Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr)


This fan club should change its name to “Vindicating Branca”



We make is a policy not to get involved in fan drama, but we must report facts when  pointless attacks on the Jackson family are launched in this way! Sadly instead of protecting and speaking up for Michael family, many have given way to protect John Branca who stated to Mrs Jackson “I am Michael Jackson now”

The info contained is a direct attack on the Jackson family! the first word is “Joe Jackson!!” We all know Mr Jackson was NOT involved in the recent events, RE: Fake Will. Its obvious this is a manipulation tactic to further divide the fan base, and showing a public support for John Branca, for which he PAYS handsomely! There


You all remember the lie they printed about Janet slapping Paris, this has now been retracted!

There is  no reason to be Instigating hate towards the parents/siblings of Michael Jackson. John Branca is throwing scrapes out to many sites to perpetuate lies about Michael Jackson’s family.


John Branca has had ample time to reply to the question put forward by the siblings, which are warranted even according to Tom Masereau. Parry Sanders leaked the letter, ‘hired hand Trent Lied to Paris, for her to panic, all this propaganda was simply because some sons/daughters are fearful for their Mothers life, safety!! Because she IS a victim of elderly abuse!

The siblings  repeated themselves over and over, its NOT about the money, its about Justice for their BROTHER! Its about protecting their Mother and Michael’s children! If the Executors ARE removed(which they can be for fraud) the estate will go to Michael’ children! Mrs Jackson will be left out, ALL THE SIBLINGS will be left out, ONLY MICHAEL CHILDREN WILL BE BENEFICIARY!


Which Executor would bar a wife from seeing her husband, would bar a Grandmother from seeing her grand children, From seeing ones SHE gave birth to!


Mrs Jackson repeatedly said, she did NOT want TJ to take guardianship, doesn’t it make you wonder why/how she changed her mind,, FEAR OF DEATH, why would her attorney Perry Sanders mention the word “Death”



TMZ reported actual word, “Dies”




to this already frightened lady, look up elderly abuse on google, key words are used to control Mrs Jackson, this is elderly abuse! John Branca can be removed in a heart beat for what he is doing to Mrs Jackson! Wonder why he is keeping her isolated now! Stop wondering, see the facts!


Source http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Executors+and+Administrators


You can read the evidence on John Brancas dirty dealing here, provided with evidence that CAN NOT  be refuted, please take the time to read, its over 70 pages,, read it!



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