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AWWWW look how happy he is,, hes finally Michael Jackson now!

AWWWW look how happy he is,, hes finally Michael Jackson now!<<CLICK

Good Day,

Michael Jacksons Estate Executor, John Branca,Worked for MJ as entertainment attorney for many years, until Michael suspected him of working AGAINST his best interest along with Sony, then had him investigated for embezzlement. Reports confirmed enough for MJ to fire Branca in 2003. Branca was demanded to hand over all legal docs to MJs new attorney and ordered to cease and desist. Branca never complied. When MJ was murdered, Branca turned up with a Will that is fraudulent as it was signed in LA on the day MJ was with Al Sharpton in NY. Plus Branca was NOT supposed to be in possession of any Will prior to 2003, this Will conveniently leaves Branca to RULE MJs empire and his children! (chk tab  tab MJEstate Fraud for more) (We back up what we say with EVIDENCE)

When Branca was named executor, MJ fans came out in herds because we knew, KNOW for a FACT Michael would NEVER leave his money, let alone his CHILDREN to a man he referred to as the “Devil.”

So Branca hired Michael Sitrick, the BIG BOY to clean up Branca image https://www.teammichaeljackson.com/archives/4117

PR stunt folks were placed in the MJFan base to cause conflict between us. Fakes posing as MJ fans viciously targeted many that spoke up against Branca… Many left… Those that remain are targeted with fraudulent claims>>>> Read one such example https://www.teammichaeljackson.com/archives/10474


Michael Jackson advocate have scoured the net for the past 5yrs ++ We know most every tv station, news, magazine, reporter, their style and motives, stories, lies, spins. The whole nine yards,

So when this Zack O’Malley Greenburg began writing for Forbes in favor of Branca, he got our attention. (Forbes btw previously had an article that was STRONGLY against Branca) As we read his articles by Zack it was evident he was just another mouth piece for Branca! We made our concerns be known at the time. Then Zack came out with a book, JB actually sat down with Zack for this “book.”

We knew Branca was offering this “new kid on the block” benefits, oh HELL we knew….

John Branca publicly attacked Randy Sullivan who probably REFUSED to be Brancas mouth piece. https://www.teammichaeljackson.com/archives/6210 This article was re-posted thousands of times by media around the world! SNAPS!!! Randy missed out on the VIP invite to the “Devils Den.”

This is some of what R. Sullivan wrote on Branca.. https://www.teammichaeljackson.com/archives/10012

Ok, back to Zack,, So thanks to Guardian of Peace we have this….

Which other reporter gets an invite like this, not only a invite to MJs Estate Executors home, but the party there is in YOUR HONOR(ZACK) …Some major sucking up must have gone on,, well it did, you can read his book if you care to, its basically everything Branca ever wanted to say but couldn’t about HIMSELF… If you do wish to read,  borrow it from a friend, dont give that leach another dime on MJs name!!


OH!! And dont forget RACIST AMY PASCAL


To be honest we are not surprised by any of the above!! Amy and Branca like two peas in the pod…

In-case any of you forgot…. this is the left overs after Sony, Branca, AEG and all the others were done with our heart


OH… ONE more for the MJ Fans not good for brand

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