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MJ Respect is due

Back in 2009, Dr. Tohme-Tohme Michael’s then manager sieged all the possessions of Neverland and gave them to Darren Julien to be auctioned off. As the one with power of attorney, Tohme negotiated commission and along with set up fees with Darren. The issue with power of attorney is that the person that is being represented more times than not, will be unaware of what is taking place in his/her name. Michael found out about the auction and sued Julien’s to stop the sale. This makes it painfully clear that Michael DID NOT want any of his belongings sold. Michael is the creative force behind all of his looks; he commissioned brilliant portraits based on his vision and concepts, as he is the consummate story teller. He designed one of a kind furnishing and some with his favorite number seven embossed on them, his home was custom down to every seemingly minute detail. Why would he put all of his heart and soul into these things and then sell them. More validity that Michael had huge plans for his life beyond music, he was very conscious of his legacy and preserving his legacy meant a great deal to him. Michael was never really in debt; Tohme had total transparency of his finances and holdings, he knew….what was the real motive behind the sale in 2009, just two months before he was killed.



Michael Jackson V Darren Juliens Auction March 04 2009

On Page one attorneys for MJJ productions states that Julien’s Auctions and its principal Darren Julien were relying on a contract secured by FRAUD and has effectively STOLEN Michael Jackson’s property and was publicizing their intent to sell Michael’s property at an auction to have taken place on April 21st 2009. Does this sound at all familiar to you; is not history repeating itself today? The statement further says that although Julien’s Auctions or Darren Julien are not legally entitled to the property, have no ownership or other lawful interest in the property; and yet they have refused to return Michael’s belongings despite repeated demands to do so. Why did Darren Julien refuse to return Michael’s property, once he learned that Tohme had no right to make the deal with him…and that he has no legal claim to the property? These are not the actions of a reputable businessman; it appears that Darren Julien wanted Michael’s items so desperately that he was willing to steal them and hold them hostage.



Julien’s went into the contract under a false name, as Julien’s Auctions LLC instead of Julien’s Auction House LLC. They were supposed to, based on the fraudulent agreement with Tohme; go through more than 2,000 items and photograph them. Julien’s were to then forward the photographs and itemized list to Michael and Tohme, giving Michael the opportunity to remove from the list and approve what he wanted sold. The thing is…nothing was supposed to be sold; Michael did not agree to an auction, Tohme did without Michael’s knowledge. Between the months of August 2008 thru October 2008 Darren had trucks at Neverland removing all of the contents of the 3,000 acre ranch, securing Michael’s property in various warehouses in undisclosed locations. This sounds like impoundment to me. At the time of the statement dated March 4th 2009, which was presented to the Superior Court of California to show cause to bring suit against Julien’s Auction House and Darren Julien, Julien had not disclosed a full inventory or provided photographs of all the items they stole from Michael’s ranch.




Now let’s look at this more in depth…Neverland is said to be 2,800 acres and some scale it at 3,000 acres, the latter is more accurate. Michael’s personal home was 13,000 square feet; there is an amusement park, a movie theater, a gaming arcade…and multiple buildings on the property. Everything was taken by Julien; it took roughly 2 months to empty the ranch out. Julien’s says they took 2,000 or so items, do you really think it was only 2,000 pieces taken from a property of this size.



Michael’s things are invaluable and irreplaceable, Michael hadn’t lived at Neverland in some years yet the ranched was still full of his things. The house staff, I suspect more than likely were stealing things in his absence, they were bemoaning about not getting paid and that was no fault of Michael’s the business managers were to take care of that. Michael still had them under employment for a time while in Bahrain.

One could only imagine what may have been going on while it was thought that he was away and never to return. Sneddon and his sheriffs destroyed and stole plenty from Michael during their raid and yet…Neverland still contained a great amount of property and wealth. Darren Julien had to have pillaged thru the trucks each time they arrived from Neverland, taking what he wanted for himself. With no true records and Michael elsewhere and unaware that his home was being emptied out… it’s rather difficult to assess accurately what was really taken and who took it. What a cover this gave for all those involved with the upcoming auction we all are trying to stop and the previous ones. Michael lived at the ranch from 1988 to 2005, can you imagine how much he had amassed in that time.



Julien told Michael that if he wanted his property back he would have to bid at the auction, while he never produced any photos to Michael or an itemized list he published a full color book; listing the items to be auctioned off on April 21st 2009 in Los Angeles. Again he did not want to make right on receiving stolen goods under a fraudulent contract. Once Julien procured the property he told Tohme that none of Michael’s personal items would be sold and that what was sold Michael would be able to approve first. Ok now is it just me or does the above promise make no sense at all. ALL or the property is Michael’s personal items, what type of game is Julien running.



Declaration Darren Julien

In Julien’s declaration he says that he never made such a promise to Tohme or Michael that Michael could view and approve items pre-auction. He says that he would never do such a thing as he is not a moving company and that once he takes possession, they are his until sale. He went on to state that there are too many costs associated in preparing for an auction. He says that in the Neverland auction, he had spent 1.5 million dollars preparing for it, later the price change to 2 million.


According to Julien, he got a call from Tohme saying that he was a representative of Michael and MJJ productions and needed to sell off property left at Neverland. Julien says that he and his partner Martin Nolan met with Tohme on July 22nd 2008. In this conversation Tohme supposedly says that Neverland was going into foreclosure and that Colony Capital of which he was a board member (conflicts of interest) is now holding the note on Neverland with Michael still owning some percentage of the property. It was further discussed during this meeting that Michael has warehouses in other parts of California and Las Vegas. Tohme took Julien and Nolan to a warehouse in Buellton California to take more of Michael’s items for the auction. Why was Michael’s private storage facility, being assessed for the impending auction, when supposedly only the contents of Neverland were up for sale? Again people reveal themselves….



On November 11th 2008 Julien says that Tohme and Michael agreed to give 5% of the hammer sale to Musicare from Michael’s proceeds. John Branca was in Cabo just a couple of  days after he was supposedly rehired to run the business of a 50 date tour that would start overseas in a month. Branca out his own mouth admitted that he and Michael finally parted ways in 2006, we know that he was fired in 2003, so why was he nosing around this auction and having 5% of Michael’s proceeds donated to his foundation MuisiCare. Julien’s Auction House would earn 35% commission in the sale, 10% from the seller and 25% from the buyer. They estimated that they would have made 4 million dollars off the sale. By December 2008 Julien’s had pre-registered bidders for the auction and these bidders had to pay a registration fee. Wonder what happened to that money received from the bidders…In addition to that, they were taking pre-sale orders for auction catalogs, it was said that Michael would sign some and that they would be sold for $500 a piece… Really now?! We have proof that an unsigned set of catalogs from the Neverland auction was sold for $1000 dollars.



As part of the settlement Julien’s had to store Michael’s items on behalf of Michael at their warehouses. The items couldn’t return to Neverland because Colony Capitol once they took over the debt on Neverland wanted the ranch vacated. Again why do you supposed that was, they were only partial owners in name only. Fast forward to present date, as you know there is an auction scheduled to take place on December 2nd 2012. This will further erase Michael’s legacy as did the previous 9 auctions by Julien’s selling property from Michael. Designer Michael L Bush has joined the list of former friends and business associates that betrayed Michael after he was murdered. He recently published a book called The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson, this book is the lead up to a sale of of Michael’s Iconic stage and video costumes supposedly in the custody of Michael Bush.



Many of the items that Bush is auctioning off are not from the things that he himself was given for safekeeping. Some are from Michael’s belongings in Julien’s custody, which in essence is controlled by the estate. In a statement from the estate, they say that Michael gifted things to many people organization etc. and so they cannot stop the auction of these items. This statement says out of the estate’s very own mouths that, the auction items are items from multiple sources. Yet what they have control of will not be sold. That’s rather interesting because the photos in Bush’s book amongst Michael’s things are in fact at one of Julien’s warehouses. Bush said the pieces he was given was under his bed, I highly doubt any of that could fit under a bed and if he was given things that could fit under a bed… well it alludes to the fact that he wasn’t given much, so which is it Bush. I mean these are his words. The estate also stated that Michael L Bush has agreed to deliver to them some of the iconic pieces after their multi-continent touring exhibition, taking them off the auction list. Well if this is so… how is it that Bush can remove items from the auction list, after set up fees and catalog printing was incurred by Julien’s and Michael could not. Julien said for the aforementioned reasons that if Michael wanted anything back he’d have to bid on it.



There are many questionable items for sale, such as the costumes from Michael’s youth, some of the J5 and Michael’s sisters. This does not add up, as Bush was not in Michael’s life during his youth, nor was he the costume designer for the Jackson family when they were doing their revue in Las Vegas in the ‘70s. So how exactly did he get them and how is he within his legal rights to sell them. Bush is also selling a series of things that are supposed to be ascribed to him from Michael with Love. Some of the items say “To Bush, I Love You, Michael Jackson” now is it just me or would a gift from Michael saying that he Loves You,  one… be “under your bed” and two… be sold to the highest bidder. Bush said that he Loved Michael and that he was generous to a fault and he cherished their friendship. If this is the case, what is the rationale behind selling such an heirloom? Your friend was murdered and snatched away unexpectedly, you worked together daily after a several years long separation, you two were about to embark on a new adventure as they all tell it and you show up to work expecting to see him and he never returns. Not 30 years, not 25 years but 3 ½ years after your friend of 25 years was murdered you sell his items, and totally ignore his wishes of having these items he entrusted you with put in a museum.

Some people in my private life have said I over analyze, I really can’t allow those types of comments to take me off course anymore. I believe that in the world we don’t think deep enough. No one can lie to you or trick you, as there is always that inkling that says “Hold up, something is off here…” “Someone is living foul; uh… they are giving me BS.” We however choose to ignore it. In my experience whenever I ignored my gut, I got screwed. Michael had all these inklings and more, he too tried to share them and people told him he was paranoid, probably told him he too was over analyzing things as well. Guess what… everything Michael said would happen did…including losing his life.



Bush says this, yet is behaving like that. Another thing that is off is the signatures on the costumes. Like why would Michael sign so much merchandise to his friend, just because; not to mention they don’t look like his signatures. I doubt very seriously, that Michael autographed his gifts to his Loved ones. How does Bush explain this? Is it possible that these items were for charity and Bush just kept them? Michael trusted the man to carry out his orders, so it’d be nothing for him to sign many things expecting them to get to their intended destination. This goes to this charity; ok I’ll sign these promotional pieces for fans at the tour and publicity giveaways.


The man has ticket stubs and posters with “Michael’s” signature on them. Bush toured with Michael, why would he need things like that. As for the garments, Michael is conscientious; he would not tag on the garments this way, especially those that he wore so as the receiver of his gift could truly enjoy and wear it as he did; for who wouldn’t want to wear a piece of history that the greatest entertainer of all time performed in.


Signing on the inside of the garment keeps it intact and he has done this…so I’m  not off base here.



Furthermore Bush knew that Michael wanted to create a museum,

Click to enlarge

Why would he have signed all these pieces, museum quality pieces wouldn’t appears with signatures all over them. I’m not talking obviously about the stuff that says to Bush but the things that simply read Michael Jackson. I mean c’mon seriously look at the items that are being sold, don’t they look like things from someone’s stored life.



I have things like ticket stubs and posters and just odds and ends from my travels and experiences, which are tucked away.  These are the types of things that strewn in with Michael’s wardrobe. When I pass, these sorts of things are what my family will go through and remember their time with me and keep as a memento. Again, the Jacksons have not been allowed this right, what’s sad is that…it isn’t the right of these men in suits to take away.


Why is Bush doing this, why won’t he tell us? Saying they are going to charity and that he wants to share them with the fans is nonsense and you all know it. If this statement were in truth he wouldn’t be charging fans forcing fans to buy a book in order to see the exhibit and get a picture with him. These are Michael’s fans, not Michael Le bush’s fans. Yet, another obsessed employee that thinks they are Michael Jackson.

Is Bush in debt to the mob, the IRS or now terminally ill like his late partner (we understand completely why Mr. Tompkins needed to sell ONE Jacket which was inscribed on the inside) I assure you my comment is not in jest. I am sincerely asking because I’m trying to comprehend what the urgency to sell off Michael life is about. Michael is DEAD! This is not the normal behavior of a dead person’s friend, which has his friend best interest and makes preserving his legacy a priority. The type of frenzy that these money grubbing opportunist exhibit, is quite extreme in comparison to the lackluster efforts of the LA Courts and PD, in trying to find out who murdered Michael and what really happened to him. Business deals Michael’s murder has been expeditious; rehearsal footage was viewed by Sony within days.



We have to deal with the reality of what is and not what we want it to be. In order to get what we want, we must see thing as they are so that we can affectively bring about its change. We here at Team Michael Jackson will not aide and abet liars as that further hurts us and the rest of Michael’s fan/supporters. If Mrs. Jackson, Michael’s own mother had to scream about her child, her baby she gave birth to “He’s DEAD”….I for one will NOT disrespect and act like what happened hasn’t by dancing around serious topics such as this, the on purpose dismantling of Michael’s legacy and the hijacking of Michael’s estate. So fans we have to get this together, we have to wake up, we can’t say we Love Michael and we buying Bush’s book, going to the exhibitions and supporting estate projects…..because uh… like Bush’s behavior it doesn’t add up. We can’t keep fighting with each other over silliness as it takes up much needed time and energy that can be used for research and justice work, which currently on deck is stopping this auction….may the universe hear us and make it so.



Foot note:- We advice you to take a close look at the signatures on the pieces being auctioned off, They do not look like Michaels signatures at all, if in doubt google “Michael Jacksons signatures” the real ones are obvious










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