Sony/MJ Estate V TeamMichaelJackson/Complaint+CounterClaim


John Branca via Sony filed a bogus DMCA Copyright claim against us for using a MJ image as our back ground image on twitter, We filed counter Claim, They had 14 days to serve us with court papers. They have not served us, so our image is back up on our twitter account,, Plz check our back ground image, Thank you to all those that stood by our side and trusted us, We Love you. Here is our twitter account


Sony V TeamMichaelJackson
By:- To MJ Respect is due

So it appears that the Truth is a hard pill to swallow for some. Branca is up to his dirty tricks again hiding in the shadows and having others do his dirty work. Its ok we see thru it all and we have Justice Truth and Love on our sides; so we are not worried. Sony Music Entertainment on behalf of the Estate of Michael Jackson has come after our Twitter account, citing copyright infringement due to our background image. Now come on, our site is public and has been so since its inception, it’s not like the site hasn’t been viewed hundreds of thousands of times since, so… the timing of this little notice seems a bit odd.

Branca has nothing to go on, we broke no laws and we adhered to the Appellate Judge’s new order about the sealing of the Heal the World Foundation brief. (Which WE did not have to, as Judges did NOT address US) This however was not good enough for the petty Branca, so instead of crying to the Appellate Judge who will have none of his folly, he runs to his “cohort” Sony. The accusation of being a “cohort” made in Branca and the Estate’s Emergency Order for sealing documents is nothing more than a revelation of their own actions as we can plainly see. As we say, people always reveal themselves.

The estate didn’t send Howard Weitzman their lead attorney, the estate wouldn’t send Greenburg Traurig and Triumph International because they have already failed in their efforts to conceal the Truth by trying to have our site shut down and lost. No, they won’t send AEG as they have enough problems of their own with their pending loss as Mrs. Jackson will WIN. Besides Randy Phillips has already had a run in with our founding Angel and wants no more we assure you.

It has already been determined that no copyright infringements occurred when Triumph International lost. Sites all over the world use images of those they dedicate their web presences to, there is nothing illegal or out of the order here. We make NO money and have never been for sale and that is how it will REMAIN. We don’t sell Michael Jackson goods, we don’t kiss estate booty for perks like trips and banners and whatever else. We stay True to Michael and this is something that cannot be bought. Branca did you want to prove to us, you have powerful friends in big places. Aww we know, you have support too; such transparency.

All Sony has done by stepping into this childish schoolyard display Branca is putting on, is provide more evidence and give validity to the things we discuss such as collusion and how the conspirators only care about money and not Michael, his Family or his Fans.

Ask yourselves what’s the real reason behind this harassment. After TeamMichaelJackson.Com been in operation for years, Sony comes to the aide of the estate over our site’s rightful use of an image of Michael. If this is the true cause of their contact to us, then well every Twitter profile, FB page, Fan Site, Worldwide Memorial Shrines and don’t forget the video on Netflix, better gear up.

This is not a well thought out move for Sony, this is how you can tell it’s all unraveling and will be a PR nightmare messing with Michael’s Loving advocates.

Maybe Sony was told it’s in their best interest to help out the estate in their little campaign, because when the estate falls, Sony does too, as all deals will be null and void and people will be running for cover.

We would have hoped Branca would grow out of these tantrums at age 50++ Not very professional at all, tut tut tut..


At some point all this must stop. Branca has to let this GO! Love will not allow him to win. These antics r just a waste of precious energy. What type of mind fights to hold onto something that does not belong to them and want to penalize those that will not co-sign its evil. Whats going on with the estate, we asked with respect for them to address the fraud that was Bush & Julien. They said nothing could be done. We are being run up on over an Image.. But coercion bribery collusion fraud forgery piracy  is cool… Ok fine I got it.


SonyMusic v

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