Michael Jackson Death Investigation: Who Is Doctor David Slavit?


Dr slavit

Dr David Slavit

As for his relation to Jackson, according to AEG Live’s Randy Phillips, Slavit was, hired by the insurance carriers for the physical.

[He] was hired by the insurance carriers to come out here, Phillips previously told Access Hollywood. He gave Michael a pretty grueling five-hour physical and did all the tests.we were never privy to the patient doctor information, which we wouldn’t be. But our insurance broker told us that Michael passed with flying colors – those were the words — and all he had was a little hay fever.

Phillips said AEG received the policy, which would not have been issued without the physical report.

We got an insurance policy because of the physical, Phillips told Access. Lloyd’s of London would not have given us a policy if there was something wrong in that physical.

According to the LA Times, per a reported deal with AEG, if any of the $17.5 million policy is eventually paid, 100% will go to the Jackson estate. Full article

Why would this money go to The Estate?? The Insurance was for AEG, so does this mean   John Branca has already paid AEG??? Well it was Phillips of AEG who rehired Branca, NOT MICHAEL,

Insurers for the late pop icon’s This Is It 50-date London residency were astounded when the report they received from Dr. David Slavit declared the singer to be in perfect health, joking it appeared to have been “based on the body of an astronaut”.
Officials at insurers Robertson Taylor were puzzled as to why the ear, nose and throat specialist’s report made no mention of the Thriller star’s well-publicised health difficulties – including a severely burnt scalp, broken leg and extensive cosmetic surgery – and demanded their own tests be carried out before agreeing to insure his shows for promoters AEG Live…     Full article

If Lloyds of London did in fact hire this doctor (according to AEG) why would they demand their own medical check up, AFTER seeing Michaels first REHEARSALS in London?? Yes more lies from AEG’s Randy Phillips! Same person who claims MJ rehired Branca!

The $17.5 Million payout is to AEG, as its AEG the lawsuit is against


Michael (the Estate) were mentioned in this law suit because in cases like this Plaintiff usually covers all bases, in case, as in this case, another party want to get involved, John Branca HAS involved himself, and demanding LLoyds pay up. Obviously he will do all he has to, to protect his “Boss” AEG!! He is not acting in the best interest for Michael(The Estate) As you can see from articles posted here there is evidence of   “Fraud” on AEG’s part. THIS IS WHERE MICHAELS MONEY IS ALL GOING, On frivolous law suits. There will be nothing left for Michaels babies…. When they turn 40!! Yeah right like Michael would really do that to his babies!!!

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