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After Michael’s death in June 2009, John Branca and AEG laid claim against insurer for the This Is It concerts, Lloyds of London. John Branca and AEG wanted to get paid monies for the death of Michael Jackson, that in it of itself is plain deceitful. Monies from the death of Michael should go to his family. Why should John Branca and AEG be compensated for this loss of Light?

I have had the opportunity to look at the insurance policy that was bought by AEG, to insure the concerts that were to be held in the O2 arena. A Contingency Non-Appearance and Cancellation insurance policy was purchased to cover cancellation, abandonment, postponement and/or interruption for the first 30 shows to be held at O2.


The assured under this policy are AEG Live LLC and/or The Mark Jones Company LLC. The dollar amount of this coverage was (17,500,000) 17.5 million dollars. Its effective date was for June 18th 2009. While Michael rehearsed in California, he would only be covered for injury.


Based on when Michael arrived in London, in addition to his arrival, there was to be a medical exam given to and passed by Michael through an approved doctor of Lloyd’s and Lloyd’s had the opportunity to witness rehearsals at the O2; in order to be covered by the full terms of the policy. The effective dates of the policy would change due to the actual start date of the shows in London; the insurance policy’s effective date was amended to June 10th 2009. At this time the 30 dates at O2 was submitted to Lloyd’s by AEG and was agreed upon. They were:


July – 13th 16th 18th 22nd 24th 26th 28th and 30th

August – 1st 3rd 10th 12th 17th 19th 24th 26th 28th and 30th

September – 1st 3rd 6th 8th 10th 21st 23rd 27th and 29th


The policy was written to insure (an actual being) Michael and his company the Michael Jackson Company LLC was assured  under the alias Mark Jones as artist for the Mark Jones Company LLC. Michael was to be covered for death injury and illness. Travel delays from his London home to the venue; based on an approved estimated time of arrival and home locale by Lloyd’s of London. 3 cars were included to carry Michael, Dr. Conrad Murray, a make-up artist and 2/3 bodyguards; a 4th car may be assigned if the children were to attend the concerts.


AEG Live UK entered into a tenancy agreement on behalf of Michael and his family in Chislehurst, Kent, London for a term of one year; July 1st 2009 through June 30th 2010. Michael is noted to arrive in England on July 4th 2009 by private charter. AEG Live concert promoters are covered against loss of monies due to cancellation, abandonment, postponement and unavoidable interruption of concert schedule. The monies to be covered are gross 1st ticket sales and 2nd ticket sales (scalping) the insurance was further extended to cover 7 band members, 4 vocalist, 12 dancers and the fired Dr. Tohme Tohme.


Another amendment happened and the new effective date is now May 15th 2009 at which time it is noted that the agreed upon performance dates have been changed and as of yet have not been confirmed. Lloyd’s agreed to continue coverage pending the final confirmed tour schedule and the revised expiration date of the policy. A hand written note is on the document and it reads no later than 28.2.10 (as per telecom between JB + TD) a stamp and the date 15.05.09 appear. The next amendment is as follows, based on an email from Tim Woolley tour consultant/director to Lloyd’s Robert Taylor the start date of the tour was changed from July 8th 2009 to July 13th 2009 the new start date was approved by Lloyds; it also states that the public have not been informed as of yet.


The risk schedule and final amendments reads, the assured (remember fancy name for insured corporation) AEG Live LLC operating as Concerts West and/or The Mark Jones Company LLC for their respective rights and interests. Insured performances and events are Mark Jones – the first 30 concerts at the O2 arena in London. Insured person is Mark Jones and the period of insurance coverage is April 24th 2009 through January 19th 2010, limit of payment (17,500,000) 17.5 million dollars. There is no loss payee. The loss payee would be a person or entity other than the assured (fancy word for insured corporation) and the insured (an actual being)


The conditions of this policy states that the assured AEG Live and/or The Michael Jackson Company will only get payment if the minimum amount of shows required did not happen, which are to cover specific costs, expenses and commitments. These specific costs, expenses and commitments are mortgaged against the income from the first 30 shows dates at the O2 arena. Based on the budget submitted by AEG dated March 26th 2009 the income from the first 30 shows is estimated to be $43,022,440 and this is mortgaged at $1,434,080 per show. Lloyds would be considered out of risk after the successful completion of the first 13 shows.   The income from the first 30 show dates reduces the insurance policy to the sum of ($17,500,000) 17.5 million dollars.


Ok Ok Ok wait.. $43,022,440 seems like a rather low amount for 30 days of Michael Jackson. Keep in mind these are US dollars and the shows will take place in London which monies received will be collected in British pound; do you already see the discrepancy. It literally makes no sense for AEG to seek compensation and coverage in US dollars, when ticket sales and merchandise would be collected in British pounds. To have the money of the ticket sales and merchandised insured means that AEG are attempting insure their investment. Why would the policy be written in US dollars; if in the future AEG needs to collect on such a claim they would receive a significantly less amount of the monies made in London that were to..huh?


This gives validity to my thoughts that this concert was never to happen, this policy was purchased in name only to give the appearance that production of these concerts were progressing in a normal way. I mean they had to convince the world and Michael that this tour was going to happen. All tours and their artist must be insured, if there were no insurance policy, this would send up yet another red flag. So they insure the least amount with no real coverage in American dollars, which makes their premium cheaper. This was a charade for the world and those out of the loop. Further proof to the US dollar vs. British pounds issue, was the fact that AEG insisted on paying Michael in US dollar. Again AEG is a global entity with holding all over the world, its owner Phillip Anschutz is a multi-billionaire media giant. He couldn’t have risen to these heights if he didn’t know how to count his money or understand international currency exchanges. AEG has a UK arm AEG Live UK the arena is in the UK the bills are paid in UK currency, do you get my point. These people stay running game, such slick bastard..


Michael’s Dad Joe attended a meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California with AEG’s Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware. Joe brought in long time Jackson family real friend and famed concert promoter Leonard Rowe to have him and Michael’s back. Michael’s mother Katherine was also at the Beverly Hills Hotel meeting. There are AP photos you can search on the net, where you see Michael and his parents and kids exiting the hotel. Joe was letting Randy P and Paul know what time it was,


Let’s move on. Joe and Leonard saw through these charlatans and this is why they stay trying to discredit them both. Leonard was bought onboard by Mike as his business manager after Mike terminated Tohme. Randy P disrespected Rowe and refused to deal with him during This Is It negotiations; such disrespect of Michael’s wishes and just as men in business working together, Randy P showed no honor.

Leonard has a long history of fighting the corporate beast, he rallied a major class action suit some years ago against the giant booking agencies Creative Artist Agency (CAA), the William Morris Agency and the Howard Rose Agency; as they weren’t operating in fair business competition with all concert promoters.

These agencies would withhold this information from certain promoters and once the dates were released it would already be too late and/or a short window of time would be left to put in a bid. Rowe had these major booking agencies under pressure, where they thought they had him as they are these corporate juggernauts with a slew of suits on retainer, they felt they could crush Rowe, but no.. that wasn’t to be the case as one by one they all began to drop out and walk away from the suit wanting to settle. Rowe has danced with Randy P (this all ties in I promise as AEG are what?? Concert promoters) before they know one another and Randy P knows he wouldn’t get nowhere with Rowe and I mean nowhere at all. So he inserts the controlled Dileo and the puppet master Branca (we will get to all of that as well in another blog installment)


Before we proceed, you may ask why is blogger moving around the place and talking about various things that on the surface may or may not appear to have anything to do with the topic of this blog; which is the Lloyds of London insurance policy. Well family.. I’m not linear in thought, meaning my thoughts and insight doesn’t unfold in a step by step by step manner, in one direction as society teaches us to respond. Life is holistic and multi-directional and out of sequence.


 (Side Note: MUST READ!! You know i don’t recommend many books!! This I endorse! What Really happened to Michael Jackson |: )


British pounds are more valuable than the US dollar. This insurance policy covered loss only against the gross 1st and 2nd ticket sales as well as merchandise. Where is the money? We did go over the facts that Michael generates hundreds of millions of dollars and billions in record sales. This concert was said to be the venture that would correct his supposed dire financial standings, but how.

When Rowe approached Michael in early 2009 about interest from a concert promoter that was to pay Michael 15 million dollars for one show date, Tohme told Rowe that Michael could not participate until he was done working on a 300 million dollar deal. This was the AEG This Is It deal. We know that 50 dates were what they were forcing Michael to do and if 30 dates made roughly 43 million dollars and about 14,333,333 million dollars a night. By these calculations then the next 20 dates would bring about 28,666,666 million or so giving the whole 50 date stand a total a sum of around 72 million give or take. This is before the deductions of productions costs, ie:   staging lighting and crew, hotels travel for crew staff and band, staff crew and band salary, rent for Michael and Murray’s homes, insurance premiums, food /catering for all and AEG’s promoter profits (which keep in mind is not insured under this policy) The net, which is the balance after all these fees are taken out, would go to Michael and as per his contract with AEG (we will break down that contract in another blog installment) Michael would not get paid until AEG recouped the following fees: Rent for the Carolwood mansion along with its daily maintenance which is the house staff, security detail and Dr. Murray’s services; then there is the productions cost of the This Is It tour that were just mentioned.


After all is finally paid, Michael would then get paid and AEG didn’t have to pay Michael for months on end until these fees were paid off. Check this out though, Mike as a show of good faith had to put up all his holdings as collateral just to get down with the This Is It tour that was suggested to him. This would be MiJac and the Michael Jackson Company and all else Michael Jackson that he still controlled. So um. where’s this 300 million dollar deal that Tohme was boasting about? If AEG didn’t recoup the aforementioned they would foreclose on Michael and own everything he had. This deal included a 6 million dollar promissory note on a property in Las Vegas that he wanted to purchase for him and his kids. You mean to tell me, a mere 72 million dollar gross profit for 50 dates that Michael would receive practically none of.. a paltry 6 million promissory note held against him by AEG and Michael would lose everything if he didn’t pay it back. Pardon my French, but how the FUCK could he under this deal?


Again he was never supposed to. If Michael would have gone with the 15 million dollar payment for ONE engagement that would have all went into Michael and his kids’ pockets.   Bare with me I’m going to stop here aging to explain.. Michael had no cash, he wasn’t broke per say. When I say no cash I mean cash broke which only means no cash on hands in his pocket, all were in assets because the cash had been frozen up do to lawsuits judges and liens. This is a common practice of the courts. When a creditor gets a judgment against you they the courts put a freeze on all your money they give you a chance to contest the judgment and work things out. I know a about this personally as I have had this happen to me. If you have had creditors, which in the lifetime of all Americans, you will have at one time or another.


They are supposed to allow you’re your day in court, once a debt is decided on the creditor petitions the court to recover the monies. In so doing, the creditor is supposed to subpoena you so that you and creditor can stand before the judge and present your cases. What creditors do is send the subpoena to a bogus address in my case it was my address with no apartment/suite number so obviously I didn’t get it. The court date comes and goes and I was known the wiser, that was until I attempted to withdraw monies and couldn’t. I called the bank that then transferred me to the legal department and I was then informed about the lien by said creditor.


The creditor won the judgment; a judgment in this country lasts 20 years and can be extended at creditor discretion. Because I was a no show at court only because I didn’t know, the judge granted creditor the judgment by default. The creditor then went and informed my banks about the judgment and they froze my money. I had to go to the clerk and get the judgment vacated which means that the judge will restore the case back to the calendar. At which time I showed to court and the creditors had to submit proof of the address were the subpoena was given. When a subpoena is given there is also a description of the person that was served. The creditor has no address no description and claim that the service that they hired to serve me was no longer employed by them and they had no access to the serving records.


The judge thankfully saw through the bullshit as this is extremely common with creditors in America and the case was thrown out and my money was released. Tohme controlled all things Michael, Michael said many times that he did not know where his money was, had no contacts with his accountants and didn’t know what was coming in or going out of his estate. Michael couldn’t answer lawsuits and creditors because he didn’t know about said lawsuits and creditors. He didn’t know when the due dates were for the cases he was aware of.

This would mean that liens and judgments from all over the place would be against Michael by a technical default; hence freezing up his money. Michael wouldn’t have access to his money except what he may have on hand or what he may have smart-fully hidden away. But see those with power of attorney would still have access to his money, those with power of attorney would have the pin codes to the secret bank accounts. The liens and judgments would only affect Michael as again we know all corporate entities, banks, the IRS etc.. are all interconnected. The liens were against Michael making him cash broke (no cash on hand, not that he doesn’t have money, as he most definitely does) all others had access to his cash. With no cash to live on, Michael would feel forced to take part in theses shitty deals looking for some type of financial salvation; which was the design.

(Admin of World tour tickets were already ordered)

Michael being forced to perform 50 shows and AEG reserved the right to extend this engagement or if this becomes a worldwide tour than Michael is liable for all these costs that would for the duration of the enslavement keep racking up. What choice would he have?   He doesn’t have his own cash money, the courts of America saw to that by freezing his assets. He doesn’t have his own home well AEG set that up by renting a home for him in California for $100,000 a month from the CEO of Ed Hardy. But wait, I thought I heard reports that Michael and Ed were friends couldn’t Ed work something out for Michael with his CEO whom owned the home. The Carolwood rent comes out to 1.2 million a year, you mean to tell me the powerful AEG didn’t realize what a rip off this was and couldn’t just buy a mansion outright or actually buy the Vegas home that they held a note against him for and have the rehearsals in the land of shows, Vegas..yet I digress. In London, it would be the Kent mansion, to be rented by AEG; all expenses to live his life and for his babies to live their lives were all paid for by AEG. Can you say checkmate?? Michael was working for free, period.. He was in fact enslaved and boxed in by AEG and with the insurance policy by Lloyds purchased by AEG.


The Michael Jackson Company LLC would be boxed in too. Who again signed off on all this bullshit, who again pops up on such a horrible deal, who again was brought in to handle legalese for the set up called This Is It; none other than you guessed it.. John G Branca. Now he may try to say that um Dr. Tohme Tohme started it, he was here before I was and yea look at Michael lawyer of current date Joel Katz. But Branca you came in right before Michael died and you claim that Michael hired you to do his lawyer and handle promotion work on This Is It. Well guess what, Randy P brought Branca in, he said that current personal lawyer of Michael at the time Joel Katz would be a conflict of interests (oh they care about that now) because Katz works for AEG. See now.. Look! Joel Katz is lawyer for Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), Joel Katz was lawyer for Michael this was conflicts of interest from the onset and I assure there was no waiver. So Tohme set the deal, Katz brokered it on both sides and they pass the ball to John Branca to bring it home. You must remember John has talons deep in Sony/ATV; he brings extensive thug skills to the table. To date guess who sits on the board of representatives of Sony/ATV and was approved by the estate of Michael Jackson (just a beautiful name for the estate of John Branca) Joel freaking Katz. With Joel Katz on the board at Sony/ATV this mean friends that AEG also sits on the board of Sony/ATV. Here is yet more proof that Sony and AEG are together and work for each other’s best interests.


Back to the supposed reason why Branca claims he was back in Michael’s circle. Branca is a lawyer and AEG is in fact a concert promoter so why in the hell would Michael need to bring a thief back into his life to promote a tour that AEG made him put up his life as collateral to promote. Is it just me or do you all too see the nonsense, you’re clever I know you see. We also find out that as part of the requirement for this insurance policy to be valid, Michael couldn’t do any Meet & Greets without permission..huh? And any type of promotion regarding This Is It must at first as a requirement to the terms of agreement, be approved by Lloyds of London. I honestly didn’t know that Michael was heading to London until he was no longer here. I always found it strange that this was not mass televised and promoted especially in May and June and Michael was heading to London in the beginning of July.


Are you telling me Lloyds is in the concert promoting biz all of the sudden now, what sense does this clause make? Wouldn’t we all think that Lloyds would want this venture to be highly publicized, bring in a mass audience generating gross amounts of money so that they won’t have to pay out any portion of the policy because the shows actually went through. With Branca of his own words stating that he was brought in to do promotions of this tour, based on what I told you and what’s stated in the insurance policy; Branca the   promoter would have to get approval from Lloyds of London the insurance company. So what the heck is the need for AEG concert promoters? I mean they are getting concert promoter profits even before the actual performer Michael gets paid. I know they will say, Well look blogger, you left out, that we are in fact the producers of this tour as well. Really now.. we just went over, that in the AEG contract with Michael, he has to pay for all production costs out his profits. Again guys excuse my French, so what the FUCK are you getting paid to do AEG? The contract states that Michael is paying for this whole production called This Is It; the very production that was used to enter his life to enslave and kill him. The multifaceted, multi-national global corporate beast, all in cahoots, all working together against Michael you and me; we really must open our hearts and minds for clear sight become as one and work together. What effects the one, effects the many and vice versa.


Let’s continue our analysis of the insurance policy. Income in this policy refers to, as we talked about, 1st and 2nd (scalping) gross ticket sales as well as merchandise. This is the only monetary loss that could occur and AEG would have a valid claim if there are no shows. The profit that AEG would make off promoter fees would not be covered under the policy. Rescheduled shows and the costs involved with such shows would not be recovered; yet to keep the policy in good standings AEG would have to do everything possible to reinstate missed shows. We now see why getting Michael to these rehearsals and making sure he got to London seemed to be rather important; important enough that Kenny Ortega and Randy Phillips rolled up on Michael to practice what they called tough Love. They didn’t care about no damn concert (I’ll explain that too in another blog) they cared about fooling Lloyds of London to keep that policy going for a concert that was never to be and to cash in on the death portion of the policy that they knew was on the way. On the surface things is almost never what they appear. A policy worth 17.5 million dollars for the first 30 dates of a 50 date concert that would bring in roughly 72 million sounds like fraud from the onset. Here is a closer look at why.


The requirements to keep the policy valid are as follows:


The start-up cost for the premium was $437,500 at a rate of 2.5% this was to be paid to Lloyds no later than June 7th 2009. The broker whom quoted and structured the policy gets 25% this info will not be disclosed to the assured or insured unless asked. If parties have no control over or a hand in the happenings described in Perils 2.1 through 2.7, there is a valid claim.


2.1 Deaths of any insured


2.2 Accident or illness that prevents performance based on findings of independent medical staff approved by Lloyds of London


2.3 unavoidable travel delay


2.4 Damage or destruction of venue


2.5 Adverse weather


2.6 National mourning


2.7 Any other peril not listed in 2.1 – 2.6 and specifically limited or excluded elsewhere in policy


Conditions precedent is yet another requirement of the policy for it to be valid. Definition refers to an event or state of affairs that is required before something else will occur. In contract law, a condition precedent is an event which must occur, unless its non-occurrence is excused, before performance under a contract becomes due, i.e., before any contractual duty arises. For instance, in the sentence “Jack will only go to heaven after he has died,” the death of Jack is a condition precedent to Jack going to heaven (although it is also possible in this example for the occurrence of other conditions precedent to be needed before Jack goes to heaven: it is not stated that Jack will necessarily go to heaven if he dies).In estate and trust law, it is a provision in a will or trust that prevents the vesting of a gift or bequest until something occurs or fails to occur, e.g. the attainment of a certain age or the predecease of another person. For comparison, a condition subsequent brings a duty to an end whereas a condition precedent initiates a duty. ~ Definition provided by Wikipedia


Here are the conditions precedents, of the Lloyds of London insurance policy purchased by AEG. My comments on the precedents will be in italics


4.1 The assured must provide truthful statements to Lloyds about all occurrences and facts; provide all materials.that could potentially alter the quote limitations inclusions and exclusions. This information determines whether or not Lloyds would want to take the risk of insuring the assured/insured.

There was a story that was circulating stating that Michael was in pristine health and that he passed his pre-tour physical with flying colors. This was an AEG physical to get the insurance policy started. Since Murray’s interaction, Michael’s health diminished, he lost a great deal of weight more than the typical weight he would lose during rigorous rehearsals. AEG employs Dr. Conrad Murray and knew that the doctor was treating Michael nightly with propofol. How could they have not people, who do you think paid for all those gallons of propofol that Murray ordered. We know it wasn’t Michael as everything was being paid for him by AEG and Murray he doesnt have that type of money. He was in debt with child support and taxes remember? He actually didn’t bring in enough money to pay for many of his expenses. The only other thing I can think of is some type of doctor pharmacy hook up that I know nothing about or if it even exist at this time. I highly doubt in this case though that such a thing occurred. Interesting to note, who paid for the propofol was a question never asked during the Murray trial. Kenny Ortega sent an email to AEG management speaking about the state of Michael’s health and that he needed assistance. There was a meeting at his home to discuss his health and the reason why he wasn’t showing up to rehearsals, this occurred on June 20th 2009. This came out during the Murray trial. As you can see from the above this policy was amended many times, its effective date changed, the show dates changed, coverage of travel delay would soon change once a home was chosen and its location approved by Lloyds. This shows us that AEG was constantly making changes to this policy and updating Lloyds on their current needs. Why weren’t they updating the policy to meet the needs of Michael’s health or lack thereof? They knowingly withheld information pertaining to lack of care that Michael was receiving. AEG failed to update Lloyds on Michael’s mental state as a result of being poisoned nightly by propofol. Murray sent an email stating that Michael was fine and that reports of his demise were fallacious, I believe that was the word he used. By these grounds alone this policy had long since been invalid and should be null.


4.2 Disclosure of pre-existing conditions agreed upon; pre-existing conditions are only covered if the insured follows care measurement


We can view this precedent several different ways.the policy was gained at the beginning of the AEG contract when Michael was in fact healthy, thought he was only doing ten shows and was not being poisoned by Murray. This would be the proof that is needed to prove that AEG is liable for the deteriorating health of Michael. After the tough love meeting and Ortega stating now we have the doctor on board, Murray’s main objective per request of AEG was to get Michael to rehearsals by any means necessary. Of course the suit brought forth against AEG for wrongful death was denied; the system always watches each other’s back. In this particular document there are no medical records or statements about pre-existing conditions. Due to the fact that Lloyds laid claim that neither AEG nor John Branca had any merit to bring such a death claim against them. The fact that Lloyds states that Branca never gave them information on Murray or the dangerous services he was providing to Michael. Or assist them in any way to find out what actually happened to cause Michael’s death. One could ascertain that Lloyds only had the flying colors results of the initial medical tests; which is why they agreed to insure the concerts in the first place. Fraudulent gain of insurance policy by AEG, fraudulent claim lay against Lloyds by John Branca and AEG. Are we to believe that John and AEG didn’t sit down and go over all this before they made claim.


4.3 Have no knowledge at inception of any undisclosed matter fact or circumstance actual or threatened that increases or could increase the possibility of a loss under this policy

Once again we got AEG and Branca as well Murray on this.  


4.4 Make payments


4.5 Made true application when seeking policy and quote


All of my above comments speak to this.


4.6 Obliged to make up loss show or rearrange to the best of ability.




5.1 Assured/insured must follow all laws relating to performances


5.2 Make all arrange to fulfill shows, sufficient eta venue arrival, sufficient time for rehearsal and stage set up


5.3 Take the steps that all assured/insured contracts are signed… licenses permits visas copyrights patents etc. are signed and remain in good standing for the duration of the policy.


If nothing else this clause should scream at you all immediately. So let’s get into it.


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