John Branca’s “Temper Tantrum”

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temper tantrum
By:- To MJ Respect is due

John Branca departed from the opening of ONE in Las Vegas, only to return to Los Angeles to file a Emergency motion which included us, 26th February was a Sunday..


This week John Branca asked the Appellate Court of California to seal the documents of the Heal the World Foundation brief and he wanted a motion to strike. His complaint is that, Heal the World filed publicly documents that were sealed; this is false…


The documents used in the brief were not sealed and had already been searchable on the courts electronic case files by anyone that wishes to do so. In Branca’s request to have the brief sealed, yours truly Team Michael Jackson was mentioned more than once.


Branca bemoaned about how Team Michael Jackson are cohorts of Heal the World and posted public documents on a public site, the documents are public as is the site. He went on to say that there are videos and postings sticking up for Heal the World and slanderous remarks made against the executors of the estate…he even included various screen caps of our site over and over again.

Our advocacy of Heal the World has nothing to do with asking for the brief too be sealed.  We here at Team Michael Jackson are fair, we don’t resort to dirty tricks, we don’t make things up, we report the facts as they are and we stand for Justice and Truth.  Heal the World and its President has nothing to do with our posting, this is not a Heal the World Foundation site, it’s a Team Michael Jackson site and we report on everything regarding Michael Jackson…and we are perfectly within our rights to show Michael Love.

It’s not our fault that Branca’s paid supporters are not earning their keep. What a narcissist to actually go into a court of Law and cry about this our website. If it were just about the sealing due to be files he would have left it at that.

The judge agreed and wanted no part of his adult male tantrum and said look…you want to seal the documents fine…but please don’t waste our time; the motion to strike was seen as gibberish/childish  and not allowed. His antics backfired because now the Heal the World Foundation gets to file an oversized brief which works out just fine for the Foundation; this allows them to present an even more thorough case without limitation.


Emergency Motion

Appellees’ emergency motion granted feb 26 2013.TextMark


Court Order

Appellees’ emergency motion granted feb 26 2013.TextMark



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