MJ fans Boycott $ony







He cannot continue to be used & abused in death, as he was in life.

          “I’m afraid for my life & my children. I am so scared.”~Michael Jackson (late 2008)

Q from Jesse Jackson: If you had to tell people,what has changed since this happened? What do you want people to know? A: “My level of trust will change~There’s a lot of conspiracy going on~A LOT OF IT~All AROUND me. It’s A VERY SERIOUS THING~I dont want to say too much, with the wrong flavor. IT’S A VERY DELICATE AREA”.Q from Jesse: Michael where did this broke thing come from? People say it’s all about this $ony catalog?
A: “It’s   (the ATV catalog) worth A LOT of money. And there is a BIG fight, going on RIGHT NOW about that catalog. Now I cant comment on it, but there’s A LOT of conspiracy going on as we speak!”~MJJ (2005)

“I want to clarify a silly rumor. The Beatles catalog is not for sale, has not been for sale and will NEVER be for sale.” ~ MICHAEL JACKSON (2001)

“I’m not just fighting for myself I’m fighting for all artists. Those great artists who pioneered [in] entertainment business as well as songwriting as well as incredible staging. The fact that they have been taken by the system. Totally broken them financially, you know, and this has to stop, it’s a conspiracy!” ~ Michael Jackson (2002)

” The entertainment industry is full of sharks, charlatans and impostors. Michael Jackson (Paris deposition 2007)

“They want my Catalog and they will kill me for it” -Michael Jackson

For a quick introduction as to why you should support this, watch the videos below.     As Michael Jackson believed & said, “The main thing that I hate most is ignorance.”

“The record companies really do conspire against the artists. Especially the black artists. They lie, they steal, they do everything they can.“~Michael Jackson (July 2002)

“The tradition of great performers, from Sammy Davis Jr. to James Brown to Jackie Wilson to Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly… The story is usually the same though, you know, these guys worked really hard at their craft, but the story ends the same. They usually are broken, torn and usually just sad and the story very sadly ends… because the companies take advantage of them, they really do. We can’t let them get away with what they’re trying to do. I’m a free agent now.”~Michael Jackson (June 2002 Killer Thriller Speech)

Q:Do you want to grow old in the music industry? A: “Not the way James Brown did or Jackie Wilson did.” ~Michael Jackson (the link for this article is under ‘why you should boycott’)

♫ She innocently questioned why… Why her father had to die… ♫ ~Michael Jackson (song lyric)

Do you care? HAVE YOU A HEART?”~Michael Jackson (song lyric)

“I’m putting my heart & soul into it [Invincible] because I’m not sure I’m gonna do another one after this. This will be my LAST ALBUM”- Michael Jackson (1999)

Fans who truly love *MICHAEL* will fight for justice and refuse to help $ony profit from his death. I can’t see how it’s MJ’s work if HE isn’t involved w/ final release & approval. & knowing HIStory with $ony et al & that they’re doing it for $$$ only. MJ did it for the art+love+humanitarian.& then there’s the odd circumstances of his death, the will, etc. The way they treated MJ – I can’t reward them for that. . .by buying a “ba$tardized” version of his work that he may have never wanted released just so they can make $$$. Disrespectful. I would never boycott JUST MJ-things-I boycott EVERYTHING $ONY. Especially electronics.Anyone who buys MJ music from $ony is spitting in Michael’s face IMO. He’d never have wanted this.“~Seven

“Michael’s artistic legacy is already written. If no one ever bought another MJ-related item, it would not hurt his legacy. It’s already HIStory. To me it would be a BETRAYAL too, to buy any $ony product. I could NEVER reconcile it with my conscience. No way.” ~ChildSaskia

“His vocals will be there, but do you really think that’s all an album was about to MJ? Im surprised by some of those who cant wait for it?? Artwork is wrong, songs which could be fake, songs written for others by MJ, songs scrapped by him.. it may be called MICHAEL but its NOT!!! The dedication some have to make this album succeed, should have been there in 2001.. WHEN MICHAEL WAS ALIVE AND NEEDED YOU THEN!! If the album doesn’t do well only idiots would say it was MJ Flop.. How the fuck can MJ be responsible for other peoples work?? Get real!! Its not about just one song, its about all his unreleased music.. it belongs to his children.. it all has to be stopped!!!!     Anyone who BUYS THIS ALBUM, will be shitting on MJ and PPB from a great height. I won’t take what Michael didn’t willingly share! Dont you care you will be aiding MURDERERS PLANS!! Think on! Those who protest they ‘are doing it for MJ’ (those involved in album), clearly tell us by being involved at all, its NOT for MJ! Sony is culpable for start of all this hoax shit.. to keep focus off murder and to confuse grieving fans to part with money! Sony omitted in their statement that MJ never released these songs because 1. They wasn’t good enough to him &/or 2. He wanted to release on label other than $onyl!!   Instead of being away with the fairys, its about time you started living in the real world.. Its 2010, in 2009 Michael Jackson was Murdered! People really need to grow up and realize a man was murdered! And your fawning over a music release!? Do you care? No one has sat back and actually grieved.. its been a money making venture from within the hour MJ drawn his last breath!! Next breath they are protecting MJ’s legacy!! I thought I realized the depth to how USED and LONELY in life MJ was, but I wasn’t even close!The only way to have a voice is with your money!! MJ was murdered, merchandise is not going to help get one iota of justice!! We have to protect what he left us, his music, his message, HIM! The ones who got rich because of MJ will just get richer because of his fans.Its time to break the cycle of the money leeching and the fight for a piece of him that he had all his life, DONT ADD TO IT! Legacy~this is how they try to GUILT you!! MJ’s legacy is set in stone in the history books forever.. MJ WILL NEVER BE OVER!! Please I plead to get back to the issue.. MJ was murdered, his Estate has been hijacked, his children have no rights. What can we do??” ~dllz

“They took him away from us. They expect us to take every morsel they churn out because of it. Don’t!! I will choke! Now people line up to pay $ony their blood money. How soon people forget. Sony, you did what you did, then you have the audacious temerity to dance all over Michael’s grave.$ony does everything Michael would be against because they can~because he is dead only – pure evil. Sick sick sick Sony are handing out penny’s for you to toss into the fountain to wish Michael is alive. Its no game. They think we are fools.”~Shortslovesmjj

  “What credibility do MJ fans give their idol when they do not stand by his words!? Remember how much Michael was hurt by $ony, remember his statements and don’t let $ony use us. They don’t care about Michael, they only see us as obsessed grieving fools willing to buy anything that has Michael’s name on it, they don’t really care about us! #BOYCOTTSONY! For those saying you want him to succeed & not flop, you are actually helping $ony to succeed with their agenda, lies & betrayal. CONGRATULATIONS ! You cannot make MJ music, only HE can make it, anything else will always sound like anyone else but MJ, fans need to get a grip on reality. The reality that fans need to get a grip on is that MJ is GONE, MURDERED, there can never be anything more important than demanding JUSTICE! I DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT NEW MUSIC. ~KarlaJorge

“No one should release any MJ’s song! HE’s gone on June 25! Period! Not Sony anyway! I do not want to hurt you but this is the truth.His legacy is something more than songs. Maybe Prince,Paris and Blanket will release something one day,but no one else!~Rossmile

To buy a so-called-MJnewalbum: are you keeping his legacy alive, or to keep your MJcollection updated? I am not trying to tell anyone what to do, but at least try to educate ourselves about this CORE issue. To understand the truth about what really happened, one must educate oneself.” ~MJacksonwords

“Michael felt bad putting his name on songs because they came from GOD. Now $ony calls album ‘Michael’ because the songs came from GOD KNOWS WHERE! ~Opalite_Heart

“If you have ANY clue, you would know that the upcoming MJ album is a joke! Why buy something he can ´t approve of himself? Why do people have such a desire for NEW material, didn ´t he do enough??? You want to save his legacy? Focus on THAT then! OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!! Stop feeding the vultures, the ones who HURT him and then KILLED him!!! Be thankful for what he GAVE! Michael gave his fucking life to the fans and now they just think about themselves… It’s so fucking exhausting…When did the fans forget what really matters, we lost him and he didn’t WANT HIS SONGS OUT THERE!!!!! If so, he would have released them!!! What is WRONG with waiting a couple of years until his kids are old enough to do the decision? Afraid that you’ll forget him or what??~AlexSalazarNo1

“Since MJ left, not only does $ony get what they want, some fans too. And they call it LOVE. Is that’s why they support $ony & feel happy now? SMH “~LoveCannotLie

“Anyone who thinks MJ only had issues with Motolla needs to listen to the Killer Thiller speech (youtube video on why to boycott page)…. since when was Motolla a company?? MJ said ” the story is usually the same because the COMPANIES take advantage of them”….Motolla is a person….Sony is a company.”~Liesrunsprints

“I dont want new MJ games, music, books, shows, OR any merchandise! I want justice for Michael Jackson! Where’s the fight for truth & justice for MJ?!“~mylove4MJ

Many people are happy about the new MJ projects–but don’t forget, he’s at Forest Lawn. All of this came with a price–his life. Wake up, Sony has you exactly where it wants you–believing they are the saving grace in Michael’s life, whoops he is dead now, so I guess they are his Estate’s saving grace now. Michael is saving Sony. Go look at their earnings and see for yourself. If you defend Sony and their relationship with Michael Jackson then you are defending the deterioration of MJ’s life-long career. So many are concerned with “Michael” being #1 on the charts, his image being on top, instead of Michael, the man, being #1 in your HEART.”~gatorgirl

“‘Do not despair.’ The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed – the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. The hate of men will pass~Don’t give yourselves to brutes – men who despise you~Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men – machine men with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines! You are not cattle! You are men! You have the love of humanity in your hearts. In the seventeenth chapter of St Luke, it is written the kingdom of God is within man not one man nor a group of men, but in all men! In you! You, the people, have the power – the power to create machines. The power to create happiness! You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful – to make this life a wonderful adventure. Then in the name of democracy – let us use that power – let us all unite! The clouds are lifting! The sun is breaking through! We are coming out of the darkness into the light. We are coming into a new world – a kindlier world, where men will rise above their hate, their greed and their brutality.”~Charlie Chaplin Quote from The Great Dictator (Mirrors these circumstances, no?)

If you don’t believe Michael’s own words here, then I feel very sorry for you. The exploitation continues! I hope more fans are involved in the boycott, we would be SO powerful, if more fans cared enough. Stop judging people who cannot reconcile the purchase of $ony marketed MJ products with their conscience. MJ3 dragged into the spotlight,MJ’s wishes disrespected, his legacy trampled on & you only care about the new CD, new game&cirque du soleil? Those who buy the “new album” not only betray themselves, they betray MJ. These people just don’t get what the boycott is about! They are celebrating, while MJ’s murderers bath in blood money! Why do people think MJ’s legacy must be kept “alive”? MJ’s legacy has already been written and his legacy is beyond “being kept alive”. This whole controversy about the authenticity of the songs,to buy or not to buy.It distracts from Murray & co – wasn’t there a trial? Many ‘Fans’ are fishing for justification & excuses to OWN Michael. They don’t care about MJ, the human being, they only care about the brand. These “fans” will take every cheap excuse as long as they can OWN Michael. ‘Fans’ are happily dancing on MJ’s grave while his murderers are bathing in blood money and Murray hasn’t even stood trial yet. Think! They don’t want to give up their illusions and buy every excuse that justify their urge to own of piece of Michael. MJ fans just want to OWN, it doesn’t matter to them what Michael WENT through, they just want to put MJ into their collection. THINK! Bottom line: The Estate & Sony lie to the public/fans. Conclusion: don’t buy their SHIT! #BOYCOTTSONY” ~MJ777HealTheWorld

This video is available in Spanish, Italian, French~curtesy of hardworking MJ-fans.

“The incredible machinations of the men from Japan & their American allies were designed to ensure nothing less than the destruction of Michael Jackson & billions of dollars of profit for Sony. The dark underbelly of the entertainment world is not a pretty sight. It’s time to hold it up to the light. Yet far from being coincidental, everywhere we detected the hidden hand of the $ony corporation attempting to orchestrate events. My account has never been refuted. If anything, the information I unearthed has gained more currency in the three years since the original book was published. Could it be that a continuation of the events I described, or something similar, was somehow involved in the singer’s death?“~Lynton Guest

“He is honesty personified–painfully honest– & vulnerable to the point of pain. He is so giving of himself, that–at times–he leaves himself very little to protect that beautiful inner core that is the essence of him.”~Dame Elizabeth Taylor

When asked (by UK yahoo) about the high demand for ANY “new” Jackson music, Will I Am replied: “So what? You don’t disrespect someone when they’re gone. How much can you suck from his energy?…Freaking parasites!” “What’s wrong with what he already contributed to the world?””I don’t think that should ever come out. That’s bad,” Will said. “He was a perfectionist and he wouldn’t have wanted it that way.

When asked (by EW) about the “new MJ album”, Will I Am replied: Whoever put it out and is profiting off of it, I want to see how cold they are, he says, to say that what [Michael] contributed during his life wasn’t enough. He just wasn’t any ordinary artist. He was a hands-on person. To me it’s disrespectful. There’s no honoring. Michael Jackson songs are finished when Michael says they’re finished, Will says. Maybe if I never worked with him I wouldn’t have this perspective. He was very particular about how he wanted his vocals, the reverb he used.he was that hands-on.[Will] still maintains that none of [the songs he recorded with Michael] them will ever be released, because Jackson didn’t give them a final okay. He kept his vocals and I kept the music, he says. We had that understanding.

The ones making money from Michael’s blood will use his children as the reason for exploiting him forever. ~MJAllForLove




These provide further proof to boycott $ony, in the form of fan-made & researched vidoes, links, & articles.

Another effective way to boycott $ony, is to research BEFORE you buy products & check labels carefully, $ony’s tentacles reach far & wide..While it is the opinion of this site’s creators, to boycott ALL $ony products; some people will only do so to MJ-related products. It’s an option which you decide on.

Fans have the power, NO ONE is forcing you to buy. Yet you let it slip through your fingers, while $ony & co. have ALREADY earned HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS off of FANS. DONT GIVE THEM MORE! Make a stand for what you believe in!

FURTHER PROOF OF HOW interconnected & POWERFUL Michael’s enemies were and STILL ARE. It’s a Small World After All: http://www.mj-777.com/?p=3830

MICHAEL’S DEMISE BEGAN WAY BEFORE 2002, $ony’s been plotting since Mattolla got into power in 1992/1993! READ EVERYTHING HERE~many quote Linton Guest’s book. (all links are below, actually reading them would help)

This is a document where Joe Jackson pointed out blatant conflicts of
interest w/ Branca as executor or Michael’s estate:


Judge Beckloff inexplicably tossed it out. But reading the document,
the conflicts are pretty blatant – and even moreso when we consider
the sweetheart deals Branca has made with $ony since MJ’s death – all
benefiting $ony and Branca/McClain of course.

http://mjthekingofpop.wordpress.com/2009/07/01/back-in-2002-why-invincible-became-invisible/   AMAZING article, done a few years ago,around the time it happened! Explaining all about $ony & Michael Jackson, a must-see!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aW1T1DZdWrA The video that started it all for fans, Michael speaking in London in June 2002, with fans, about $ony.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4wYJxXb4Ec   The other video from that protest in June 2002, Michael outside with fans protesting $ony.

http://michaeljackson.ae/truth/SONY-thru-the-years.pdf   $ony pdf-file that outlines history of them as well.

More articles about $ony’s treachery & history with Michael, from Seven~MUST READ THESE WELL RESEARCHED ARTICLES:
John Branca attempts to Rewrite History regarding MJ & $ony http://www.mj-777.com/?p=2759

http://www.mj-777.com/?s=Tohme+Tohme     MUST READ paragraph on $ony here & why you should boycott is touched on.

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough? When is enough ENOUGH? For $ony – Never. Some links to make you THINK:

Why Invincible became Invisible and other musings on the flock of vultures surrounding Michael Jackson. $ony & conflict of interest:

Former $ony music executive: “I really think he got blackmailed in that whole scandal thing. I think at some point, the truth will come out”.

Evading the Obvious. Perpetuating the Ignorance.

I ‘Never Can Say Goodbye‘ to MJ but I can say goodbye to $ony because Michael said goodbye to $ony years ago. They also used, abused him throughout his life, not to mention they helped MURDER HIM!   http://www.mj-777.com/?p=2542

One Year later: What happened in March 2009? You decide: http://www.mj-777.com/?p=2074

What more could he give? God, what more could he take? http://www.mj-777.com/?p=4886

The QOUTE that stands out from Seven’s above article, is from evil Tommy Mattolla talking about Michael’s death: “It’s amazing to me that he was able to withstand even this long”.

MJ dangerously under-ate much of his life & on tour. How could they NOT know they needed to be concerned in 2009? http://www.mj-777.com/?p=5135

$ony and AEG: They had him trapped in ‘financial bondage’: http://www.mj-777.com/?p=5310

Michael liked snakes, but this is ridiculous: http://www.mj-777.com/?p=6250

Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’: http://www.mj-777.com/?p=8438

$ony is partnering Discovery and O’s new network “OWN”, and the programmes they make such as autopsy(MJ), death reenactment(MJ) and Oprah shows! They make these programmes to send home to public MJ was an addict.. to discredit any trial or any murder intention.. its pure propaganda.
The Oprah/Discovery/$ony hydra dissects Michael as spectacle. NOT acceptable. http://www.mj-777.com/?p=6607

Here’s a quote from Lynton Guest that might help illustrate (for those
who haven’t read his book) $ony’s tentacles:

“In writing this book I investigated how, in his later years , Michael
was beset with trials and tribulations which , on face of it, were
unconnected to each other. There was the prosecution on child abuse
charges, the downturn in record sales, the financial catastrophes and
the struggles to retain ownership of assets such as Sony/ATV, his back
catalogue of recordings and Neverland. Yet far from being
coincidental, everywhere we detected the hidden hand of Sony
Corporation attempting to orchestrate events.”

-Lynton Guest, author of The Trials of Michael Jackson

This is a link to Lynton Guest’s book (“The Trials of Michael
Jackson”) would be required reading for those visiting this site(READ Seven’s research FIRST & WATCH MUZIKfactoryTWO’s videos FIRST. LG’s book has a lot of distortion & bs mixed in with facts that newcomers might not notice. READ HIS BOOK FOR INFO ON $ony, BUT THE REST IS FALSE OR OPINION JUNK):


Mr. Guest delves fairly deep into $ony’s machinations against Michael
over the years. BUT don’t expect it to be objective on Michael. Mr. Guest includes his opinion on Michael throughout, & without researching who Michael is as a person (his childhood, history etc..). Main reason to READ IT, is FOR THE detailed $ony/ATV information.

MORE quotes from Lynton Guest’s book:
“Strange thing happened. Paul Russell, despite being retired from $ony for 2 yrs received letter from corporation’s legal division; warning him not to reveal any more of what he knew. $ony seemed to be afraid of what might be revealed by Paul Russell”
“What on earth they were trying to hide?”
“Who else, apart from $ONY, has benefited from the death of MJ? The most obvious beneficiary is AEG”
“When Bashir was forced into the Santa Maria Court to testify in 2005, he was accompanied by a bevy of lawyers, provided & paid for by ABC. My investigation failed to turned up one example of similar support from $ony to MJ”
“What $ony wanted was ownership of MJ’s back catalog. Ohga & Morita were also negotiating a deal to acquire half of MJ’s ATV publishing to get rid of the singer while gaining control of his back catalog, more importantly acquiring a controlling interest in Sony/ATV to achieve that objective, MJ had to fail in a way that enabled $ony appear blameless”
“My sources within $ony told me that after MJ’s trial, those in the know were happy simply to wait for the singer to default on his loan”
“Deal allowed them first refusal should MJ be forced into selling his Sony/ATV share”
“Michael Jackson was beset with trials & tribulations which, on the face of it, were unconnected. Yet far from being coincidental we detected hidden hand of $ony. Yet far from being coincidental, everywhere we detected the hidden hand of the $ony corporation attempting to orchestrate events. My account has never been refuted. If anything, the information I unearthed has gained more currency in the three years since the original book was published. Could it be that a continuation of the events I described, or something similar, was somehow involved in the singer’s death? (pg. 159 epilogue)
“still ‘owned’ half of $ony/ATV. In reality THE WHOLE COMPANY now belonged to $ony. Their desire to have complete control finally fulfilled”
“In five yrs, $ony’s annual revenues from MJ related activities will exceed $5 BILLION”
“Many people have sought to take the credit for ‘persuading’ Michael Jackson to buy ATV Music. In fact, he needed no persuading and although the deal with Holmes Acourt was hammered out by Jackson’s lawyer, John Branca, it was Jackson himself who was always the prime mover.” (pg. 11)
“As Paul Russel put it, “I remember in the early days just after he (Jackson) bought the Beatles catalog, he was so enthusiastic and earnest about owning what he saw as part of music history. He wanted to be a guardian of the Beatles’ memory, not make a fortune out of them.” (pg.12)

Katherine Jackson speaks in her book Jackson Family Values (1989), of how he bought the ATV catalog in 1985….Here is her recollection of it: “Ironically it was Paul who first gave Michael the idea of investing in fine songs. One day during Michael’s visit with Paul in Scotland, Paul handed him a book containing all his copyrights, among them Buddy Holly’s classics. Michael was amazed at Paul’s collection…..and inspired. Paul had wanted to buy the ATV catalog as well, but he dropped out of the bidding LONG BEFORE MICHAEL. I’m sorry if my son’s purchase of ATV meant that he and Paul could no longer be friends. Investing is one of his (Michael) favorite topics. “Joe Louis made a lot of money and he died broke. I dont want that to happen to me,” I recall Michael telling John H. Johnson, the chairman of Johnson Publications, publisher of Ebony and Jet. “Would you share with me what your secret has been in keeping your business successful for years?”

Read AEG’s court papers.. http://alturl.com/ve3gq Michael Jackson was NOTHING to them apart from a money making machine!!

“What Michael said about a conspiracy makes logical sense, but I have no evidence of it. If Michael were in jail or in prison, how would he defend his ownership in the catalogue? How would he defend all these frivolous lawsuits? Sony had so much to gain if there was a conviction…” -Tom Mesereau

“The record companies really do conspire against the artists. Especially the black artists” ~ Michael Jackson

In his own words: “TOMMY MATO SABOTAGED ME BECAUSE THEY WANTED THE BEATLES CATALOG”     http://www.mj-777.com/?p=3858

Was Michael An Addict?: http://www.mj-777.com/?p=2921

Michael was not an addict, and it wasn’t an accidental overdose: http://www.mj-777.com/?p=4172

One of the most detailed explanations as to why MJ did not administer propofol to himself: http://bit.ly/bvt3QT

Dr. Barry Friedberg, “Michael’s Death: A Predictable, Avoidable Tragedy”  http://www.mj-777.com/?p=7534

Michael did not die because of prescriptions “pills” or any addiction. The autopsy reports are clear, the manner of death, & what was found inside of MJ–AUTOPSY REPORT  www.scribd.com/doc/37663074/Michael-Jackson-Autopsy-Report-Complete

CLICK to see larger! Caption from Lynton Guest’s book pg 12

CLICK to see larger! Lynton’s book caption is abt Stringer pg 13

“They (Janet,Toya, & Rebbie) were telling me what was going on, & I was shocked. It was as if, there was this big plan in place that we didnt know about”~Randy Jackson (CNN interview June 10 2010)

‘My Brother Was Being Threatened’: http://www.mj-777.com/?p=4011

Michael Jackson’s trust. WHICH IS FAKE, NOT CREATED BY MJ! http://www.probatelawyerblog.com/2010/06/michael-jackson-living-trust-revealed.html/
Quote from ABOVE article: This means that Michael Jackson’s children and mother actually get less than 40%, each, because the estate taxes and other expenses of the estate and trust are paid from their shares only, not the charities’ shares. It turns out that Michael Jackson’s Trust does not limit how much his trustees are to be paid.   Rather, the trust allows them to receive “reasonable compensation”, without needing a court order.
Michael Jackson Saves $ony http://www.this-is-not-it.com/en/reference-articles/173-michael-jackson-saves-sony.html

This article mentions McLain as well as a blurb about Tommy Mottola engineering the 2005 trial against Michael. http://www.showbiz411.com/2010/05/03/new-michael-jackson-album-may-pose-legal-problems

This article speaks of McLain & more “ties to gangsters”, as well as outlining that McLain & Trudy Green co-managed MJ in the early 1990’s(WHICH WAS WHEN MATTOLLA AND CO WERE PREPARING TO SLAUGHTER MJ’S REPUTATION AND TRY TO JAIL HIM/DESTROY HIS CAREER): http://articles.latimes.com/1998/mar/26/business/fi-32786

Have you wondered why Sony who “helped’ MJ in 2005, didn’t come to his aide in 2009, when Neverland faced foreclosure? http://bit.ly/djaqXL

Mattolla steps up spin on http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,57640,00.html

THIS IS IT DANCER TESTIMONY: “What struck me the most devastated is the loss of this man, shot like an animal, stung like a dog. Those who are responsible have enough power to hide the truth.” http://www.twitlonger.com/show/6q6lre

I guess this is another good paper to print & paste in places http://www.scribd.com/doc/33682473/Press-Statement-Regarding-TII-Info


Click to enlarge

“$ony wants the first single out by June 25th to capitalize on the huge press for the 1 year anniversary of his death” <–OUTRAGEOUS!!

How Michael Jackson Went From Being A Partner of Sony to A Sony Product http://www.superstarofpop.com/archives

When asked about the high demand for ANY “new” Jackson music, Will I Am replied: “So what? You don’t disrespect someone when they’re gone. How much can you suck from his energy?…Freaking parasites!” “What’s wrong with what he already contributed to the world?””I don’t think that should ever come out. That’s bad,” Will said. “He was a perfectionist and he wouldn’t have wanted it that way. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20100803/ten-will-against-new-jackson-album-5f8abb3.html

When asked (by EW) about the “new MJ album”, Will I Am replied: Whoever put it out and is profiting off of it, I want to see how cold they are, he says, to say that what [Michael] contributed during his life wasn’t enough. He just wasn’t any ordinary artist. He was a hands-on person. To me it’s disrespectful. There’s no honoring. Michael Jackson songs are finished when Michael says they’re finished, Will says. Maybe if I never worked with him I wouldn’t have this perspective. He was very particular about how he wanted his vocals, the reverb he used.he was that hands-on.[Will] still maintains that none of [the songs he recorded with Michael] them will ever be released, because Jackson didn’t give them a final okay. He kept his vocals and I kept the music, he says. We had that understanding.

“Who was forcing bank’s hand?” -> $ONY “What did they stand to gain?” -> $ony/ATV Catalog “Who was forcing bank’s hand, what did they stand to gain?” – 2005 http://www.usatoday.com/life/people/2005-06-13-jackson-finances_x.htm

“I am putting my heart & soul into it [Invincible] because this will be my LAST album” – MICHAEL JACKSON, April 1999 http://bit.ly/dxKzeI

How Michael Got Gangsta With Sony Music Over Black Music & Racism: http://bit.ly/cIZAFT Interesting read!

Life without Michael Jackson could be bad for Sony Music. CD sales are declining and Michael Jackson can’t die again. $ony whining about ‘flat’ sales: “MJ can’t die again!”, they whine. Rather telling,isn’t it? Keep up the boycott. http://bit.ly/cVnPgl

Inside Secrets of the Goldman Deal http://t.co/io5jgzx

#BoycottSony – and they want fans to think this is MJ’s work? I dont think so! “It’s unclear whether so many producers can affect a consistent sound.” http://fb.me/x3gXofi8 (much less a sound like MJ’s talent!!)

“Sony & estate ALREADY have plans” SAID Branca http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/la-et-michael-jackson16-2010mar16,0,7082645.story

Articles discussing the “huge deal between $ony & The Estate”:

Michael Jackson Estate Deal Raises Questions http://www.probatelawyerblog.com/2010/03/michael-jackson-estate-record-deal-raises-questions.html/

New Michael Jackson Album May Pose Legal Problems – http://www.showbiz411.com/2010/05/03/new-michael-jackson-album-may-pose-legal-problems

$ony article about the deal with the Estate, the quote in it is stellar: “can anyone tell me how this is NOT conflict of interest?”.

“Thriller 25″ will be issued by Sony because its part of that catalog. But MJ has no recording contract & frankly, no interest from record companies.” http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,302533,00.html

Michael Jackson -on 25th anniversary of Thriller album, has revealed his days of dancing are behind him – because he doesn’t want to kill himself on stage like his hero, soul singer James Brown, who died On December 25th 2006 from congestive heart failure. When asked if he thinks he’ll grow old in the music industry, Michael, 49, explained:
“Not the way James Brown did or Jackie Wilson did.”   Dec.2007   http://tl.gd/35escm

Connect the dots people! http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/16/arts/music/16jackson.html?_r=4

Article on Sony/ATV from their own site!   http://www.sonyatv.com/index.php/news/549

http://michaelsguardian.blogspot.com/2010/03/catching-up-with-tommy-mottola-march-17.html   Article discussing Tommy Mattolla & $ony

Michael Jackson’s Battle with $ony http://www.mjfiles.com/more/politics/michael-jacksons-battle-with-sony-part-1

Private Investigator reveals MJ Conspiracy http://www.mjfiles.com/interviews/michael-jackson-private-investigator-speaks-out

“We OWE it to him NOT to accept this music SONY & AEG are trying to sell us” http://www.michaeljackson.com/us/node/328971

WHAT YOU WON’T SEE IN TII http://www.examiner.com/x-9259-Celebrity-Headlines-Examiner~y2009m10d27-Michael-Jackson-fans-allege-This-is-not-it

Quote from Terry Harvey interview: “Everyone knew he was dead at least two hours before he officially pronounced dead at the hospital.”

“When he came onto the scene, he was taking care of the kids….” Garcia said.(bodyguard) He added that he thinks Murray is a “scapegoat.”

Rob Stinger mentions “projects I don’t know about happening in 2015”~that’s when Prince will be 18!

This is what LaToya and her manager Jeffrey Phillips said in Germany,on 29th… http://bit.ly/ctnHBl

Letter firing Branca. http://twitpic.com/5223mv/full For Embezzlement   http://twitpic.com/4kxc4t/full << THE ONE TIME HE WAS CAUGHT, I WONDER HOW MANY TIME HE GOT AWAY WITH IT! HOW MANY MILLIONS DID BRANCA AND MOTTOLA ROB FROM MICHAEL JACKSON!

CLICK to see larger! Also from Lynton’s book this one is abt MJ & Jesse Jackson interview

The video BELOW is a part of Michael’s interview in 2005 with Jesse Jackson. THIS PART in particular, MICHAEL SPEAKS ABOUT $ony, “the great conspiracy going on, all around, even now.” AS IF ANY TRUE MJ fan needs any more proof of the conspiracy to murder MJ!

Question from Jesse: Michael all these people keep saying you’re broke. They are calling in and asking. So Michael, are you broke?
A:”That’s NOT TRUE AT ALL. It’s just one of
their MANY SCHEMES to embarrass me and to just drag me through mud. & it’s the same pattern, like I told you with those other people (great black artists) so DONT BELIEVE it.”~MJJ
Q from Jesse: Michael where did this broke thing come from? People say it’s all about this $ony catalog?
“It’s worth A LOT of money. And there is a BIG fight, going on RIGHT NOW about that catalog. Now I cant comment on it, but there’s A LOT of conspiracy going on as we speak!”~MJJ


This is the interview of Cory Rooney and Chris Apostle soon after MJ’s murder, this was summed up in a video on the home page, but read this article for more insights. They most just HINT, & if one can read between the lines you get the picture of what they are saying…but they also are UNAWARE of the conspiracy against MJ http://www.thesportsinterview.com/mjackson.html

http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,319537,00.html   This link is from EW.com~& I must add a disclaimer: *Entertainment Weekly, along with MANY OTHER magazines (People mag, Newsweek, Life & Style ect.. aka Tabloids) were incredible viscous & venomous in their attacks & lies on MJJ in life. We do not support this magazine, but the article suits our purpose*

Interesting: ‘MJ Betrayed After Death” from People Magazine. Names $ony as culprit. http://peoplemagazinedaily.com/?p=5164 I must add a disclaimer: *Entertainment Weekly, along with MANY OTHER magazines (People mag, Newsweek, Life & Style ect.. aka Tabloids) were incredible viscous & venomous in their attacks & lies on MJJ in life. We do not support this magazine, but the article suits our purpose*

http://www.mjshouse.com/stories/invincible_mirror.html   Another article outlining MJJ & $ony.

http://mjjrealrealm.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!A679A9B694DD1478!2869.entry?sa=944668766   Another amazingly researched article on Michael Jackson & $ony.

http://www.this-is-not-it.com/en/external-links/reference-articles.html   This link you have to scroll through to find ones pertaining to $ony, but it has evidence that corroborates against them, remember that all this evil connects (“connect the dots & follow the money”).

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip_-Dhljn2Q   Dick Gregory interview discussing the 2005 trial, $ony & things related to it.   His quotes from Michael ARE POINT BLANK WHAT HAPPENED.

The BELOW photos are screen-caps showing the opinion of two friends of MJJ, & dedicated to truth & justice.
Here are some links to where we found them, we agree with their opinion. http://twitter.com/wingheart/status/20989656325 http://twitter.com/wingheart/status/20990742298   http://twitter.com/wingheart/status/20990538474

Click to enlarge

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Click to englarge

An article on George Michael & his problems with $ony, AGAIN it seems they have a checkered history:




Seven outlines FURTHER, why true MJJ fans should boycott $ony.

***What follows below, is STRAIGHT from Seven’s site, & the link is provided here http://www.mj-777.com/?p=3005   & under Why You Should Boycott.

MJ was done with $ony a long time ago. Or so he thought. Now they’re selling a bunch of his unreleased music. Doesn’t that tell you maybe something’s wrong? It should. Care to know what? Or, do you just want to blindly buy from an entity that badly abused someone you “love”. What is “love”? Is it giving money to a victim’s abuser? Because that’s what you’re doing. And there are no excuses for it. There are only excuses for you to buy from $ony so you can get what *you* want. Because what *you* want matters to you more than Michael Jackson. If that’s the case, fine! But don’t say you “love” Michael Jackson when what you love more is what you can get from him by rewarding entities that abused him all his career – by giving them your money. Michael’s legacy has already been written in HIStory. If not one person bought another song of his, nothing would change that. NOTHING. So that excuse doesn’t wash. The media? TWO words will ‘explain’ the issue to them. And it’s a short enough soundbite that even they’ll understand and it will be impossible for them to twist it. Those two words: “SONY SUCKS!” Why should people who truly love Michael Jackson be cowed by the media into financing his abusers? That’s horse pucky. What did $ony do that was so bad? To find out, you have to be willing to READ. And ditch the excuses. Learn more: http://bit.ly/db5Ku1

In regards to efforts to ‘boycott’ or thwart $ony’s profiteering off of Michael Jackson’s death, I’ve seen some pretty ignorant statements against it. For instance:

Rewarding $ony with record sales of MJ merchandise isn’t going to do
anything to ‘prove the media wrong’ or change their memes or
negativity about him.  His record sales in the past have done nothing
to change the media’s opinions or tactics against him.

The media have made an entire industry out of negatively defining
Michael Jackson and no matter how “his” new record sells, they aren’t
going to stop. They make too much money bashing him. Again, record
sales won’t affect this. If they did, the media would have stopped
denigrating him long ago! Right after he died, his record sales when
through the roof. Did they stop bashing him then or become less
negative? I don’t believe they did. In fact, after Thriller, that’s
when some of the worst bashing and media negativity against him
actually began!  He became a huge, easy target for them way back then
and he still is – and now his family and children are too. That’s not
going to change based on record or merchandise sales.

The public’s opinion, shaped by decades of media denigration and
Oprah’s propaganda, isn’t going to change just because his records
sell big now – if it would, that would have already happened in the
months since he died. Likely much of the media will use it as an
opportunity to bring out their old mantras about “freaky” dead Michael
and how the “fact” that he was weird and a child molester somehow
didn’t affect his record or merchandise sales. I could almost
guarantee you that many of them will frame it just that way or in
similar ways as they did after his death – and if you noticed it
wasn’t kind and it never will be, no matter how his records sold.

So, I’m not convinced that rewarding $ony with huge sales numbers from
MJ stuff somehow will silence or change the mantra of the media about
Michael. All it does is make $ony rich, which is all they’re after –
knowing they can always count on grieving MJ fans to pony up megabucks
for anything with his name on it.

What rewarding $ony with huge sales of MJ merchandise will do, is
prove that $ony is right – that they can always count on grieving MJ
fans to pony up megabucks for anything with his name on it.

We needn’t cow to the media. They are not going to change and if they
do it will be due to media ethics laws, not Michael’s record sales or
lack thereof. Don’t set your compass by them. They are (along with
$ony) another of Michael’s abusers. Why would we set our compass by
any of these entities or what they might think? Thinking isn’t their
forte, obviously. But it should be ours.

What’s “bad for his legacy” is when fans, worried about what the
lame$tream media might think or say (which is always going to be
negative), buys up anything and everything with Michael’s name on it,
no matter how cheesy or badly done. That cheapens his legacy, which
bytheway is already written well before he died and nothing (except
perhaps it being now cheapened due to $ony’s profit-making tactics a
la ‘Breaking News’) will change that.

Oh noo! If we boycott $ony we can’t buy all this other music from these other artists and it will hurt these other artists too!


Boycotting $ony’s sales of Michael Jackson merchandise and music means simply not buying anything they’re selling with Michael Jackson’s name, likeness, images, music, videos in or on it. It does not mean boycotting the work of other artists from them.

If you choose to boycott $ony due to the suspicious nature of Michael’s death and $ony’s treatment of Michael through the years – then just don’t buy anything they’re selling that is Michael Jackson-related. That doesn’t hurt ‘other artists‘.

$ony has manipulated Michael Jackson in life and to death to get and keep control of $ony/ATV and the MiJac catalogues.  These items are what is worth most in his estate. The dollar figure is in the billions (with a ‘B’).  It is my firm belief (and it seems it was also Michael’s suspicion before he died, see quotes below) that he may have been murdered for this ie: for money, profit, control/ownership of his estate and particularly those catalogues.


Here’s another pretty ignorant statement:

Oh but it’ll hurt his legacy if we don’t buy any more MJ stuff!


Where have the people claiming this been for the past 50 years?

Michael’s artistic legacy is already written. If no one ever bought another MJ-related item, it would not hurt his legacy. It’s already HIStory. And nothing will change that now.


And – yet another one:

But – Boycotting $ony will hurt Katherine and the kids! That money is theirs!


Profits go to $ony, John Branca, and John McClain

Katherine and the kids get a monthly allowance from the estate. That amount is the same each month. That won’t change no matter how much $ony sells of Michael’s unreleased music or other things with his name and likeness on it.

Speaking of what’s theirs though, what is theirs is Michael’s legacy: all of that released and unreleased music and in particular and most importantly, those catalogs (Sony/ATV and MiJac).

Those catalogues are the part of the estate that is worth the most. If we want to balk about what’s theirs that’s what we ought to be balking about. These catalogs of Michael’s own recording masters and the $ony/ATV rightfully ought to belong to Michael’s children at some point when they’re old enough.  But lo and behold those are – as planned by Branca + $ony – slated to go to $ony at first chance that it can be arranged without looking too suspicious. Click on the link and you can read it at the $onyATV site itself. So you got no problem with that? Well you should.

$ony is the one entity that has profited most from Michael’s murder.

$ony is the one entity that didn’t bother to show up at his memorial – even the public one – even after all the money they’ve made from his work through the years – Millions if not Billions of dollars. They showed him zero support during the trial in 2005 and they were nowhere to be seen when he died – until there was money to be made from his fans via sales due to their grief over his death, and then they were right there with their hands out. The hearts of MJ’s fans are a direct line to their wallets and $ony knows it.

$ony made it obvious through the years that it in no way intended to let ownership or control of $ony/ATV or Michael’s own MiJac catalogue to remain with Michael. They have manipulated him incessantly to keep those catalogues in their sites and under their control. Having him conveniently ‘out of the way’ now clears the path for  them to carry out their well-known long-term plan to get complete ownership and control of both of those catalogues, with the added convenience of help from John Branca and John McClain.

I guess we should just ignore all that though, in favor of ignorance and for drooling over what we’ll get out of Michael’s demise – new releases, new music, some new concert footage, or whatever. Is that what it’s all about? What we get for ourselves? Michael wrote a song called ‘What More Can I Give?’. I guess for some MJ fans, it’s ‘What More Can I Get?’ Nevermind the incredibly odd circumstances surrounding his death, the ethical issues with the execution of his estate, $ony’s past and present moneymaking machinations, and the theft of the biggest part of his legacy from his children. Just gimme. That certainly is $ony’s mantra when it comes to Michael Jackson too: ‘What More Can We Get?’

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? But it’s the very antithesis of all Michael was and was and what he was about. He died because of this. In a word: greed.

What will change if enough of Michael’s fans wield their power of refusing to buy MJ merchandise from $ony is not the amount of money Katherine and the kids will get — but rather the amount of profit $ony and John Branca/John McClain will make off of Michael’s death.

And that profit going to Branca$ony is what I would like to see minimized. Why?

Because it seems to me that Michael was very likely murdered for it. For the money, for control and ownership of the catalogues, for the profit that could be made from his death. He was worth more dead than alive and various vultures that had surrounded him all his life knew that.  This flock of ‘regulars’ suspiciously constellated in his life once again in the weeks before his murder and that 2002 will is highly suspect.

Those catalogs are worth billions (with a ‘B’) and $ony has been manipulating Michael to get at them for years.  Incessantly. They rightfully belong to his children, not $ony. But with things as they stand now, his children will likely never have any ownership or control of them because they are apparently being stolen from them by $ony with John Branca’s help.

Just personally, I am not going to pay what could be his murderers for what they’ve  done to him – in life, or death. And I’m not going to help them steal their father’s legacy from his children.

Are we trying to bring $ony down? Heck no. That’s impossible. It would be ludicrous to even try. But I’m not going to help them profit off of Michael’s murder – whether they are involved themselves or not. And I have no interest in whether they survive as an entity or not.

All Michael Jackson fans have the power to prevent $ony from profiting off of Michael’s death by simply not buying any MJ merchandise from them. And just in my own opinion, if they truly love Michael Jackson (the human being, not the commodity) they have not only the power, but the obligation to see that $ony does not profit off of his murder, particularly if there is any suspicion that they may have been involved in it. Based on Michael’s own comments through the years before he died, $ony’s rabid penchant to keep control of him and his catalogues over the years, the questionable circumstances in which Michael died, and the ethical issues with the will, it’s certainly possible.


WHEN YOU BUY MICHAEL JACKSON MERCHANDISE FROM $ONY JUST BE AWARE . . . You are being manipulated for profit! $ony and Branca/McClain are manipulating Michael’s fans – getting to their wallets and credit cards though their hearts – capitalizing on their grief about Michael’s death/murder to make profit for themselves. (themselves – not for the estate or the children, mind you).

I don’t know about you but I don’t like being manipulated. Especially by $ony – a sneaky, silent entity that abused and manipulated Michael for years behind the scenes. No matter WHAT John Branca says.

Let’s clarify something right now: John Branca speaks for John Branca and $ony, NOT Michael Jackson.  Michael Jackson is dead. And when he was alive, we saw and heard what Michael had to say about $ony. And it was a VERY different story.

I don’t care if we’ll get 2 CDs of his new unreleased music and some unreleased video footage and a game — or 7 CDs of new music or whatever. What we get is irrelevant.  If it’s dripping in Michael Jackson’s blood, I don’t want it. I don’t care WHAT it is.

Distractions from ‘anonymous’ commenters on this site into discussion of such petty details is irrelevant and does not change the fact that Michael was very likely murdered for money and control of his catalogues. It does not change the fact that $ony corporation is the one entity profiting most from his death. It does not change the fact that his will and executors of the estate and the conflicts of interest inherent in them are very suspect. Nor does it change the fact that in the years before his death, he knew this might happen.  It is evident in many quotes from him and events going on around him.  These things can not and should not be ignored – if we indeed care about Michael Jackson the human being at all.

And NO it’s not going to hurt ‘other artists‘ to boycott $ony’s Michael Jackson merchandise. That makes no sense.

And NO it’s not going to hurt Katherine and the kids to boycott $ony’s Michael Jackson merchandise. They’ll get the same amount of $ each month regardless.

And NO it’s not going to hurt Michael’s legacy if we don’t buy blood-soaked Michael Jackson merchandise from $ony.  His artistic legacy is written in HIStory and nothing will change it now. Nothing.

In monetary and legal terms though, his legacy is his back catalogue. And John Branca is set to give $ony first dibs on that. Did it ever occur to anyone that this belongs to Michael’s children and it’s being stolen from them? Did it ever occur to anyone that by buying MJ-related merchandise from $ony that you are helping the entities who are stealing Michael’s legacy from his children? Hello. Pfft. Do you get it yet?

Refusing to buy MJ-related merchandise from $ony might hurt $ony/Branca/McClain’s collective ability to PROFIT off of Michael’s death/murder.  And so it should!


You know sometimes, it’s got to be about more than what we’ll get for ourselves. A beautiful man who gave much to this World has been murdered for profit and control of his estate. His death was no ‘accident’. His will is extremely suspect. His children are orphans and all they have of their father is his legacy (music catalogues, personal items and profits therefrom) and that is being stolen from beneath them by $ony and their lawyers who are now executors of his estate. Where is the respect? Where is the care for him and his family and what rightfully belongs to his family, namely his children?

Sometimes, people need to think about something beyond themselves and getting their next new CD or TV or fancy new outfit or whatever. We hesitate or refuse to buy stuff made in sweatshops or by slave labor. But many are clamoring to buy merchandise containing the music and likeness of a man who was murdered for money and profit, and to buy it from what may have been his murderers who are also apparently in the process of stealing his legacy from his children. Wow • Just • Wow . . . That music could be released years from now by his children when they’re of age. But apparently many MJ fans would rather give blood money to the entity that possibly murdered him and are stealing his children’s legacy, so they don’t have to wait that long. And as I’ve pointed out here, the justifications and excuses they use for doing this just don’t hold water.

To each his / her own. I’m not telling anyone else what to do. But personally, I am having NO PART of this. I DO NOT WANT a CD of unreleased music if it’s dripping in BLOOD. And I highly suspect that it would be.  I won’t give blood money to greedy corporates. Even Michael’s dad, Joe, won’t go see Cirque de Soleil’s Michael Jackson shows – because once again, $ony will make a killing (pun intended) on royalties – since Cirque is allowed to use anything they chose out of the entire Catalog including unreleased material. Even Joe knows. And on this, I agree with him.

ALSO, consider these quotes: My level of trust will change. And there’s a lot of conspiracy going on. I’ll say that much. A lot of it. All around me-Michael Jackson
Don’t leave me, they are trying to kill me-Michael Jackson
I am afraid of my life and for my children. I am so scared   -Michael Jackson I’m very concerned about my life” -Michael Jackson

As concerns Michael’s releasing other albums and songs via $ony after Invincible and Number Ones (when his contract with them was supposedly ended) . . .

Sony didn’t want him leaving, owning a part of Sony. He was so excited when his contract was over..then he discovered his contract was manipulated so he couldn’t leave when he believed he could. Branca was his lawyer @ the time. (This person was a close friend of MJ for many years and knew how he felt about $ony) ~~~~~~~

Be aware too, that even after 2002 $ony could still release any of Michael’s previously-released music without his involvement. His attorney at the time, Peter Lopez, now (interestingly) dead, also asserted in 2007 that Michael had no new contracts with $ony or any record label nor did he intend to have. They had distribution rights. So there was little possibility that ‘MJ and $ony kissed and made up‘. But there was – as per usual with $ony – some manipulation going on in regards to Michael’s contract with them.

The estate and particularly Michael’s catalogs and all his unreleased music and concert footage should be placed in trust and control given to his children when they are adults. They are Michael’s family and that is who it rightfully belongs to, along with any subsequent profits. Not $ony and not John Branca et al. But interestingly, there is no provision for this in that old will that John Branca himself wrote . in which he is named executor of MJ’s estate and which he just happened to have a copy of after Michael died and which was allegedly signed by Michael in LA while Michael was in NYC that day.

NO. 1 + 1 does not equal 5.  Since when does a lawyer who writes a will name himself the executor of the estate named in the will? My lawyer is not the executor of my estate. My mother’s lawyer is not the executor of her estate either. The thought would be ludicrous. Most lawyers I know would refuse to be put in such a position even if asked due to the ethical issues. How did Michael sign this document in LA when he was on the other side of the country that day? Should we ignore the seemingly obvious logistical and ethical problems with this?  I don’t think so.

Considering all this, do you see the problem yet? The ruse?

And John Branca just expanded and extended $ony’s distribution rights in his (not Michael’s) recent $250 million deal with them. And, he increased the percentage of royalties $ony receives. But not before ensuring that 10% of any profits ‘the estate‘ made would go to him and McClain, first. Section 9657 of California Probate Code reads: The personal representative shall not make profit by the increase, nor suffer loss by the decrease or destruction without his or her fault, of any part of the estate. Thus, this 10% profit these men have been allowed to make off of Michael’s estate seems to be a direct violation of this code.

Do I/we know all the facts surrounding Michael’s murder? No. And we may never know.

We do know that many, many things certainly don’t add up. And we do know who many of the vultures were who surrounded Michael over the years and how they were trying to manipulate and control him for money, and how some of them once again suspiciously constellated around him just before his death – seemingly ready to take control. Many, many questions are unanswered and those likely involved are tight-lipped about their bloody ruse. $ony in particular has often been the quiet manipulator behind the scenes in Michael’s life, their tentacles reaching into the smallest and most unsuspected corners of his affairs, particularly his financial affairs.

Just remember, the cruelest lies are told in silence.

Those ‘powers that be‘ – the same ones who dealt such barbaric injustice to Michael in 1993 – 2005 are the now in charge of meting out justice in his murder. It’s pretty obvious therefore, that there will be no justice done in his murder.

Here are some more links, below. See if you can make sense of Michael’s murder if you care enough to bother.

One thing is certain: the official ‘party line‘ we’re being fed by the ‘powers that be‘, AEG, $ony, Branca and the estate, and certainly the garbage we’re daily fed by the medialoids – is not the truth.

What seems obvious is that Michael Jackson was murdered for money and control of his estate and particularly his music catalog. Just as he always feared he’d be.









FURTHER PROOF OF HOW interconnected & POWERFUL Michael’s enemies were and STILL ARE. It’s a Small World After All: http://www.mj-777.com/?p=3830

UPDATE 2010-05-01

And now, a second suspicious death in his circle. Mr. Peter Lopez, who was MJ’s lawyer until February, 2009 (apparently replaced with John Branca) has been found shot. Authorities are terming it a suicide but this is the second death in the group of people who surrounded Michael Jackson in the weeks and months before he died himself. What are they trying to hide? Did Lopez have or know something (such as Michael’s latest will) that those involved don’t want out there? What did Peter Lopez know about Michael Jackson’s last days and about this death and when did he know it? Was he slated to testify in Conrad Murray’s trial? Read the information at the first link I’ve provided in this paragraph. It corroborates what I’ve written above re: $ony. It confirms that Michael Jackson had no new contracts with $ony after 2002 nor did he have any intention of signing any new contracts with them. It also confirms that Michael never intended to tour again, as has been asserted before, and adds to the suspicion that Michael was somehow manipulated into the AEG/O2 deal.




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