John Branca’s “Temper Tantrum”

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temper tantrum
By:- To MJ Respect is due

This week John Branca asked the Appellate Court of California to seal the documents of the Heal the World Foundation brief filed just days ago with the court and he wanted a motion to strike. This is classic of John Branca when he wants to shield his dirty deeds, citing whatever excuse he can conjure up!  His complaint is that, Heal the World filed publicly documents that were sealed; this is false… the documents used in the brief were not sealed and had already been in the public and searchable on the courts electronic case files by anyone that wishes to do so.  In this filing more of Branca’s true nature emerged and we can now add “Drama Queen” to the list of his character traits. In Branca’s request to have the brief sealed, yours truly Team Michael Jackson was mentioned more than once. Branca bemoaned about how Team Michael Jackson are cohorts of Heal the World and posted public documents on a public site…Uh duh… the documents are public as is the site. He went on to say that there are videos and postings sticking up for Heal the World and slanderous remarks made against the executors of the estate…he even included various screen caps of our site over and over again.

Poor Branca, are your feelings hurt, are you lonely for friends and have no one to stick up for you but paid lawyers. Our advocacy of Heal the World has nothing to do with asking for the brief too be sealed. You just thought you’d throw that in; it was on your mind was it. We here at Team Michael Jackson are fair, we don’t resort to dirty tricks, we don’t make things up, we report the facts as they are and we stand for Justice and Truth.  Heal the World and its president has nothing to do with our posting, this is not a Heal the World Foundation site, it’s a Team Michael Jackson site and we report on everything regarding Michael Jackson…and we are perfectly within our rights to show Michael Love.

It’s not our fault that Branca’s paid supporters are not earning their keep. Come on get on your jobs, Branca’s hurting; he needs friends a shoulder to cry on. There’s no postings or videos in support of him, did you forget that he is Michael Jackson. Where are your videos, where are your sites and blog posts to the great John Branca. Please….he isn’t an inch of inch of the man that Michael is. What a narcissist to actually go into a court of Law and cry about this. If it were just about the public docs he would have left it at that.

The judge agreed and wanted no part of his adult male tantrum and said look…you want to seal the documents fine…but please don’t waste our time; the motion to strike was seen as gibberish/childish  and not allowed. His antics backfired because now the Heal the World Foundation gets to file an oversized brief which works out just fine for the Foundation; this allows them to present an even more thorough case without limitation.


Emergency Motion

Court Order

Dear viewers, the following is just in case the Court do wish to look over our site!


We have been active since July 09. We are advocates for Michael Jackson. We have accounts with the relevant courts to purchase our own documents, Please see all the tabs above, and hundreds of court transcripts, docs, NOT RELATED TO HTWF! No one is doing any under handed dealing but John Branca (See here this man was fired for Embezzlement by Michael Jackson)

We investigate Michael Jackson’s life, particularity the controversy’s and the shading characters he was surrounded by, We post our findings based on court denouements, and official letters! We are a separate entity to HTWF. Mr Branca is fully aware of this, as he attempted to disable and hijack this site without success. See case info here

John Branca attempts to muzzle/bully anyone who does not see him in the false persona he has injected himself as in the public! He goes as far as allowing fans sites to sell illegal MJ trademarks and merchandise, IF THEY SPEAK in his defense, See here More sales of MJ image and likeness

Even going so far as to allowing “forged” MJ trademarked signatures, so long as the forger contributes to MusiCare(part founded by Branca) Mr Branca should concentrate on Michael Jackson’s HTWF, not his own interest whilst using MJ assets! See here:-

Four Expert opinions on hundreds of forgeries, and MJ iconic costumes being sold for Millions of dollars, Yet Mr Branca has supported these crimes.and left it up to us Advocates to do his work!

Even Michael Jackson’s brothers and sisters have demanded John Branca cease and desist for which they were faced with being BANNED from seeing their mother, by John Branca, Even Grandchildren were not permitted to visit with Grandma

And finally Sirs, some key points relating to John Branca, supported by documents in court filings

Sirs, John Branca hoped to bribe anyone that supported HTWF, then he would financially stave HTWF. Steal all its assets, END OFF, He failed to foresee Michael Jackson’s Advocates will not let this happen!!

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