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Justice for Michael Advocacy Request. Please Share & Retweet

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It’s time for #JUSTICE4MJ advocates to come together and do a little work in preparation for the upcoming trial. The media is already gearing up for their biggest moneymaker this year with the usual lies and misinformation.

This may not cure the ignorance being spewed on TV but it may help to educate a few and to make some others think a little beyond what they are told by the media. Various programs have started their countdown to the Dr. Conrad Murray trial and the things we’ve seen and heard are absolutely outrageous.

Not that we didn’t know this is what would happen, but it should be expected that they at least talk about Conrad Murray since he is one on trial. However, we’ve found that they choose to totally dissect Michael again, instead.

Dr. Drew Pinsky on HLN has been on this topic daily since last week. He brings in people whom he presents as Michael Jackson friends, close Jackson family friends and others from other cases whom he suggests are similar situations, which really are NOT.   Deepak Chopra, Damon Elliot (Dionne Warwick’s son), and Anna Nicole Smith’s Dr. who was charged with enabling her with prescription drugs but found not guilty. Anna-Nicole’s death is nothing like Michael’s and they are not comparable. As for the rest of these people, none of them are experts, nor were they around Michael enough, to know what was going on.

Dr. Drew made a horrific introduction to his show last Tuesday where he introduced Michael by repeating the same old tabloid junk we’ve heard in the past. He claimed Michael had no nose and that is why he wore a mask, he claimed Michael bleached his skin and worst of all, he called him “JACKO”.

On Wednesday night he talked about Jason Pfeffier and how he claims in his lawsuit against Dr. Klein, that Klein filled prescriptions under other aliases, over-prescribed and over-medicated MJ up to the point he could not walk out of his office without assistance.

This is also being taken out of context if one does not consider the reasons MJ visited Klein and what procedures were being done that required sedation, and other medications. Why would Dr Drew give any credence to what Jason Pfeiffer has to say regarding medical issues? He is not a doctor and furthermore obviously has his own agenda.

We must respond to these ignorant reports with facts, answer the questions they present to the public on their social networking sites, post links to facts and blogs with correct information and research, and suggest alternative guests they should invite to discuss the trial. These people should be EXPERTS in fields which are relevant to the case against Murray, not people who did not know and were not around Michael, and/or who are just searching for 5 minutes of fame.

Some experts to suggest are:

Dr. Patrick Treacy
Dr. Barry Friedberg
Dr. Johnny Benjamin
Aphrodite Jones
Other anesthesiologists and propofol experts

The point needs to be clear that the one on trial here is Dr. CONRAD MURRAY and not the victim who is deceased — and died under Murray’s care.

REMEMBER: In a doctor/patient relationship it is the doctor who has the power, the patient is the vulnerable one.

REMEMBER: “Homicide” means: “at the hands of another” – isn’t that what the Death Certificate says? That is why Murray is on trial. Not Michael Jackson, but Conrad Murray.

REMEMBER: One of a doctor’s responsibilities is to “First do no harm”. Murray was responsible for only one patient but that patient died under his care as a result of his actions. Not the patient’s actions – MURRAY’s actions.

Some examples of tweets or comments that have been made follow. You can use them, or make your own, but have them handy to copy/paste, repeat them over and over everyday or every opportunity that you can, they must be seen.

Anyone that compares MJ to Anna Nicole Smith has no understanding of pharmacology, addiction OR autopsy reports @DrDrewHLN

@DrDrewHLN Experts state Conrad Murray violated 18 standards of care while “caring” for MJ–why not discuss that rather than MJ’s “addiction”?

@DrDrewHLN Have you looked into the Lorazepam level (169 ng/ml) and looked at the evidence that supports MJ was sedated well before his death?

@DrDrewHLN Why don’t you invite a REAL MD onto your show who actually treated MJ– his name is Dr. Patrick Treacy.

@DrDrewHLN Are you basing your assumptions on Conrad Murray’s “story” which can be proven false with scientific evidence?

@DrDrewHLN Conrad Murray claims MJ was unable to “sleep” the entire morning yet Murray was on his phone all AM–does that make sense? No.

@DrDrewHLN Furthermore, no one’s death should ever be sensationalized. It is sick and disrespectful.

@DrDrewHLN How about discussing why a cardiologist would claim to be a “propofol expert”?

@DrDrewHLN Read the autopsy report, the search warrants, the court testimony and SEEK the FACTS!

@DrDrewHLN By condemning the victim and defending a doctor of death you are putting yourself in the SAME CLASS as Doctor Murray.

@DrDrewHLN What you WILL find is a suspicious case of a healthy 50 year old man deceased from the act of HOMICIDE via INJECTION by ANOTHER.

Was he pill shopping? Read form 3A. The answer is NO! Insane speculation says more about @DrDrewHLN than MJ!

@DrDrewHLN DEA investigation did NOT find any evidence of pill shopping. Please stick to facts.

@DrDrewHLN Dr. Barry Friedberg, Bd Cert. Anesthesiologist, says MJ’s death was a preventable tragedy. U should spk to him-an actual expert.

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Besides being untrue, Drew doesn’t need to discuss Michael’s nose, or “bleaching his skin”. These things are irrelevant to the case.

Michael Jackson did not die of his own hand or of his own actions. Conrad Murray killed him, and this – if one bothers to simply read the autopsy – had nothing to do with Michael’s alleged previous problems. This is not to deny MJ may have had a problem, but rather about the actions of a doctor who administered drugs outside the proper settings and without following appropriate standards of care.

The drugs found in his home and in his system were none of the ones he allegedly had a problem with. Propofol is not physically addictive. Further, Michael Jackson wanted to sleep, not get high.

Some sites and links that can be cited, linked and posted are:

http://www.mj-777.com/?p=7251 – Dr. Barry Friedberg: “Michael’s Death, a Predictable, Avoidable Tragedy”

http://www.mj-777.com/?p=7958 – explosive claims by Dr. Patrick Treacy about MJ’s death, banned by the press

http://investigation.discovery.com/videos/michael-jacksons-death-questioning-michaels-drug-use.html A. Jones on Michael’s drug use.

http://investigation.discovery.com/videos/michael-jacksons-death-the-conrad-murray-defense.html – A. Jones on Conrad Murray’s defense.

http://www.scribd.com/doc/37663074/Michael-Jackson-Autopsy-Report-Complete (also confirms he had vitiligo)

http://www.reflectionsonthedance.com/AutopsyRevealsTheTruth.html – all about what the autopsy revealed

http://www.mj-777.com/?p=7534 – Lisa the Lawyer completely deflates Conrad Murray’s defense






http://www.twitlonger.com/show/c9othf (Michael’s 30-year makeup artist on his nose – yes he did have one and it was fine – this is also the person who did his makeup for the last time before he was intered)

http://www.mj-777.com/?p=6148 – David Nordahl – friend of Michael’s for over 20 years, confirms that that he had vitiligo

http://www.mj-777.com/?p=5453 – Conrad Murrays ridiculous attempts at defending the indefensible


Below are some pages that can be monitored and checked for updates on their shows, posts about their contents for the day and for questions they may post for people to participate and comment among other things.



http://www.cnn.com/feedback/forms/form5.html?124 (Submit thoughts on what Drew is presenting on his show. Suggest people he should bring in to interview, send links to where factual information – rather than media speculation and misinformation from non-experts – may be found)




Other Twitter accounts that we can tweet to:











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