Michael Bush/Juliens Auctions – Forged signatures of MJ!!


Thank you to various fans for forwarding the following signatures, Lv


Images speak for themselves!

Julien’s should cancel this Michael Bush auction immediately as PROFESSIONAL HAVE CONFIRMED AUTOGRAPHS them all TO BE FAKE!!!

Juliens 2012 Tomkin Bush – Michael Jackson catalogue


image on left is dated 1998 – Click to enlarge


signed in 1998,


Click to enlarge, signature from 1990 same as 1998, we know they are all from ONE day only

Click to enlarge. Signed 1991 MJ signature identical to 1998?



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There are so many items in the auction with signatures that are questionable, here are few more

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Real Michael Jackson

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Catalog of present auction, every piece of memorabilia has been scribbled over, Michael would NEVER deface items this way, seems Bush was told its the signatures that will fetch the highest price,,, Also notice every single signature(the fake ones) are identical, Michael signatures varied throughout the years, the forgeries match none of them!!


Juliens-2012-Tompkins-and-Bush-Michael-Jackson catalogue[large file please give time to load]

Juliens-2012-Tompkins-and-Bush-Michael-Jackson catalogue


Below this point more analysis are being posted. Thank you Wendy for all this hard work,,,

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Michael Lee Bush did is not the designer of all the costumes in Julien’s auction lists as Tomkins and Bush

Why Donatella Versace Was Chosen to Dress the Jacksons at M.J.’s Memorial “Several of Michael’s iconic, military-inspired costumes, as seen in both the Dangerous and History tours, were Versace creations.”

News July 2009 Issue


Why Donatella Versace Was Chosen to Dress the Jacksons at M.J.’s Memorial


The Jackson family’s grief may be personal, but if they were going to mourn in front of the world yesterday at Los Angeles’s Staples Center, they were going to do it in style. So Michael Jackson’s sister Janet Jackson contacted Donatella Versace and asked her to outfit the entire clan.

Donatella herself is no stranger to public mourning, having lost her brother Gianni Versace, founder of the Versace fashion house, in 1997. It was Gianni who first collaborated with Michael, back in 1983; the designer was still an up-and-comer, and the singer was already a superstar in need of an ensemble worthy of a duet with Paul McCartney (“Say Say Say”). The unusual black-and-white-checked tailcoat Gianni whipped up must have pleased Jackson, as he continued to wear Versace both on- and offstage throughout his life. Several of Michael’s iconic, military-inspired costumes, as seen in both the Dangerous and HIStory tours, were Versace creations. Michael also liked his women in Versace: Janet wore the label onstage during her recent Rock Witchu tour, and Lisa Marie Presley appeared in campaigns for Versace’s offshoot label Versus during her marriage to M.J.For Tuesday’s memorial, Donatella created more fittingly somber numbers than the frogged gold jackets and bodysuits her brother designed for Michael decades ago. The Jackson men were outfitted in sharp black suits and subtly golden ties. When it came to the women, Donatella couldn’t help but add some Versace flair, apparent in the sassy wide brim of Latoya’s hat and the subtly revealing sheer panels of Janet’s black sheath. In a move that was both Versace flash and poignant homage, the men displayed a single white glove as they carried Michael’s fittingly flamboyant gold casket.



In 1981 Versace launches his first perfume fragrance. In 1982 he designed the famous red leather jacket for Michael Jackson’s mega-hit video Thriller.


The Past and the Present

Gianni Versace was born in 1946 in Reggio Calabria, Italy. The second of three children of Antonio (a natural gas supplier) and Francesca (a boutique owner and dressmaker). In his teens, Versace attends technical school, studying architectural draftsmanship and earning title geometra, which means he could work as an architect’s or contractor’s assistant.

His mother supported the family with her small tailor-shop. At 18, Versace learned everything about making clothes and soon he designed apparel himself, which was sold in his mother’s shop. Then, Versace acquired additional skills working in fabric procurement positions. He got his first chance to show his skills when designing a collection for Fiori Fiorentini, a Lucca, Italy based company in 1972.

In the following, Versace designed for the Italian fashion labels De Parisi, Genny (for whom he would later be working again), Callaghan, Alma, and then for Complice in 1974. The work for Complice, which he fully conceived himself marked the first occasion where his own name was included in the brand name.

In 1978, Versace opened his first boutique in Milan’s Via della Spiga, with brother, Santo. Eventually sister, Donatella, joins the business. (The three siblings share control the company, with Gianni having 45 percent, Santo 35 percent and Donatella 20 percent.)  still selling other labels to complement his own collections. Soon, with the growing popularity of the Versace style, boutiques started to spread across the globe.

In 1981 Versace launches his first perfume fragrance. In 1982 he designed the famous red leather jacket for Michael Jackson’s mega-hit video Thriller.

In 1985, Versace added the Istante label to his fashion empire. Similar in style to Versace couture, but targeted at a less affluent and younger crowd.

The Versace-style has become a trademark of its own. If one seeks to characterize Versace, you can always point to Giorgio Armani. Versace is everything Armani is not. He is known for striking colours, materials, and cuts. His collections for men and women are sexy to the point of vulgarity. On first sight his work seems to reflect the typical Italian grandezza. On second sight, he seemed to draw only from those images (like the neo-classicistic ornaments in his prints), pushing them to the limits, in order to question any prevailing common agreement on &qout;good taste”.

When designing new products, Versace gave only a vague sketch of his ideas. Then, his assistents were responsible for transforming them into wearable garments.
Since his days as a fabric buyer, Versace enjoyed travelling. In his new creations, he incorporates the impressions he gains while travelling.

In 1997, Versace was shot to death in front of his mansion in Miami, Florida. Versace’s killer is allegedly a serial killer, who committed suicide in Miami short after Versace’s murder. In September 1997, Gianni Versace’s brother Santo Versace was announced the new CEO of the Versace holding. Gianni’s sister Donatella Versace is the new head of design. Donatella was already in a creative position, designing for the Versus label. Sole heiress of Gianni Versace is Donatella’s eleven year old daughter Allegra. Her son Daniel inherits Gianni’s collection of paintings. Part of Gianni Versace’s heritage are his lucious mansions at Lake Como, Italy, in Milan, Italy, in New York City, and the mansion in Miami were Versace was killed.


Selected Lines




Selected Awards and Recognitions


  • In 1989, Versace was honored by an exibition called “L’abito per pensare” (Clothes for thinking), which showed in Milan, Paris, London, and New York.


Economic Data

The Versace empire is a familly business. Until his death, Gianni Versace himself held the position of a director of his company Gianni Versace S.p.A.. His sister Donatella Versace served as vice-president and was also in charge of the Versace distribution concepts. His brother Dottore Santo Versace presides together with his college friend Claudio Luti over the holding company Finanziaria Versace S.p.A. The company was supposed to go public in mid-1998. Therefore, Gianni Versace started to reconstruct to company organisation short before his death in mid-1997. It was planned to offer 25-30% of the company assets at the stock market. Since Versace’s death, the management still holds on to these plans. Gianni Versace used to own 45% of the company assets, 35% santo Versace and 20% Donatella. Since Donatella’s daughter Allegra is the sole heiress of the Gianni’s wealth, Donatella will control the majority of the comapny assets. The company will receive $21.6 million from Gianni Versace’s life-insurance.

In the beginning, in 1978 the Versace business accounted for roughly $15 million of total sales. Ten years later, this number rose to $353 million. In 1994, total sales were at 1,175 billion Lira ($728 million), this figure rose in 1996 to 1,655 billion Lira ($1073 million). In 1996, sales of 854 billion Lira ($553 million) were achieved without revenues from license agreements; in 1995 684 billion Lira ($420 million). In 1994, these direct sales were only 610 billion Lira ($378 million). Pre-tax profit was at 178 billion Lira ($115 million) in 1996; 13.6% up from 1995. 80% of these total sales were achieved outside of Italy. Our picture shows the regional divisions of sales contributions.

The introduction of the Versus-collection to the New York-designer shows in 1995 marked the beginning of an expansion of the North American business for Versace. This move was accompanied by the opening of various new stores and shop-in-shops in America. Around the world the Versace S.A. possesed in 1994 40 own shops, with an additional number of exclusive Versace outlets run by a Japanese partner. Versace’s own shops achieved 170 billion Lira ($105 billion) in 1995; 53% of which were achieved outside of Italy.

Since 1994, the Versace group spent 8% of direct sales or 40.8 billion Lira ($ 25 billion) annualy to promote the label. Santo Versace announced in 1997, that this amount will be significantly reduced in order to cut costs.

Production/ Licenses
Since the early days of its business in 1978, the Versace group had licensed the production of men’s and women’s apparel to the well-known Italian textile and apparel manufacturer Ermenegildo Zegna.

After Versace’s death the Versace familly is quoted, “business will continue as planned”. Except from the fact, that Dontella Versace will take over the design part, the company will hold on to its strategies. Since the increases in profits are much more moderate than the sales increases, the company has annouced a cost cutting program.

Maria Aitken
Carol Alt
Julie Andrews
Fanny Ardant
Barbara Bach
Kim Basinger
Marisa Berenson
Maurice Bejart
Candice Bergen
Jacqueline Bisset
Jeff Bridges
Sue Bridges
Carole Bouquet
David Bowie
Naomi Campbell
Andrea Cascella
Cyrielle Claire
Eric Clapton
Phil Collins
Cindy Crawford
Barbara de Rossi
Terence Trent d’Arby
Principessa Diana
Principessa Carolina di Monaco
Laura Dern
Patrick Dupont
Duran Duran
Bob Dylan
Rupert Everett
Brian Ferry
Jane Fonda
Danny Glover
Matt Goss
Hugh Grant
Melanie Griffith
Jerry Hall
M.C. Hammer
Margaux Hemingway
Isabelle Huppert
Elisabeth Hurley
Jeremy Irons
Michael Jackson
La Toya Jackson
Bianca Jagger
Mick Jagger
Elton John
Don Johnson
Grace Jones
Quincy Jones
Kelly Le Brook
Ute Lemper
Kenny Loggins
Dolph Lundgren
Paolo Maldini
Marcello Mastroianni
Paul Mc Cartney
Ali Mc Graw
George Michael
Joanna Pakula
Patty Pravo
Franco Maria Ricci
Mikey Rourke
Stefania Sandrelli
Luciana Savignano
Greta Scacchi
Claudia Schiffer
Cybil Shepard
Jane Seymour
Brooke Shields
Jacqueline Smith
Bruce Springsteen
Sylvester Stallone
Rod Stewart
Trudie Styler
Elisabeth Taylor
Christie Turlington
Tina Turner
Mike Tyson
Ornella Vanoni
Luigi Veronesi
Lambert Wilson
Paul Young
Rachele Ward
Walter Zenga

Source    http://kunkun.tripod.com/versace.html

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