Our Reply To Darren Julien’s Q&A’s

DJ Q&ABY:-  WendyLovesMJ


This is in response to Darren Julien’s Q&A posted here. 

On Dec. 19th  MJJ submitted member questions to the self-appointed, self-glorified CEO of Julien’s auctions, Darren Julien.  3 weeks later rat boy Darren spewed forth his “answers”.  Having initiated the “interview” himself, Darren proceeded to use a Michael Jackson’s fan-site in a pathetic and failed attempt at rehabilitative PR for himself after having perpetrated the selling of forged Michael Jackson signature items at his propped up “auction house“ in Beverly Hills, CA – traceable back to the past 2 ½ years.  In the years since Michael Jackson’s death, predator Darren has sold hundreds of forged MJ signed items for MULTI-MILLIONS of $.  He was finally caught in the act leading up to and during his last MJ auction SELL OFF – The Tompkins and Bush Collection – by Michael Jackson fans and professional autograph authenticators, due to the MASSIVE quantity and blatantly amateur quality of the forged examples Darren had the arrogance to offer up for $ALE to the unsuspecting public on December 2nd 2012.

When exposed in their corruption, when backed against the wall, the unscrupulous reveal themselves.  Predator Darren has done just that since weeks prior to the T&B Collection auction when MJ fans, joined by autograph authentication professionals, began contacting Julien’s auction to tell them of the never before seen style of mass produced MJ signatures appearing in their then upcoming sale.  Darren Julien, the self-promoting leader, masquerading as an ethical auction house, chose to ignore all of our warnings and concerns and WILLFULLY and GREEDILY went ahead with the selling of items that contained FORGED signatures of Michael Jackson.

It is no wonder then that slug Darren’s “answers” to an “interview” he initiated would be nothing more than a shameless, transparent and unsuccessful blending of DEFLECTION, DISTORTION, SELF-PROMOTION, OVERT LIES, and finally, when all else failed – Pleading The Fifth.  What a pathetic small little creature is Darren Julien.  His answers are laughable, but he is the ultimate joke.


Here are just a few of the shamelessly self-serving, cover-his-arse  “answers” shoveled out by slug Darren, followed by TeamMichael‘s responses in bold – cutting through all of the BS smoke-blow.


(Partial answer to 1st question)   DJ:  “…we engage in a thorough diligence process to attempt to authenticate the provenance of the auction items. Among other things, if the item was worn for a public event, we will review videos, archival footage, photographs, or other pictorial records of the item and compare them to the item itself….  Finally, as with all auction houses, we rely upon the representations made by the consignors when they consign items to us for sale.”




(Regarding selling, according to Bush’s own provenance in his book, a probable replica MJ jacket with different detail work than the 1990 White House worn jacket, with the false Julien-Bush auction “provenance” of it being the White House jacket) :


DJ:  “… the people putting together the auction and the catalogs are, after all, human beings and prone to making a mistake…. Mistakes like these, which are completely inadvertent, happen as a regular course in the auction industry.“


They DO?  Where?  When?  Show us examples of this happening as a “regular course in the auction industry”.  BACK UP THAT CLAIM, Darren.   AND WAIT. What happened to all of that thorough diligence process?  “The people putting together the auction,” as you put it, are IN FACT YOU AND YOUR STAFF, whom you have asserted to the masses as being a world-class, top in your field auction house.  And yet you “missed” something this obvious?  How EXACTLY did that get by you and your staff’s thoroughly “diligent” consigned item review process of reviewing videos, archival footage, photographs, or other pictorial records of the item and compare them to the item itself?  Better yet, how is it EXACTLY that you relied upon the representations made by the consignor when [he] consigned this item to [you] for sale? Because the consignor of said jacket, Michael Lee Bush, whom you love so much, has stated in his book that the original jacket was given away to a fan by Michael Jackson.


So it’s the BS blanket statement “thorough diligence,” until you are caught in an overt misrepresentation (fraud).  It’s “thorough diligence” talk until exposed.  ….  Oh, these things happen and are just “human mistakes,” only after the TRUTH is revealed.  GOTCHA.   


DJ:  “Neither of them are replicas of any jacket worn by Michael Jackson. They were both indisputably worn by Michael Jackson“.


How EXACTLY does that work Darren? ONCE AGAIN:  Your own “undisputed and unassailable” consignor of said jacket, Michael Lee Bush, has stated in his book “Dressing Michael Jackson” that the original jacket was given away to a fan by Michael Jackson.  NOTE:   and YET Bush sat at the auction and witnessed the Jacket being sold AS THE WHITE HOUSE JACKET, and remained silent!!


(MJJ question:  Julien’s Auctions has sold hundreds of Michael Jackson autographs prior to the recent Tompkins & Bush auction.  “Did you find it unusual that many of these autographs (i.e.: those signed “To Bush, Love Michael Jackson”) appeared noticeably different than many of the other signed items you had sold in the past?” To cite one example, many of these signatures have a very distinct “loop” in the “n” (of JacksoN), which is typically much more pointed in authentic Jackson signatures. If the style of these signatures is not something you have commonly seen, how do you otherwise explain these inconsistencies?)


DJ: “I did not find them unusual. Autographs change over time, over the years, and even during a single signing event.  I would seriously question the credentials and qualifications of any so-called expert who can definitively say that a signature is “not authentic” or “not genuine” based upon a single loop or a slant.  To me, I find it more unusual that these items have been widely publicized and have been exhibited for more than ten months and no one ever questioned the authenticity of the items until the eve of the auction…”


That’s the entire point.  While slight style variations occur over a lifetime, the fundamental characteristics such as flow, stroke, slant, overall style, size and shaping of letters – ALL remain unique to each human signature…  Yet the signatures on hundreds of now sold T&B items are of the same poorly executed FORGED style.  THEY ARE THE SAME STYLE SIGNATURE.  It’s a style that no one who has studied Michael Jackson’s GENUINE signature over the years has ever seen him produce.  Darren, if you were not, and STILL are not able to see the false appearance of nearly 300 mass produced, cookie-cutter, UNVARIANT and UNCHANGED Michael Jackson signatures all flooding into your auction house in one sale – which ADDITIONALLY look unlike any genuine signature known to have been produced by Michael Jackson over the COURSE OF HIS LIFETIME, and are unfamiliar to anyone who is knowledgeable and researched in MJ’s authentic signature – then we truly suggest you and your staff are in the WRONG profession, and should pack it in.  Game over.


Darren, you promote yourself, your staff and your auction house as the be-all-and-end-all… The Ultimate in entertainment memorabilia sales, specifically Music and Hollywood.  This is asserted by you as being your auction house’s specialty market, in which you claim to have a stellar reputation, familiarity, background and knowledge in this particular category of collectible items.  How is it then that you can be immersed within the daily, weekly, and yearly handling, sorting, “researching” and cataloging of these items WITHOUT NOTICING hundreds of mass produced, unfamiliar Michael Jackson signature styles (to anyone who knows MJ’s signature, which you and your staff certainly SHOULD as the self-proclaimed “pinnacle” auction house of music/celebrity collectibles, signed and unsigned).


AND it sure as Hell AIN’T “based upon a single loop or a slant,” which is unknown to have EVER been manifested within a GENUINE, AUTHENTIC, REAL, LEGIT Michael Jackson signature/autograph… It is based upon nearly 300 examples of them!  Only to have been found in ONE LOCATION –  ALL AT ONCE –  Up For SALE $.  That “location” is YOU Darren, and your auction house.


Furthermore, in response to your alleging thatno one ever questioned the authenticity of the items until the eve of the auction“


That is a lie.  That is a bold faced LIE Darren.  You, your auction house staff, and Michael Lee Bush, the “showcased” consignor of your December 2nd 2012 auction:  “The Collection of Tompkins and Bush,” in which the nearly 300 unknown MJ signature examples appeared for sale, were ALL REPEATEDLY CONTACTED by Michael Jackson fans, autograph authenticators and collectors for weeks before the auction date and “warned” about this massive quantity of poorly faked Michael Jackson autographed items.  In response we were ignored, blocked, denounced, lied to, and ultimately targeted (once you realized we had PROVED THE FACTS OF THE FORGERIES CLEAR AS DAY via research, study, analysis and visual comparisons between KNOWN REAL Michael Jackson signatures versus the hundreds of Juliens-Bush fakes).  You knew we KNEW.  Still you went ahead arrogantly, recklessly, brazenly, shamelessly, GREEDILY.  Your greed is what did you in. 


ALL OF YOUR GREED.  You did it to yourself.  You’d fallen under everyone’s radar for at least 2 ½ years in several previous auctions because you sold a lesser quantity of items, mostly with a second Tompkins and Bush consigned fake MJ signature style.  It wasn’t until we MJ advocates discovered that Michael’s eponymous costumes and clothing, which were meant for a museum, were going to be sold for blood money by Juliens-Bush, that we looked deeper into your dirty dealings.  And that’s where we found the latest style of horrendously bad Bush consigned fake MJ signatures chicken scratched upon the majority of items in the December 2nd Julien-Bush sell off.


examples of the 1st discovered style signature forgery

examples of the 2nd discovered style signature forgery

 DJ Q&A 2DJ Q&A 1



 DJ Q&A 4DJ Q&A 3





(MJJ question:  You have recently stated that there are “exact samples” of these types/styles of Jackson autographs that you and others have sold in the past few years. Can you provide specific examples (with pictures or links) to autographed items similar to the ones sold in this auction other than anything coming from Michael Bush’s collection? Specifically, can you show similar Michael Jackson autographs as sold previously in your own auction listings?)


In a feeble attempt at deflection meant to confuse the masses, rat boy Darren responds by copying and pasting all of the research done on the Autograph Magazine Live thread, showing listings of multitudes of (we have now discovered) a SECOND STYLE of unfamiliar (forged) MJ sigs sold by Julien’s (both in previous auctions and also, in lesser quantities within the 2012 Juliens-Tompkins-Bush sell off).  It is the same (forged) signature style as manifested on the original Thriller jacket, which was very publicly sold by Darren and consignors Bush and Tompkins for $1.8M in 2011.  Darren gives that list, then throws in a handful of the FIRST STYLE of mass produced MJ sig forgeries – such as are present in the majority of the nearly 300 examples in the 2012 Juliens-Tompkins-Bush auction of December 2nd.  He THEN includes some examples he sold with “MJ signatures,” which match NEITHER of the two clearly distinct and recognizable Juliens-Bush-Tompkins style forgeries.  Obviously trying to mix things up and have people less studied in Michael Jackson’s signature be confused by the different styles.  NOT GONNA WORK, RAT BOY.  You might have sold lesser quantities of various differing fake MJ signature styles (you HAVE ACTUALLY, because we’ve found them – including secretarials and autopens!)  …. BUT you’ve sold ONLY two noticeably unauthentic MJ signature styles in MASSIVE QUANTITIES – both of which can be traced to Bush-Tompkins consignment.  The sheer quantity of them does you in at every turn. 




Rat boy Darren and company KNOW how ridiculously, pathetically, and laughably OBVIOUS those FIRST style forgeries are in the latest T&B sale.  SO…

They are calculatingly, manipulatively banking on the SECOND discovered Thriller Jacket style forgeries –  mostly found in several of Julien’s previous 2010-2012 auctions..  They’re ACTUALLY trying to pass them off as legit “authentic” MJ signatures!!!!  How Pathetic and Desperate. CROOKS.  DIRTY DEALING SWINDLERS.  But there’s more:  As an additional underhanded tactic in their Fraud Game of Smoke and Mirrors –  they are mixing in a handful of actual AUTHENTIC Michael Jackson signatures (we count 5-7) sold in their previous auctions AS IF we wouldn’t see the difference and AS IF they could somehow miraculously pass off the fakes.  You’re a Desperate Fool, Darren.  Blowin’ your stinking corrupt smoke out into OUR society.  NOT your society to prey upon anymore.


FURTHERMORE:  Having one’s crimes go unnoticed for a given period of time DOES NOTHING to legalize or legitimize the criminal acts once observed and uncovered. Regardless of HOW MANY “exact samples” of fraudulently signed Michael Jackson items Darren has chosen to sell off through his auction house, which he has propped up so unsuspectingly in Beverly Hills, these “samples” still remain just as counterfeit as the day they were forged and sold


A forgery is a forgery is a forgery.


But you know what? – Great!  So Darren wants to give us his “list” does he?  So the little RAT agrees and admits that he has sold AT LEAST approximately seventy (70) additional mass produced forgeries that are unfamiliar to anyone knowledgeable or researched in Michael Jackson’s signature.  These are fraudulent MJ signed items being sold to an unsuspecting worldwide public.  We’ll take that answer.


Oh by the way, RAT BOY Darren (DarRAT) throws every imaginable piece of filthy self-serving distortion and lie into his sought out Q&A.  No one with any ethics, honesty, and facts behind them goes untargeted by Slug Darren.  He uses “poor victimized deceased” Dennis Tompkins as an excuse to try and “shame and guilt” MJ fans into not seeing the TRUTH before their eyes.  He LIES LIES LIES like the little RAT that he is, denying that “Julien’s Auctions” had anything to do with DEFLECTIVE DEGENERATE HATEFUL LIES, which Darren spread himself by sending out his equally hate-filled operatives onto AML to instigate them.  First was the false red-herring unsubstantiated Miko Brando “signatures” propaganda, which came to nothing of any proof because it’s a baseless decoy…. BUT THEN in a reflection of this Predator’s true (lack of) character and dark crooked heart, Darren viciously, self-definingly projected and spewed the ultimate CRIME OF HATE LIE onto the one he preys upon most… Michael Jackson, OF COURSE!!  Initiating and stating through the same few depraved operatives the DISGRACEFUL, WICKED, PREDATORY, BASELESS and DISPROVEN LIE that Michael Jackson was on drugs and “recouping” at none other than Bush and Tompkins place where he then allegedly signed these hundreds of unrecognizable (FRAUD) signatures.  KARMA Darren.  Meanwhile, he stated this same thing (then denied it) to a trusted member in the autograph collecting community.  So the Julien SLUG is now denying that as well. LIAR.  Such desperate narcissistic attempts at turning truth on its head.  Twisting.  Falsely casting onto others with principles your own vile character traits. 


(Regarding one of the “MJ” forgeries being on a 2009 Bravado trademark standee licensed with Triumph, which is not possible because it was not manufactured until AFTER Michael Jackson’s death):


DJ:  “…the authenticity of the standee is not…an issue for discussion. Julien’s Auctions made no warranty as to the authenticity of the standee…. Items in our auction may be legitimate or bootleg items of merchandise. We make no representations or warranties regarding the authenticity of the merchandise as being an authorized and licensed Michael Jackson merchandise.”



From the Julien’s T&B Collection catalog :  “Terms and conditions:  Julien’s Auctions guarantees the authenticity of Attribution of property listed in the catalogue or online as stated in the Terms of Guarantee.”   


Really, Slug?  Double talking about “warranties” over “guarantees”.  SO You don’t guarantee the authenticity of the merchandise you sell and represent with your own chosen words, in print, in your auction house catalog as being “A life-size cardboard standee of Michael Jackson from his promotional ad campaign for L.A. Gear.”  INSTEAD you openly admit to a policy of selling counterfeit items?  How classy, ethical and trustworthy of you, YOU little flim-flam scam man.  Your days of raping and pillaging Michael Jackson’s personal belongings and legacy are UP.


Once again there’s that world-class, trustworthy “thorough diligence process” at work at Julien’s auction.  Darren Slug, you corruptly brag about your willingness and intent to sell fraudulent, counterfeit goods.  We agree, you DID sell a bootleg counterfeit fraudulent piece of goods – “The standee is signed in black marker, “To Bush Love Michael Jackson.”  You CERTAINLY DID sell a counterfeit signature on that LEGITIMATE standee which was manufactured AFTER Michael Jackson was murdered.


DJ:  “Nonetheless, because the standee appears to be a bootleg, it is not possible to determine with absolute certainty when it was released. At the end of the day, the most important thing to us is our reputation, goodwill, and name, and upholding the trust and faith that our clients have in us. Accordingly, in order to eliminate any concern whatsoever, we have canceled the sale.


Wait. Your WHAT? Reputation, goodwill, and name?!  Seriously, you idiot.  And upholding the trust and faith that your “clients” have in you… The only client you will have left is Debbie Jackson. 


So. The ONE item Darren can’t cancel the sale on fast enough is that forged standee.  The one item he can’t (if money had already changed hands) issue a refund on quick enough is that “bootleg” standee.


Ahh, the bootleg excuse pulled out of his arse. 


Beyond a bootlegger having the wherewithal to use a Triumph logo not in use until after Michael’s death… we have the additional question of just HOW a bootlegged standee somehow got into the Collection of Tompkins and Bush with the same mass produced unfamiliar MJ signature style – all having been “gifted” to Bush and sold by Juliens-Bush on December 2nd. 


How EXACTLY did this standee get into the personal collection of Michael Lee Bush?  If it is a bootleg as Darren alleges, is the signature on it also fake according to Darren?  If so, then how is it the self-glorified CEO of Julien’s auction still purports Bush’s “provenance” to be beyond question.  Better yet, if Darren still wants to claim that all of T&B’s Michael Jackson signed items he’s sold are authentic MJ sigs, HOW EXACTLY is it that MJ got his hands on this “bootlegged” standee, signed it, and then GIFTED it to Bush and Tompkins? 


Were Bush and Tompkins on a friendly basis with this bootlegger and got a freebie sample from them, only to shove it under MJ’s face to sign?  NO, I KNOW.  Michael Jackson himself was personal friends with the bootlegger and the bootlegger “gifted” MJ a fake standee – at which point the first thing MJ thought to do was to sign it in a style unfamiliar to anyone researched in Michael’s signature… and then RE-gift it over to his best buddy, Michael Lee Bush.


Again, how EXACTLY did this “bootleg” standee get into the collection of the Bush-whacker and get put up for sale by Darren and Bush?


Darren’s suggestion that the questionable standee is a bootleg, is in fact an insult to Michael Jackson!!  Michael was smart beyond words. Are we to believe he had a moment of stupidity and signed a bootlegged item, HIS OWN MERCHANDISE?  Are we to believe Michael Jackson, MICHAEL JACKSON would not know if this piece of merchandise had been authorized by him or not!?  Are we to believe Michael would sign over a trademark and date without knowing he had not yet signed the deal with Bravado!?  Every time Darren opens his lying mouth he is burying himself deeper and deeper, which is ok by us, but what we can’t and WON’T stand is his cowardly attacks on Michael.  So he wants to deny saying he had a video of Michael drugged up signing the questionable memorabilia!  Well, as stated above, Darren’s own “supporter” that was removed from the Autograph site says Darren DID say it, and that it came from Michael Bush,,, oh hold on, let’s all shut up already because he provided free food and booze to MJ Fans, let’s forget about it all, because he catered to fans “Who don’t even bid” or shall we say, let’s all shut up because some were bribed by his hospitality. SHAME!


They say we should not insult Bush or Darren, yeah ok, let’s throw them an effing party, MILLIONS of dollars of fraud perpetuated by the said party, and we are supposed to be civil, Michael Jackson’s autograph industry diluted by greedy thieves and we are supposed to be respectful, we don’t think so!!


DJ:  “To be clear, we have no obligation to provide any refunds to anyone and do not feel compelled to provide any….Certainly, if it is proven that something is not authentic, of course we will provide a refund. In this instance, other than speculation and unsubstantiated allegations, no one has provided any evidence that any item is not authentic.”


Spoken like the dirty corrupt crawly thing that you are.  Turning FACTS and truth on their head.  Reneging on your own propped up company’s written terms of auction. See the little slithering slug squirm about.  Corrupt and greedy predator feeding on the masses.  You reveal yourself so clearly.  The WORLD sees you, Slug.


A few other “excerpts”.  Darren laments thepersecution happening to Michael Bush,”and commands God to rest Dennis Tompkin’s soul and is “thankful that Tompkins and Michael Jackson are not here to see the persecution that is happening to Michael Bush“.


That’s a big F*** YOU, Rat Slug!  You DARE use Michael Jackson as a shield YET AGAIN in your brazen, contemptuous criminal acts?!  Michael Jackson, who you’ve continually preyed upon for years like the predator scum of the earth that you are.


Everything but the kitchen sink.  Michael, God, Tompkin’s soul… Just throw it all in there and then puke it back up into everyone’s faces.  And are we smelling some Branca stink all through these “answers”?  So Darren’s found the Lord.  Know where’s a great place to practice your faith, Slug?  Behind bars.


DJ:  “Julien’s has spent considerable time, energy and resources to build its reputation, name, and goodwill and takes pride in its integrity and honesty. It takes very seriously any efforts by any persons to denigrate or impugn its hard-won reputation and will enforce all of its rights and interests against such persons.”


You never had any integrity and honesty; any goodwill.  Your “reputation and name” has been built on an “auction house” of cards.  A shell game.  Smoke and mirrors.  Fraud.  Lies.  You hung a shingle out “for business” where the money was in Beverly Hills and then preyed upon collectors and buyers of Michael Jackson autographs and collectibles throughout the world.  You “spent considerable time” and fraudulently acquired “resources” on building of a flim-flam facade which has been finally exposed.  Nothing more nothing less.  Actions have consequences.  You prey upon and swindle society, you are responsible for your choices and deeds.  It is YOU who “denigrate and impugn” the human race.  JUSTICE. KARMA. Coming. 


DJ:  “Julien’s Auctions has always embraced the Michael Jackson fans and have gone out of our way to include them in all things involving Michael Jackson, including providing free catalogs to anyone who asks and hosting VIP receptions and other events exclusively for the fans. We do not undertake these efforts because of any financial benefit to us; there really is no financial benefit….  We have hosted VIP receptions and special events for the fans only – most of whom do not bid in our auctions…”


(And to the FANS who the above-paragraph references, this is a slap in your face.)


PLEASE. Give me some boots.  Everything you do is calculated to relieving the unsuspecting public of their money via schmoozing them and then selling them fraudulent goods.  You hoodwink, bamboozle, ingratiate, and pull the wool over any eyes unaware.  Nolan is a shark right off of Wall Street, out there “marketing” your fraudulent set-up.  “VIP receptions”… “Champagne auctions,” as you’re selling Michael Jackson’s personal property desecrated with forged scribbles all over everything.  Museum pieces.  Iconic symbols of all Michael worked for, created, and gave to the world.  So your BS “VIP” marketing campaign backfired and some of your targeted victims actually didn’t take the bait and “bid in your auctions”.  Man, that must have hocked you off, huh?  Blood money wasted… blood money that in your perverse mind shoulda coulda been lavished on your hedonistic self.


OH. And since you claim to give out “free” catalogs to “anyone who asks” – we’d like a catalog from EVERY single one of the 13 auctions in which you’ve sold off MJ’s property for blood money INCLUDING the cancelled 2009 “Michael Jackson Public Exhibition” Five Volume catalog box set.  Of which your gluttonous FOR SALE price is $1,000.  As you are anything but a man of your word… we won’t hold our breath waiting for our “free” catalogs to arrive.


DJ:  “I also spoke with several people who worked with Michael Jackson and are well familiar with his signatures and items. Their reactions were the same as mine: there is no issue.  People…inside… of Michael Jackson’s circle. I am not at liberty to disclose their information.”


I wonder WHO that could POSSIBLY be “who worked with Michael Jackson and are well familiar with his signatures and items”…  “Several people” rolled up into ONE, is our guess.  One forging, conspiratorial Devil, perhaps?  People inside of Michael Jackson’s circle”.  Hmmm. AGAIN, I wonder WHO?


DJ:  “Mr. Bush has purposefully stayed out of the limelight…Michael Bush has no need for “celebrity.”


Anyone who witnessed and was subjected to Bush’s exploitative, self-consumed, predatory traveling road show exhibition wanna TAKE THIS ONE?  Unbelievable, what BS.  


And on that note…..


Who smells a RAT on a sinking ship, selfishly covering his own hide and trying to hold on to all he has hoarded?  We sure do!  Actually, that is not being fair to the little furry rodents living on our planet.  They are spiritually light-years above Darren Julien.


WE COUNTED.  Out of 37 questions:  Rat Boy gave an astounding 11 Evasive, Deflective, Cowardly, Cover-His-Pathetic-Butt, “No Comment” NON-answers. 


With the remaining 26 being Distortions and Lies.


Finally Darren, for you and your counterparts in crime, directly from Michael Jackson:


“I’m telling you just watch your mouth.  I know your game.  What you’re about.

Your talk is cheap.  You’re not a man. You’re throwing stones to hide your hands.

The word is out.  You’re doing wrong.  Gonna LOCK YOU UP BEFORE TOO LONG.”       

(BAD, by Michael Jackson)




As a side note, the use of quote marks in one of the Q&A‘s around the word kiss as it pertains to Michael Jackson publicly kissing his then newlywed wife – the use of those quote marks has come to be copied by anyone and everyone as a matter of course regarding MJ’s first marriage and is a glaring example of the hate which has overtaken our society and which was projected viscously, excessively and unyieldingly upon Michael Jackson for decades.  Those “quote marks” symbolize a level of intolerance, disrespect, judgment, and contempt which equates into a manifestation of blatant racism, bigotry, hatred, and radicalized dehumanization thrust against one kind, generous, loving human being.  Of course the haters (like Darren) would use the quotes, they are the ones who started them in the first place.  But to any MJ fan/advocate, please think about what you are doing.  Please do NOT blindly repeat, replicate, copy and reproduce the ignorant HATE, during a Q&A session or at any other time.  We know you are not ignorant and we know you do not hate our beloved MJ.  Thank you.




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