Sent by United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class Mail, Email, and Facsimile


May 10, 2014


The Estate of Michael Jackson

Attn:  John G. Branca, Co-Executor


1801 Century Park West

Los Angeles, CA 90067-6406

Telephone:  (310) 552-3388

Facsimile:  (310) 553-7068



SUBJECT:     Use of Michael Jackson Hologram During the Billboard Music Awards (BMA) on May 18, 2014


Dear Mr. Branca:


This statement represents millions of people in the United States and around the entire World who have been Jackson Fans for over forty (40) years since the very beginning of Michael Jackson’s Music Career.


We have tirelessly and relentlessly pursued Justice for Michael Jackson since June 25, 2009, and we are extremely devoted and committed to protecting Michael’s legacy forever!


Rumors have recently surfaced regarding the purported use of a Holographic image (Hologram) depicting Michael Jackson during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards (BMA) on May 18, 2014.


It is imperative we communicate to you our extreme concerns and the negative impact we feel this will have on the entire Jackson Family Legacy, Michael’s three (3) beautiful and precious children, and his loyal and dedicated Fans.


In the eyes of Michael’s three (3) Children, we truly believe the use of a “Hologram” of their Father may be very confusing, as well as psychologically and emotionally damaging to them for the rest of their lives.  And, we cannot even imagine, nor accept, how painful it will be for his beautiful Mother, Katherine, who should have never had to bury her Son and now you are trying to resurrect him, but only in a “fabricated” way.  Michael would never want to cause such pain and suffering to his Mother, his three (3) Children, the entire Jackson Family, nor his Fans.


We feel this is playing with God’s plan and trying to, in a way, play God by bringing Michael back.  We believe there is life after death in Heaven, but not in the form of a “simulated visual phony image.”  Michael was a perfectionist!  Michael would NEVER want an image portraying himself to a pre-recorded song or songs to be shown!


The use of a “Hologram” will force everyone to “re-live” Michael’s tragic death all over again and again by your bringing him back to us illegitimately and then ripping him from our hearts, once again, when that part of the “show” is over. 


We think the use of this “Hologram” is in very bad taste and, honestly, just plain “creepy.”  We are afraid that Michael’s Legacy may suffer immensely and that the devastating and severe impact may be permanent, irreversible, and beyond repair.  You may have some people who would like to see a “Hologram” of Michael, but please be assured there are millions more “true Fans” that DO NOT! 


We are respectfully requesting you NOT utilize the Hologram during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards (BMA) as Michael deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and to be allowed to rest peacefully.  THIS “HOLOGRAPHIC” PORTION OF THE SHOW OF MICHAEL JACKSON MUST NOT GO ON – WE PLEAD WITH YOU; WE IMPLORE YOU; WE DEMAND YOU DO NOT TRY TO FALSELY PORTRAY MICHAEL IN THIS “FAKE” IMAGE.


You are expected to represent Michael Jackson in good faith and with the best interest of the Jackson Family, his three (3) Children, Prince, Paris , and Blanket, and his loyal and dedicated Fans.


Michael should be treated with dignity and respect, not for you to create a “fake” image of him!


Thank you very much in advance for your consideration and prompt attention to this extremely important request.  We look forward to your immediate action and decision NOT to use the Hologram.


Respectfully submitted,



From Millions of Michael Jackson Fans Around the World



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