broke that Michael Jackson’s estate will be totally debt free by the end of the year. It’s been reported that Michael’s debt was somewhere in the range of $400 million dollars when he was killed. You know how I feel about this; I have broken down in previous blogs how Michael is one of the richest men to ever walk the Earth. There is no way that he isn’t, with his 50% stake in Sony/ATV along with his personal publishing company MiJac; Michael and Sony own the licenses of nearly all of music. Over several million songs under their belts, the revenue from these royalties are obscene.  Whatever you listen to, on CD the radio digitally on your IPod… while on hold on the telephone, riding an elevator or watching a movie. Michael Jackson owns that sound. There is nothing that we do in life without music as its backdrop. Each time music is played or sampled anywhere in the world, Michael & Sony receives a payday. Michael is very very very wealthy, he was already a billionaire in his twenties. What do you suppose his real financial status is in his fifties? Keep in mind even with all the tales of lawsuits liens loans and refinancing Michael never lost any of his assets….


Just how did Michael become $400million dollars in the red, where’s the proof? They say it was BofA loans against ATV and MiJac. Late fees on those loans and high interest rates on the loans when the debt was bought from BofA by the finance company Fortress. Neverland was mortgaged against and in foreclosure status; Colony Capitol came and paid the debt on Neverland gaining half ownership in the transaction. Faulty lawsuits and bogus creditors bit into Michael finances. Some creditors and lawsuits however were legit. Even the legit ones Michael should not be held liable for, because he has managers, accountants and lawyers to take care of things like that. Michael didn’t pay his own bills or handle daily financial operations. Those with power of attorney, people like John Branca, Alvin Malnik, John McClain and Tohme Tohme to name a few were the ones in charge. They were responsible for paying bills and handling loans… They controlled staff payroll and employee taxes, they were to answer lawsuits and check their validity. They brokered deals on his behalf and Branca in particular was the one who handled the licensing of Michael’s music. He would set up the royalty fees and deals to use Michael’s music on various projects.


Michael never knew how much those deals were worth when they were made or that they even existed. John Branca was stealing from Michael for a very long time. He was in control of everything then and now, he can write or have accountants log whatever he deemed fit as income or lack thereof. With the inside track to the biggest banks in the world through his representation of them, Branca can easily launder bribe and solicit the banks help in shady dealings. Investigations into he and Tommy Matolla has already proven this to be true, Branca and Matolla were sending embezzled funds to offshore accounts. Branca never took Michael seriously when he was let go and continued working in his name to further profit off him. Branca also has a 5% stake in everything commercial and personal Michael ever does. Do you really think the embezzlement stopped? Branca supposedly sold Michael back his 5% that he took without permission. Cornering Michael when he needed cash and to further deplete him, Branca robbed 15 million from Michael. What do you call selling a piece of your former client back to your client?


Let’s use common sense. Branca took for himself a 5% share of Michael as if he were a Wall Street stock. This would bring revenue to Branca on whatever Michael did musically and otherwise, personal and commercial. Surely 5% of Michael Jackson is worth way more than 15 million. So I’m not]….I’m not buying Branca took 15 million and left the Michael Jackson business; no not buying it… Branca didn’t give anything back rather he pretended to sell the stake back to Michael. Who was the lawyer that drew up the bill of sale, if it weren’t Branca himself which would be more conflicts of interest from this unethical man?


How do we know that the lawyer if not Branca, didn’t work for or wasn’t bribed by Branca….everyone else was. How can Michel be sure that he got his 5% back as everyone in the biz was conspiring against Michael to get his publishing; he has said it many times. Michael didn’t know Branca was working in his name when he was let go; yet Branca was making tens of millions of dollars if not more, licensing Michael’s music behind his back. This is money that Michael never saw. Again there was never a reason for Michael to be in any debt. Michael is extremely wealthy and I will say and I stand strong on it… had he not been robbed and all his money was accounted for… Michael would be a Trillionaire or close to it. He was a Billionaire on record ages ago. (Donald Trump doesn’t hang out with people with less money than him. He will tell you that, he needs them to have the same or more so that his money too can grow)All of the sudden we are to believe Branca developed a conscious and gained some integrity and actually let his 5% go in the “sale”. Nooooo way!!


In the last years of his life it would be Tohme Tohme with power of attorney and with the keys to the kingdom. Michael was leery of Tohme (freaking fake thug) and was very concerned about not knowing how much money he had coming in or going out. Michael had no contacts with none of his people. He was trying to get somebody in there that he can trust. If you didn’t get your money or what was owed to you from Mike; let’s be clear, it’s not because Michael dead beat you, it was because he had no knowledge and his people did it to you.  These things were known in the upper echelons of business and finances. People going to the courts vs trying to contact him, were trying to defraud him. If you knew Michael you knew he wouldn’t do that to you and many of these suits came from so called friends and sadly friends Michael thought were close. It’s likely that those that filed lawsuits against Mike were people that needed to be paid for one reason or another by Michael’s people.


This would be a “legal” way to transfer the funds. The greedy, snake one another….people had to get paid or they would tell. Having power of attorney, Branca and Tohme can just cut them a check from Michael’s account. No one will know as Branca and crew are the ones that govern the money.  It’s interesting to say the least with all the people that stole from Michael, of all, Branca was elected to control it all in the end. The man is extremely powerful and backed by those even more powerful. To control this type of money freely, he has to have people in the fed reserve which govern the banks, judges and the IRS all in his pocket. These people have bosses too, who gave Branca the King’s ransom for a job well done. If you think he has nothing to do with the murder of Michael you are blind as a bat and I mean that in the most Loving way possible. No offense….


They trying so hard to make us believe he wouldn’t pay his bills. I guess not, his assets where frozen rendering him cash broke, who do you suppose was behind that? Michael didn’t borrow any money close to the amount of the worth of his assets, yet if he went into default he would lose it all. Remember the AEG contract? Michael had to put up MiJac and everything else he had as collateral on a 6 million dollar note for a 15 million dollar mansion in Las Vegas. Possessions worth 300-400 million (we know it’s more) and if he doesn’t pay back a poultry 6 million, he loses it all…..this after doing 50 shows for nothing.  This is grand theft robbery.


John Branca has been there in the forefront and the shadows since the early 80s, John McClain since 1971. We have yet to see proof of all this debt, but expected to accept what we are being told.  These BofA loans loans started in 1999. Do you know what would happen to a loan such as these 10 years in the negative? They say Michael was not making payments this is certainly the indication with late fees and charge of from BofA where Fortress picked the debt up. When you don’t pay your creditor they charge it off (cute way to get their insurance company to pay for their loss) creditor then gets a judgment against you this goes on record for 20yrs and with this on your record they can confiscate anything you own to pay off this debt. The third party which is the collection agency goes around picking up charge offs for pennies and then they call you up and harass you for the money.


If a creditor or collection agency doesn’t have complete records of the neither debt nor bill or have proof that you went into business with such an agent to incur a bill, whether you owe it or not….legally it gets THROWN OUT. In fact, many of the debts that the third party (collection agent) harass you for has reached its statute of limitations (which is 6 to 7 yrs in most parts of the country) and you no longer “legally” owe the debt. Collection agents never tell you this, most Americans don’t know…. so they become stressed out by these people and these pending charges. Bill collector says I will make a deal with you, if you pay me 50% sometimes even less than that of what you owe…we will mark this debt paid in full today. They use your desires against you to take from you. C’mon you think they’re going to just give you a break on money owed… think about it people. I don’t speak out the side of my you know what…. I speak straight from the heart; speak from firsthand knowledge if not my experience from those around me and/or extensive research. If I don’t know, I’m never afraid to ask questions and search for the answer. Adopt the same policy, if it doesn’t sound right nor feel right, no matter the source, question it.


When a creditor charges off your debt you do not owe creditor he/she has wiped his hands with it unless creditor got a judgment against you. They claim Michael was in debt in large part due to these loans, and yet no one not BofA nor Fortress defaulted on Michael? If this were the case, we would be talking about the judgment bankruptcy and Michael no longer having ATV or MiJac or any of his other businesses and music. To be clear, I’m not saying all debt was falsified but I suspect a large part was and what was actual debt was again through no fault of his own; other people handled Michael’s financial transactions. Look at the Lovely Lady La Toya, she wrote in her book Starting Over all about all the debt she was in and all the millions of dollars she was robbed of by Jack Gordon. Lady La Toya outlined how she absolutely had no control of her money and yet Jack was able to change deeds of homes remove her name from bank accounts and enter deals in her name fraudulently. She explains how Jack used her money to launder and even her international prestige to smuggle narcotics. This happens people more than not…. when you are extremely wealthy and you have been isolated by dangerous criminals. Criminals wear suits and hold position of power. Michael’s murder isn’t a hoax yet his debt seems to be. The hands are quicker than the eye and John Branca hands are all bloody.


Why is Mrs. Jackson, Michael’s mother, in a position to have to ask for more money to pay bills, lawyers taxes and raise her grand-kids? She is his mother, why does she have to ask a man that her son didn’t trust and didn’t show her no respect by offering  his condolence or attend Michael’s service; for money? How dehumanizing is that?  You told Pop flat out no support for you and put Mom on an allowance.  Yet the courts have allowed Branca and McClain increase as executors. The courts have allowed Branca and McClain pay for legal service and music production. The courts have allowed Branca and McClain percentages of the business of the estate as a whole. John Branca had made himself president and CEO of Michael’s companies, while he and McClain both remain trustees on various trusts. Also this money that is supposed to be for Mrs Jackson is going to feed the minions of John Branca who HE has controlling Mrs Jackson. They have appointed their friends to high positions within Sony/ATV as well as other trust belonging to Michael. All of these men of no blood or family relation have benefitted from the hard work and legacy of Michael Jackson; while his parents, whom gave him life, suffer financially. Without them there would be no Michael to Love.


Try thinking about that the next time you bash them. How would you feel if the men in suits murdered your child and then stole his money and left you financially strapped and anything you tried to do about it you were stopped and told you were greedy and you have no place in his/her estate. I am loving dignified and level headed I practice no violence nor condone yet… under this circumstance it would take the power  of the divine to sit with me daily so that I don’t storm someone’s office and crack them in the F’ing head. Trust its taking that now…. I don’t care what the family issues are or were that estate belongs to them and MJ3. Don’t be a media programmed zombie and parrot what they say. This family has been abused mistreated and flat out disrespected. They are being told F YOU in the face of the word, we killed your son and took his money and everything he worked for and aint shit you can do about it. The poise and control that the Jacksons have, this is a highly evolved conscious family. Mr. & Mrs. Jackson should want for NOTHING; people talking about they’re greedy and live off Mike. Pardon….how many of you care for you parents, I do. And they aren’t in their eighties, they are much younger. Those are my parents why wouldn’t I spoil them and retire them if I could. I can’t now but I’m working on that but Michael could and did.


What’s wrong with Michael caring for his brothers and sisters? You all been had, that Will was written in such a way to coincide with the media reports that the system (the ones behind this) put out. They exaggerate the truths so that the lies seem real. The media antagonize and amped things up with this family and sometimes they said and did things they shouldn’t they too are human but this is still a family. You have fights with yours too, do you Love yours any less, imagine instigators and the media involved in your family quarrels how heightened would they become. If you have been saying historically the Jacksons are fighting and there are jealousies and Michael tired of this and this one is tired of that. Of course when you see this joke of a Will you will say yup… yup… I remember when Michael said this and yes actually it went like this in addition to CBS news said that… uh huh… that’s right he didn’t get along with that one and you know he was scared of his Dad.


So yes good for Michael, he left them out the will. Sadly I have read these very types of statements all around the web. Really now? Don’t take sound bites from here and there and think you know the truth it’s all brainwashing and this is how the system works. Joe Jackson had the lock on the industry since the 70s, Joe Jackson and his boys was in business for themselves changing the tides traveling the world doing things that blacks didn’t do.  The highest selling group, breaking the records of the Beatles and the Osmonds and Joe couldn’t just be pushed over. How else would they get to making money off this family, if Joe was still involved?  They started exploiting the desires of sheltered children who had no experience with the outside world and naturally wanted to spread their wings and try things on their own; to fly is innate. The vultures and opportunist made it nasty and planted seeds of doubt so that they would leave the loving shelter of their family.


Yea, I’m saying it. They needed this family broken and separate.  The elite families keep the money in the family….hello….education…. Prince Charles still lives at home and nobody saying a damn thing to him; All the Kennedy’s take care of one another and the oil families and royal families across the world live together and financially fund one another. How you think they are wealthy for generations….So when you go mouthing off about this family and whether they should control Michael’s estate or not, whether they can preserve his legacy or not… that last statement is just flat out stupid… they helped create the legacy. Look in your own family backyard and then reassess the situation. If Branca parents are still living he has them set up somewhere. Yet he deny Michael’s parents. Michael’s money is setting his family up Lovely. Kids say thank you to Michael. The Jacksons are stronger together and weaker apart….Joe is wise.  They want to cause division and keep them and us all distracted by the money, you need the money to eat so of course you need to look out for your survival. Yet this catch 22 keeps the focus off the murder. Yet if we can’t eat and survive how can we put our energies into finding the murder. You see how they run the game? They got all angles covered, who does that sound like, open your eyes and your minds. Papa and Mama Jackson should be spending their days comfortably to the extent that they can after losing a son, in the Loving arms of their kids and grandkids. Not in a court of law having the knife twisted in fresh wounds.


Branca thinks he is Michael Jackson; he has to suffer from some type of personal identity disorder. The man is heartless diabolical and very dangerous. Even in the realm of con artist and thieves, Branca has gone extremely over the line. Don’t go thanking the heavens for Branca and McClain just yet, for ridding Michael of debt. Branca and his co-conspirators created and kept Michael in this so called debt for the better part of the last 20 years. They had been after ATV since Michael bought it in ’84, on whose advice Branca’s….advise. False accusations created financial situations that gave way to ill-advise by who again? John Branca… So that….Michael would let the corporate vampire Sony in, in ’95. And who brokered that deal? John Branca. Branca is the worst being to ever enter Michael’s life. John Branca’s money laundering scheme and bribery trail I believe….is cleverly disguised in legal bills and faulty lawsuits. This I think is how he has paid off the broke state of California for assisting in the facilitation of this coup and cover-up. And this was also the means to pay off all the people and corporations involved with the demise and death of Michael. The on purpose media release was a message to those involved that you are now paid in full for a job well done.  $400 plus million dollars and business deals for next 7 to 10 years, was the price put on the head of Michael Jackson.


Show proof of debt John Branca and John McClain, until then…..I will not believe otherwise.



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