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Disclaimer: We in no way intend to disrespect the memories of Mr. John R Branca, Ms. Barbara Werle or insinuate that Branca’s brother is involved in any way. We do not fight dirty, no need to as the truth is on our side. As justice seekers and investigative reporters we merely report the facts.



 Truth V Lies John Branca, Howard Weitzman



This will be a two part expose….In part one, we will break down Branca’s interview on Piers Morgan.

Piers, says to Branca “you’ve been in Michael’s life for more than 30 years. It was a bit rollercoaster wasn’t it; as you’ve dipped in and out of his business life.”


“I started work for Michael in the beginning of January 1980. During that “first” meeting, Michael says Branca do I know you. Branca says I don’t think so Michael this is the first time we met. Michael says are you sure? Branca says Michael I think I would remember.”






He did know Michael AND his Brothers before 1980. Michael is sharp studies people and does his homework as do we here at TeamMichaelJackson. Let me build the context here. John G Branca grew up in Mt. Vernon New York, with his father John R Branca. His mother is Hollywood Actress Barbara Werle. John R Branca became the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation up in Mt. Vernon New York in 1962, where he oversaw the community’s Memorial Field also known as Memorial Stadium. With his budding political career, friendships with athletic stars (his brother played for the Brooklyn Dodgers) and Hollywood connections; John R produced shows where headline acts performed at Memorial Field. In 1975, five years before Branca’s “first” meeting with Michael; Branca’s father had the Jackson5 perform in Mt. Vernon at Memorial Park.








Talking about his and Michael’s work relationship, Branca says,

“We went on for about a decade”;  which would mean 1980-1990. He goes on to say  

and then off and on pretty much for three decades, I was his principal business manager for much of that time.”




Branca was let go by Michael after David Geffen told him Branca exercised too much control over his business. He popped up around 1993 when Michael was fighting extortion and he along with Michael’s Dangerous Tour insurance company settled with the extortionist, Michael wanted to go to trial and fight. Michael was then ushered to London for a stay in rehab undoubtedly by Dame Liz Taylor; she had his mind way too much. Michael ended up on the line for millions of dollars due to the canceled tours. Branca then renegotiated a recording deal with Sony for next to a billions dollars and then worked on both sides of the Sony-ATV merger in 1995.




Piers asked about ATV…

Branca says “after Thriller Michael had a lot of money a lot of cash.” Michael was in fact a billionaire after Thriller or very close to it. This album has sold the most copies in the history of recorded music and still does, couple that with merchandising (you remember the thriller dolls posters and the like) royalties productions credits with the licensing of the Thriller video and the making of Thriller the video…not to mention the Pepsi endorsement deals.


Branca says Michael asked to call Yoko and McCartney his good friends he did not want to bid against them. Yoko said she wanted Michael to have it over a corporation as she was not bidding, Branca says he spoke to McCartney’s lawyer who said he wasn’t bidding. Truth is Sir Paul as we have reported before even after Beatle Mania did not have the money to buy the catalog and Yoko wants nothing to do with him.



Piers asks how much Michael purchased ATV for and how much its worth.

Branca says, Michael purchased it for 47.5 million in 1985, they sold off a background music library and Michael’s net investment was 41 million. It has been reported that Michael paid cash for the catalog. If Michael did not amass the fortune he had, being the sole buyer and a cash payment of this nature would not be possible. Branca then goes on to say,

“While I can’t give out confidential details, it’s been reported that Sony/ATV is worth upwards of 2 Billion dollars and Michael owns half. “ “I would say in addition to Sony/ATV Michael has his own publishing company which is called MiJac which owns  all of his own songs as well as many others songs  we brought over the years; so when you add the two companies together it’s even more valuable.”




Branca does not disclose what MiJac is actually worth. Think…In 1985 Michael was a billionaire off Thriller he was able to buy ATV in cash. He has since gone on to have number one albums all over the world, Michael has sold upwards of a billion records and counting; which he intelligently owns the publishing rights to all his music. He merged with Sony and together they have acquired All of Country music at the time of this interview along with the music of Paramount pictures…Since the interview they have acquired EMI and now Sony/ATV owns nearly all of music (Just how has already been broken down in another blog)



Pierce Morgan quickly did the figures in his head and asked this.

“So all this stuff about Michael being a half of billion dollars in debt when he died is a load of bologna; isn’t it? Presumably the publishing rights alone by the sound of it, were worth several billion dollars…”


Thank you so much Pierce for recognizing this. Look at Branca’s face, he takes a deep breath as he has just been caught, his eyes shift to the side where Howard Weitzman is seated. He shifts in his seat as he is uneasy he’s trying to figure out what to say and then hangs his head to the far side. Piers’ question and Branca’s answer starts at 5:34

“Well Piers, I would like to comment on…on…on SPECULATION about Michael’s debt. Um…Net worth… you know one doesn’t have to sell those assets… so it it you know… those are…those are corner stone assets… that we keep onwe plan on keeping for Michael’s children and keeping those in the family




There never was any debt or any need for there to be. We have discussed this here at TeamMichaelJackson in great detail. Even if you don’t understand the legalese, we all can do math and the numbers just don’t add up.



The loans were ways in which to fund to coup against Michael. This is how palms were greased. So many people had to get paid in a scheme such as this. If Michael is in debt to the banks (who run the world and make the laws) they get a piece of him… in return they look the other way and fund the war. During Obama’s first few months in office, he paid off Wall Street Banks and “fledgling” Corporations in billion dollar welfare.



The estate did the same; the press release stating that the debt is paid was a message saying that all parties are paid in full. They couldn’t just take the estate, they had IOUs and markers, Branca and McClain had to pay for the rewards of their position and they are installed to do the bidding of the elite just like President. On the surface things had to appear a certain way (just like everything else in our world) this is why you need loans, sign this Michael. Michael you have no money take the Goldman Sachs deal, the AEG deal…sell us your catalog.



Branca admits there was no debt by his use of the world SPECULATION. Piers had already put him on the spot, he couldn’t back track now; that would have opened another can of worms. As the “principal business advisor” who would no better than he. He also admits that they plan to keep the “cornerstone” assets. The publishing is theirs but he adjust and say it’s for the children for the family. Yet when the family steps to them about such they are barred from their Mother and their niece and nephews. So exactly which family are they keeping the publishing in?




Piers asked this questioned next:

What kind of decisions have you taken, which have turned out to be very smart ones in the relation to handling his estate?

“Well my co-executor John McClain and I… I mean… Let’s face it Pierce, we’re fortunate to represent Michael Jackson…Which makes our job lazy one…in some senses.”



So why are you two getting paid so much, why do you need pay increases and 10% of estate business? Your job is a lazy one as Michael is doing all the work, there will never be a time when there is no interest in Michael. Branca even used Michael to answer the question while he prepared for a timed segue to a PR answer.




Piers as are we, is interested in how Branca got back in, so he says to Branca, how did you end up back with Michael was it the tour or something….I know you don’t work for AEG so tell me about that. Piers did his homework, we know Branca was brought in by Kenneth Randy Phillips yet Branca says this…

“In terms of coming back into Michael’s life we separated amicably in 2006 and I got a call from his Michael’s manager Frank Dileo about a month before we met and Michael was excited and Frank was excited about the tour. And they wanted me to give them some thought about some ideas of what we can do around the tour. Frank Dileo and I met several times and then finally met…met again with Michael. About a week before he passed away we met at the Forum where he was rehearsing. “




It was not amicable he was gone, he came back to extort 15 million by pretending to give Michael back his 5% again doing the math 5% of Michael Jackson is worth more than 15 million. Michael did not call Branca he said it…Dileo did and they had for a month met several times before he finally he quickly corrected and said met Michael again. All reports including the beloved media stated that he came back; what was it… 9 days before Michael was killed. Which is it Branca…Dileo is no longer alive and can speak for himself surely people will use him to lie and be an alibi. Wonder if Frank got the manuscript to his tell all laying around somewhere. It’s already out there Branca, Randy P said he brought you in cause Katz was a conflict of interest and Dileo couldn’t control Michael anymore.





Weitzman said, Mike was one of a kind there are very few legitimate icons in the entertainment business and he had the ability to generate millions and millions of fans worldwide which converted into huge numbers. Weitzman slipped up with this comment. You can’t generate fans; he wanted to say Michael as a bona fide Icon had the ability to generate millions and millions of dollars worldwide. Perhaps he thought if he said as intended their agenda would be too obvious but he didn’t care in his next answer.




When asked is it right to say when entertainers die they are worth more dead than alive. Weitzman responds:

“I think that is true, the catalog soared and spiked for a while. What differentiates Michael from others in my opinion; The This Is It record… the This Is It film for example….The This Is It CD, now the Cirque show. He was able to create additional businesses well beyond the music and that’s very unusual.”



He just told the world that Michael is in fact worth more dead than alive to them. Have you noticed that TII is being referred to more and more as a film versus a documentary? A film is premeditated. There was never going to be a show, that’s apparent. Michael was able to create additional businesses; WRONG you all were able to create additional businesses off his murder. Sounds like MOTIVE, for Murder, by all parties.






Piers asked if Michael’s spending was as out of control as they say. Once again Branca starts to shift, takes in a breath and prepares to lie.

“Well that was an area that was handled by Michael’s business managers and accountants. And Michael made a lot of money and I probably believe it’s true that he spent a lot of money. But he left a lot behind; he had a lot to show for it.”




Is he kidding me?!! Michael had business managers and accountants, so this is not his area. This is a joke. The man was bragging nonstop about being the principal business manager or he’d interchangeably say advisor. Branca eluded this question as once again the media and their reports that Mike spent all his money just aren’t real. The man could spend obscenely as could his family and there wouldn’t even be a scratch in the fortune do you understand. Branca had to admit it, he had already put his foot in his mouth bragging about Mike’s empire like it’s his, and Piers walked right in and tripped him up. Piers like me is saying he got all this money there is no way he is in debt and spent all that money there just is no way. He made a lot of money he left a lot of money behind and had a lot to show for it is what Branca further admitted. What about the reports of frivolity? More validity, that there were never any debts. He has business managers and accountants with this statement Branca has also admitted that the business manager and accountants are the ones that were spending and embezzling Michael’s money. We knew Michael didn’t sign off on anything they took care of that.




Pierce asked Branca how comparable was it managing Michael’s estate as he knows that Branca briefly managed Elvis’.

“Well it’s hard to compare, Elvis came up in a different era in the 50s. I was a big Elvis fan; it’s one of the reasons I got in the music industry. But Michael you know went to the Berry Gordy Motown School of the music business and then learned from great teachers. One of the things I have found, representing various members of the hall of fame is…. As the generations have gone by, musicians have become very much smarter.  And so Michael I think learned from his predecessors as did I. And so…he was able to control his assets in a way that previous entertainers have not.”



A different era you say…the Berry Gordy Motown school…cute Branca I peep you though. Is this really why you mad? You think kids from Gary have no brains how dare he right?



Yea I’m reading between your words. Musicians have become smarter…Mike called it in that same video that proves he was in New York, yea he learned and you weren’t going to do it to his people no more. What did you learn Branca?



Your predecessors stole killed and enslaved you are still doing the same. If you learned we wouldn’t still be having this issue now would we. Michael would be alive and he’d have his money, his music, his kids would have a father. What did you learn Branca? You are as transparent as they come; only the sheep don’t see you, only the demons align with you…sounds like the same age old story to me.


Michael did learn; that’s why Michael shut the industry down, that’s why Michael is in control and even in death he still is…you all need him to eat. Michael broke y’all system that’s really why he so extraordinary to y’all. Just how he did it got y’all stumped, y’all tried everything in the book, drugged him, set him on fire, dropped him from a bridge…sent him to jail, stole his money and he still wouldn’t comply. F ya contract AEG I’m not coming to rehearsal but you paying for this house I need in hopes that I do. Stop playing with Mike. Sing it…

Now I’m just wondering why you think
that you can get to me with anything
seems like you’d know by now
When and how I get down
And with all that I’ve been through,
I’m still around





All misread this beautiful Man, Peace and Love doesn’t mean punk. He out thought you all and it got personal didn’t it. He was able to control HIS LIFE in ways that previous slaves have not, be a man Branca say it…isn’t that what you really mean. Token McClain better wake up, there is a tier that he won’t get to in the good ole boys club, made men come from certain bloodlines. He is only there for a certain perspective; it’s quite obvious who run that estate, while McClain over there being a damn disc jockey. Yes I’m saying it…He was their friend their family, he aint shit for what he’s done. Show ya face McClain!!!





He was asked how fast Michael’s estate grew since his death. Once again he gets sketchy and prepares to lie.

“Well we’ve…you know…we’ve tried to do the right things. I think John McClain and I have had the advantage of having a decade’s long relationship with Michael. John went to school with Michael and his brothers, managed Michael at one point. I was a principal business advisor since 1980 so… we kinda knew how Michael thought, what kind of choices he would make. I was familiar with the assets so… we been able to make decisions that we think were true to Michael. So therefore we hope we’re adding value to Michael’s estate in that regard.”



You knew Michael, you knew how he thought, and you were able to make decision that was true to Michael. Okay let’s take a look at that. Michael didn’t want to do 50 shows, Branca you broke in, why you didn’t take care of that. Michael didn’t want to work for Sony yet he is, with this freaking recording contract.





Michael didn’t want his musical legacy F’ed with yet it is, mix master McClain as the Michael album isn’t him. Michael didn’t want to deal with you McClain or Modabber and yet here you all are up in his estate. Michael couldn’t stand Pepsi and no longer did business with them, yet he all on the cans. Michael didn’t want his Mother and Father Kids Sisters and Brothers robbed of everything he left them but you two did. The Cirque show yea he may have liked them but I don’t know that he wanted this, he is Michael Jackson you’d think Cirque’s owner would have got with Mike on this when he was alive and if so…Michael obviously declined.



You were the principal business advisor since 1980 but when asked to explain his so called debt as Piers saw right through the BS. You said that was an area you didn’t deal with. But now that we want to know why you should be considered the right person to handle Michael’s money… You answer is you know the assets you know the estate. Once again in your arrogance you revealed yourself. The assets are why you are here…the reason why all of you are here; go create your own damn legacy, y’all stay jacking a brother’s style. Please…y’all are not Michael Jackson you WERE EMPLOYEES OF Michael Jackson. F outta here, get off his!!!!





Piers, says to Weitzman, the estate has not been without its problems; both Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson challenged the will quite early on.

“Well I think they were ill advised their challenge was ill conceived. Michael clearly appointed John McClain John Branca to be the executors of his will, the trustees of his trust. And ultimately the court rejected the challenge; the court of appeal rejected the tip… the challenge. John Branca and John McClain are in fact the executors and the trustees.”



This is total fabrication for all the obvious reasons and Mrs. Jackson has legal standing to challenge the estate, she was going to do so and then was scared and forced into compliance. The judge stated that she could challenge the validity of this Will without prejudice and penalty. Joe of course was flat out disrespected and denied; they claimed because he is not named in the Will he has no basis. Well how about being the Man’s Father and being supported by that son in Life.





When asked about the 30 million dollar payout Mrs. Jackson supposedly has received. Weitzman had this to say.

“It something’s we had planned on a year ago, it’s only a preliminary distribution. The court has a certain process we have to go through, you deal with IRS issues… uh…state of California, estate issue…But ultimately the executors John Branca and John McClain decided that it was time for a preliminary distribution. 30 million dollars went into Michael Jackson’s family trust.”



They had to deal with the IRS? Branca and McClain took control of the estate in 2009 are they really telling us they haven’t dealt with the IRS yet. Never in all the lies told about Michael’s false debt were there IRS issues. Every other celeb in supposed debt, think about… gets brought up on some bogus tax charges, yet Michael supposedly in all this debt and was able to pay Uncle Sam. The IRS has always been in on this financial scam that’s why they never hollered.




We are talking about billions of dollars people, people with this type of money have IRS under retainer.  Uh…the state of California he says, he himself is stating that the corrupt state must be hit off first. Estate issues…what estate issues? There beneficiaries are alive and identified, there are no confusion about assets, Branca already said he was familiar with all of them, there is a Will even though it’s fake, they paid the probate court assure its acceptance and so…what are the issues.


This was a preliminary distribution really now? 2 years had passed and this is the first time they made an attempt to pay Michael’s mother and his children outside of Mrs. Jackson’s allowance. Everyone else has been paid already Branca and McClain have gotten increases on their pay, I’m sure the “consultants” have been getting regular pay. So why are the beneficiaries still waiting as Mrs. Jackson have not received a 30 million dollar payment yet. Weitzman admits this by saying that 30 million went into the Michael Jackson Family Trust. Remember the trust is the net after all the bills and fees. So out of billions of dollars the trust now gets a measly 30 million. WHICH TO THIS DAY HAD NOT BEEN PAID!  and don’t forget that the trust gets distributed at the discretion of the executors..





He says it’s the courts, it’s the state and yada yada and yet he says ultimately the executors decided to make a payment. If you read the trust, when we say Branca & McClain have total control, they do. It says they can buy, sell, pay… not pay… at their discretion without court intervention. The people that have to petition the court are the beneficiaries if they have been denied by the executors.




Piers asked Branca, if he read the will to the family as the co-executor. He said yes it was emotional they gathered at Jermaine’s house with Mrs. Jackson and some of Michael’s siblings. They were all in shock as no one had anticipated Michael to pass away. He says he left and left Mrs. Jackson with the Will.

Branca Branca Branca…you were on vacation when Michael was killed, you said you had no time to discuss, you would return in 4 days. You also told this mother you are Michael Jackson now. You didn’t attend the public or private services for the man you were so shocked had just passed was so in Love with and had such a long friendship. Randy Jackson, Michael’s brother sat with CNN not TMZ and told us what really happened in the days after Michael’s murder.








He tweeted these last year; he was so kind and gracious enough to keep us all up to date with what’s going on. I’ve always respected how he just spoke in such a real way. This is why folk is upset with him he is not going to smile and give a so called politically correct sound bite after what happened to his big brother.

Randy Jackson ?@randyjackson8

While we were in shock & grief, they did a good job of attacking us from all angles with contracts, the movie, the will, countless legal docs

Randy Jackson ?@randyjackson8

When u r in such grief, it’s hard to process business. And things of this importance need special attention with a clear head.

Randy Jackson ?@randyjackson8

They didn’t allow us to have this time. The will was lost in the shuffle.

Randy Jackson ?@randyjackson8

The will was of great importance, but at that time, giving my brother a proper burial was more important





Piers then asks Branca; did you know you were the co-executor still, were you aware that 2002 Will were still in play? Branca nods no continuously while the question is being asked…looks at Weitzman straightens up and says:

“No not at all, Michael had a succession of attorneys and business advisors….subsequently… and I did not know, which, was the final will. We turned the will into the court and we did not know if there would be another more recent Will.”


Branca you know damn well you and your co-conspirators were pulling all-nighters counterfeiting that Will. You didn’t know which one was the final Will?




Really?!! You have just admitted that you were in possession of more than one. That’s why the Will looks all jacked up, it pieced together in some parts, pieces of Mike initials photocopied in partials on other parts. You used creative licensing by writing in other parts… in particular the ones that gave you and McClain total control.




You left the extremely old trust in, yet in your greedy haste failed to update it. It makes no sense that Mike’s kids were added to the Will; yet their names were not added to the trust which is what governs and allots them their money. But T3 and the cousins’ name is in the trust and not Michael’s actual kids as it still says if he has some this will happen that will happen. Michael’s “cornerstone” assets weren’t added to the trust or Will either.





ATV and subsequently Sony/ATV as well as MiJac were formulated before 2002 yet they aren’t named specifically in the trust. The reason why they’ve done this as you stated in your Freudian slip Branca is that you all plan to keep on the publishing. If these “cornerstone” assets were really for the children and Michael’s family, it would be written out right and the division of their controlling interests would be defined for Mrs. Jackson and Michael’s kids in the trust.




The reason why it would have to be defined and not just viewed as some type of investment income is because they are businesses with boards of directors and votes have to be made in regards to licensing. This is not a situation like other artists where they don’t control their masters own their music and therefore sit back and get performers royalty. Michael owns himself and you must get his approval to use his work and the work of the entire Sony/ATV catalog. So who how many seats and controlling votes do Mrs. Jackson and the children get at Sony/ATV and MiJac? This is not specified and it should be.





They buried Sony/ATV and MiJac under labels like property and assets that could be referring to any damn thing. Sony/ATV is public knowledge as is MiJac that’s the only reason why it’s discussed to the extent that is. However, when it comes down to real tangible ownership of Sony/ATV and MiJac it’s not recognized in the trust and the trust is the net money holdings and properties of the estate. You see that Michael’s art is not included in the estate either and it should, due to a bullshit letter without Mike’s signature, art worth over a billions plus dollars, was handed over to Brett Livingston-Strong. Branca I thought you were Michael Jackson you mean to tell me you not trying to get that, that’s because Livingston-Strong is working with you all. Neither mom kids nor the rest of the family will see a dime of that art money until they get that back. That art should be with the Jacksons.  (In another blog installment I promise)






This Will is such a horrible fake. Branca turned the Will in and knew there wouldn’t be another one as there was no other lawyer to challenge them by producing one. Phillips let Branca back in, Katz sits on Sony/ATV, Weitzman got a job with the estate and so did Modabber. Legrand was down with this way back in 03 when he should have known there was no Will amongst the files Branca was asked to turn over. And poor Peter Lopez turned up dead; while Tohme friend of Barrack friend of Anschutz is protected. You sure you covered all angles? You won’t get away with this.





Next question: Have you managed to calm the family down now, about your intentions being perfectly honorable in relations to the will. (Piers is a clever chap)

“I would think so I would hope so, Michael’s brother Jackie is a consultant to the estate as is Michael’s nephew Taj. And of course Mrs. Jackson and Michael’s 3 children are the sole beneficiaries of the estate, other than of course the contribution we will make to charity.”



Branca do consultants of estates get paid, if so…how much? I’m just asking….I know consultant firms do, so for me this is a no brainer. I Love this family and will never disrespect them yet I have to ask, what gives Jackie and TJ. This really hurts my feelings for Michael for the Kids for Mom and Dad, the rest of the Siblings… for the Supporters. Folk so busy talking ish about other sisters and a brother wanting money, they want the Will changed for their gain and are mad because they weren’t included. And yet…there’s a brother who also was not included and a nephew who got lucky that the page that named him wasn’t thrown out … and they…uh…get “consultant fees”. Like guys what are you consulting on, care to share?





Shakes my head….Branca aint got no Love for them, he just threw Jackie and TJ under the bus, which is usually what, happens to informants, sorry consultants…by the powers. After they use them, get what they want out of them, they ride down the boulevard with the informant in the marked car with the windows down for all to see.






Pierce says to Branca; tell me about Cirque de Soleil, you and Michael have a history that goes way back with this show. Branca responds:

“That’s true Pierce, I remember a night, I believe it was in 1989. When Michael and I went to the first ever Cirque de Soleil tent show, which was at the Santa Monica pier. What I remember about that night we were in a van. I was driving… why we were in a van I cannot remember. Michael had a nice car and I had a nice car. Here is Michael the biggest star in the world and we went with no security. And I was so nervous driving Michael and we got lost on the 405 freeway…..”




Is this really what happened Branca; you want us to believe you Loved Michael so much with your nostalgic trip down memory lane…Unfortunately you even lie during nostalgia. Your brother has a different account of the story.

“So back in the mid 90’s, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Michael Jackson at the recording studio. Teddy Riley was producing a track on Michael’s album; I knew Teddy through my client Martin Lawrence and Teddy’s manager Harvey Elkin invited me to the studio for a recording session. I walked in and there was Michael Jackson standing in the corner, Harvey took me to Michael and introduced me, however, I reminded Michael that we met a few years earlier at my brother’s wedding in Beverly Hills, Ca. “



Teddy Riley worked on Michael’s Dangerous album this was definitely in the 90s. Read on not the only lie he gets caught in while traveling down delusional lane.

“……Yes, he then remembered me and invited me to have dinner with them at the studio. Michael was also very impressed that I was John Branca’s brother. Michael was very fond of my brother and my brother was Michaels Attorney for the better part of the 80’s and represented Michael through the height of his career. Michael was then very curious on what I did, and I told him I was a Talent Agent….”




Brother says better part of the 80s Branca worked for Mike, this is now the mid-nineties when he meets Michael again since the wedding. He says my brother was Michael’s attorney. Remember Michael let him go during the early 90s on the advice of David Geffen. Branca said himself they were on for a decade and off and on for 3 decades. Uh Branca you lie so much, you believe them now don’t you. You started work in 1980 a decade is 1990 and another decade is 2000 that’s 20 years so far and the Michael‘s Life is taken in 2009. That’s a total of 29 years a decade straight and then on and off for three decades is a total of 40 years which would take this into 2020. We haven’t reached that year yet.


“Michael went on and asked me many question about my life, my family, my childhood, my family. Michael was very interested in my life, and my routine, my career. I was taken back somewhat, here I am having dinner with this ICON, this person who is larger than life, and he was so very interested in my life, my career, and my childhood, and my family.”





Michael is no damn fool…”Branca don’t I know you” he asked at their first meeting. Michael found an opportunity to see what’s really good with Branca, he wanted to shake his tree and see what fell out. Mike smelt the BS. Yea have dinner watch a movie and tell me more…I Love Mike.

“…..I said goodbye to Michael and thanked him for his hospitality. Michael made it a point for me to tell my brother to call him; he had not spoken to him in a while and had some new business to discuss with him. The next day I called my brother, John and shared with him the very surreal evening I had the night before with Michael Jackson… My brother ended up calling Michael a few days later, and sure enough they reconnected on so new projects. Michael then, called my brother a few weeks later, invited him to Cirque du Soleil, and asked my brother to invite me to join them.”





Again Mike is that dude. Tell your brother what’s up; have him call me, letting Branca know yes I see you. It took Branca a couple of days to call Mike surely he was wondering what Mike knew, what his brother had revealed. Word…Branca’s brother just happens to show up at my studio, I bet Mike thought, let’s see what this is about. Let me put them together on an outing so I can see the real dynamics. Yea I’ll take them to the circus what’s more disarming than that. There is most definitely a method to this brother’s genius.


“…….We met Michael in his condominium in West wood. My brother went inside to get Michael and Worthy and I waited in the car, I was thinking that Michael would ride with us to Santa Monica. My brother came outside alone and told me that Michael was getting his car, and that my brother was going to drive with Michael, and we would follow. My brother then gave me the keys to this Cornice Rolls Royce and I followed Michael Jackson, who by the way was driving a tricked out customized Van. I remember following Michael down Wilshire Blvd to Santa Monica, Ca. Let me say this, it was a hell of a ride keeping up with Michael, That boy can drive, unfortunately not very well. However, I was very impressed; it was just Michael Jackson and my brother in the Van, no security detail, with me and worthy “trying” to follow them. And keep up…I distinctly, remember pulling up back stage at Cirque du Soleil, and there was security detail waiting for Michael, they waved him through and stopped me in the Cornice Rolls Royce. Michael stopped the van and very quickly told the security “they are with me let them in” and to let us through. We parked next to Michael, an army of security escorted us into the show, Michael put on some sought of mask with a wig to cover his face, he then removed it when we were seated.”






With Branca you just can’t believe a word that comes out his mouth. Even his endearing antidotes are false and bogus. Branca said he drove, obviously not. Mike was the head of this operation as he was behind the wheel of the van. Bro was compensated with the Rolls for the day. When Branca was asked about the history of he and Michael with Cirque;  Weitzman did an odd head move and turned real slow to Branca, no doubt this was a directive, Branca shifted those eyes over to him a couple of times, his body language changed like no I got this and began to tell his story. I bet he never thought the actual story was out there. Can’t help but wonder why Weitzman was so alarmed wasn’t this just a story about going to the pier?



“After the show, I remember, Michael was recognized, and many fans coming up front asking him to sign autographs, he graciously signed every autographic from his fans, and we were then escorted and given a behind the scenes tour of the performers tent. It started to get a bit crazy, with the fans and everything, and we knew it was time for us to go.”

“……as he got back into the van with my brother, the windows were darkened and the van drove out first. Nobody suspected Michael was in the van, however, everybody thought Michael was in the Rolls Royce, and we had some trouble exiting the parking lot. Michael was well ahead of us however, he pulled over to the side and waited for us to catch up and we followed him back to his Condo in Westwood, Ca. I remember, he drove straight into the underground parking and I waited outside for my brother to come out.”

“That was the last time I saw Michael Jackson at the Cirque du Soleil, in Santa Monica, Ca in the mid 90’s. I will always remember that Saturday afternoon.”






I believe the brothers version of the event. When Branca started to talk about the show a Cirque ticket was shown on the screen. Location on the ticket was the Santa Monica Pier; the date listed on the ticket was November 11th time 4:30pm; day of the week Saturday. However, the ticket was conveniently positioned where the year on the ticket was not revealed. Wouldn’t you think Branca’s trip down memory lane would have been even more special showing a ticket that was from 1989? If you look up November 11th 1989 it is a Saturday yet you must know November 11th falls on a Saturday more than once in a lifetime. If this were 89 Michael would not have been out of touch with Branca. Branca brother wouldn’t have said that his brother was Michael’s attorney. The ticket from the Cirque show would have revealed the whole date.





This interview with Piers Morgan was very telling, John Branca and Howard Weitzman debunked themselves, and with their arrogance they probably never realized it. In conclusion Branca knew Michael before 1980…this most certainly has been years in the making. Branca proved that Michael was wealthy beyond and in control; he was not broke and did not have debt. Weitzman proved motive for murder by all parties. Branca proved that Michael did not hire him Frank Dileo called him and Phillips hired Frank. Branca proved to be in my opinion a closet racist. Weitzman proved himself to be a cold hearted bastard as they admitted Michael was worth more dead than alive.



All in all…when you just sit back and listen people always reveal themselves. Don’t be blinded by the media and the spin that you don’t see what right before you

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