Authenticator Opinions on MJ Signatures Juliens/Bush Auction




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“One of many statements to come” if this is not Michael, nor are at least 100 here Juliens-2012-Tompkins-and-Bush-Michael-Jackson






We are contacting Media outlets we suggest you do the same,  CNN TIPS, TMZ TIPS, LATIMES TIPS,,   ABC, NBCTODAY,, USATODAY




We have tried to reason with Mr Bush, who in turn had Michael Jackson Fans banned from the Exhibition, We have had PROFESSIONAL contact Darren Julien who in turn has stated all the signatures, personal letters posted in OUR discussion are fakes, Darren is telling us, WE HAVE FAKES, when in fact the people who posted them witness Michael sign to them!! We have posted video in the discussion to show Michael sign his autograph and posted it, we have posted Michael passport, and numerous legal documents, BUT DARREN JULIENS REPLY IS HE has a video of Michael inscribing the hundreds of items they are selling, but has not presented this to the discussion, Darren Julien was invited to take part in our discussion but he did not!!







If you believe this as well, please start reporting this IMMEDIATELY as FRAUD to California Consumer Protection Agencies – FBI-LAPD. SAMPLE LETTER HERE COPY&PASTE THE ANALYSIS PROVIDED HERE ARE BY @wendyluvsmj


Complaint:  It is our belief that Julien’s Auctions located at 9665 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 150, Beverly Hills, California 90210 (Telephone: (310) 836-1818) AND Michael Bush have intentionally committed fraud and forgery upon all so us by falsely and intentionally misrepresenting, portraying, advertising, charging for, and the auctioning of numerous Michael Jackson memorabilia with fake, falsified, counterfeit, and fraudulent Michael Jackson signatures.


We respectfully request that the Julien’s Tompkins and Bush Auction of Michael Jackson items scheduled to occur on Sunday, December 2, 2012 be STOPPED and fully investigated by the proper authorities to determine whether intentional fraud has occurred NUMEROUS TIMES.  This investigation should also include all of the previous Exhibitions that attendees were charged for and the nine (9) previous Auctions of Michael Jackson memorabilia involving hundreds and hundreds of Michael Jackson memorabilia that were sold for millions and millions of dollars.  These nine (9) previous Auctions have taken place since Michael Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009.


“Anyone in the field of appraising and/or selling signatures would NOT be blindsided or bamboozled by this obvious manifestation of forgery by the Hundreds!”


“Forgery” under California Law?

Found at:

What is “Forgery” under California Law?


In California , forgery is a type of fraud that is considered both a “white collar” crime and a theft crime. Although most people think of forgery as simply “signing someone else’s name”, the offense of forgery is actually much more comprehensive.

Forgery occurs when you intend to commit a fraud and:

Sign someone else’s name without authorization,

Counterfeit or recreate the seal or handwriting of another without prior approval,

Alter, corrupt, or falsify specific legal written documents, such as a will or court record, and/or

Falsely make, alter, recreate, counterfeit, utter, or publish

Any document or item relating to money, stocks, a sale, transfer, or exchange of goods or property,

Any written document relating to how one intends to dispose of his/her property upon death,

A legal document other than a will or court record (a power of attorney, for example), or

A notarized document.

Just to clarify, the words “utter and publish” mean the same thing. They mean to use or attempt to use an instrument or document either to (1) assert that it is genuine, or (2) represent to someone else that it is genuine.

California forgery law only applies to acts that prejudice, damage, or defraud another out of:

Money, an interest in property, and/or other legal rights.

If you believe this as well, please immediately start reporting this as FRAUD to these California Consumer Protection Agencies: PLEASE MAKE IT CLEAR WHEN REPORTING, AUCTION IS DUE TO TAKE PLACE DECEMBER 2ND, 2012



Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Los Angeles

Suite 1700, FOB

11000 Wilshire Boulevard

Los Angeles, California 90024-3672

Tel (310) 477-6565

Fax: (310) 996-3359 


You can send fax from your computer for free from


Please look here at professional analysis and discussions to refer to the authorities


Further blogs, proof of the offense here


It seems items sold by Juliens in the past are questionable, we will be researching those items in the coming weeks and will post them under the tab “Juliens auction” at the top of these pages




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These are the credentials of FOUR EXPERTS whose opinion it is these are NOT Michael Jackson’s autographs


Roger Epperson’s

Roger Robert Epperson, Jr.
6025 Edgemoor Drive Suite B | Houston TX 77081
Phone: 713-664-7498

Career Experience
Owner and authenticator for the web site
One of the world’s only autograph dealers that only deals exclusively in music industry autographs. Signed, Sealed & Delivered Autograph Memorabilia has been in business for more than 20 years. The company started out as a mail order business by printing and mailing a quarterly catalog. It has now matured to a 24/7 online store.

Owner and authenticator for REAL Roger Epperson Authentication Limited
REAL was started over five years ago to help individuals and businesses know that the autographs they own or are selling are in fact authentic. Once inspected, either a letter of autograph authenticity or a letter of rejection is issued. I also have a “quick opinion” service in order to help those who are buying autographs from an on line auction to confirm quickly if the autograph is likely authentic or not.

Owner and writer for
Autograph Alert Truth is an online column / blog for the education of the autograph collector. It has been up and running since 2009 with nearly 2500 visitors a month.

Authentication service
JSA Jim Spence Authentication
I am the full time music autograph authenticator for JSA since November 2006-Present

I was the full time music autograph authenticator for PSA/DNA, the nation’s largest authentication service from May 2004-November 2006.

Global Authentication
I was an on call authenticator for Global from February 2002-May 2004

Auction Houses that I authenticate for

RR Auction
I have been their music autograph authenticator for over 8 years. I am considered by them as an expert in the field of music autographs. RR Auction puts out a monthly catalog in which I look at 100 or more autographs a month.

American Memorabilia
I have authenticated for them for nearly 5 years. I am paid on a per item bases. I am considered by them an expert in the field of music autographs.

Heritage Auctions
I have authenticated for them for over 4 years. Heritage Auctions hold 4 auctions per year in entertainment memorabilia. I am considered by them as an expert in my field.

Alexander Autographs
I have been their music autograph authenticator for over 4 years. Alexander Autographs holds to semi-annual auctions in entertainment autographs. I am considered by them and expert in the field of music autographs.

Gotta Have It Auctions
I have helped them in the authentication of music autographs for their auctions for 2 years. I am considered by them an expert in the field of music autographs.

Media, TV and radio shows
History Detectives
On Tuesday July 17, PBS aired the 10th season premier of History Detectives.  On this episode Roger Epperson was featured reviewing and providing his professional services regarding Beatles autographs (and others). Click here to watch the episode online.

93.7 The Arrow
I had a quarterly radio show where people would call up and tell me what they had and I would evaluate it on the air. I am considered by them to be an expert in the field of music autographs.

107.5 Classic Hits
I have a quarterly radio show where listeners call in for an evaluation on their autographed items. I am considered by them to be an expert in the field of music autographs.

Autograph Magazine
I have been a frequent writer for this magazine which is the only magazine serving the autograph community. I have been writing for them for 5 years. I have written many articles showing the examples of many famous musicians’ autographs. I have also done full studies of individual artist’s autographs over the years. These musicians include Elvis Presley (a two part story), Stevie Ray Vaughan and Led Zeppelin. I am also asked for my opinion on any music autograph stories they do which show autograph exemplars. I am considered by them to be an expert in the field of music.

Autograph Live
On this web site I have an online blog where I help educate the members in the field of music autographs. I am considered by them an expert in the field of music autographs.

I also have been an expert witness in 4 court cases involving forged documents. I am an expert witness in one case right now.

– Roger Epperson studied with many of the best in the business learning how to detect pen pressure, ink flow, letter formation, and alteration of documents and the history of writing instruments.
– I was an “in person” collector of autographs for over 20 years. I have built the world’s largest data base of autograph exemplars in the music field.

References upon request
REAL – Roger Epperson Authentication Ltd.
6025-B Edgemoor, Houston, TX 77081

Tel: 713-664-7498 | Fax: 713-664-7594 | Roger Epperson Credentials





PSA/DNA- With over 19 million collectibles certified and valued, over $1 billion, PSA represents the industry




Michael Frost

President and head authenticator for Professional Autograph Authentication Services . President of Collectables of the Stars Inc. established in New York in 1982.One of America’s earliest autograph store. Michael Frost was the first to have Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Willie Mays and Duke Snider for in-store signings. Michael Frost formed a very close friendship with Mickey Mantle, Muhammad Ali and many other superstars during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Michael Frost worked as a marketing agent and manager for many superstars in sports. He later partnered with Michael Wehrmann to offer the 1st true witnessed private signings and appearances in the entertainment industry. Working directly with Little Richard, Ronnie Spector, Carmen Electra, the cast of Diff’rent Strokes and many other stars of music and screen. Michael Frost is a co-founder and past President of the International Autograph Collectors Club & Dealer Alliance The IADA-CC. The first President of the Gold Coast Autograph Club, and recipient of the UACC Certificate of Appreciation Award (1991).

Michael Frost has been featured on The Maury Povich Show, Geraldo Rivera Show, Hard Copy, The Howard Stern Show, HBO, and Showtime. He has been featured on 100’s of radio shows and has been quoted in numerous newspaper articles.. Michael Frost is one of the premier authenticators for the Topps Baseball Card Company.

Michael Frost has obtained over 45,000 autographs in person and has authenticated over 10,000 autographs. Michael is a true pioneer in the autograph hobby and autograph authentication industry. He has worked hand and hand with 100’s of athletes and celebrities with private signings and personal appearances.

Michael Frost has over 35 years experience in the autograph industry and is one of the few universally respected authorities. He has worked with and authenticated for some of the biggest sports memorabilia companies and auction houses in the world. Michael has also worked endless hours directly with eBay’s forgery and fraud department.

Michael Frost has taken numerous autograph and handwriting courses. He has been trained and passed government issued courses on Handwriting Analysis and graphology.He has also received training as a forensic analysis in signatures and handwriting. Michael Frost has been employed by The United States Government and has worked on many confidential assignments.




Edward Kosinski of

Founded in 1994, GOTTA HAVE IT® Collectibles, Inc. is the premier resource for the highest quality collectibles and memorabilia. Since its inception, GOTTA HAVE IT!® has been internationally recognized as the ultimate destination for fully authenticated Sports, Entertainment, Rock & Roll and Historical memorabilia. Partners Peter Siegel and Edward Kosinski specialize in sourcing and curating collections for individual collectors and corporate entities.



Pete Siegel, who co-founded GOTTA HAVE IT!® has long been known as an expert in the field of collectibles, specializing in sports and historical collectibles. His wide-ranging understanding of the collectibles business is sought after world-wide, with a clientele that spans the globe.  Ed Kosinski’s extensive knowledge of entertainment memorabilia has been tapped by such venerable institutions as the as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, and Paul Allen’s Experience Music Project in Seattle, Washington, where he assists in the authentication of vintage and contemporary music artifacts. Ed founded The Rock and Roll Trust in 1989 to work with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to help preserve the integrity of Rock and Roll memorabilia collecting.



GOTTA HAVE IT!® has partnered with Sothebys for highly successful auctions such as The Beatles, Madonna (both record-breakers!), Baseball For America with Roger Clemens (benefiting the Twin Towers Fund) and Muhammad Ali. Auctions hosted on include the extraordinarily successful Britney Spears charity auction, Kenneth Cole’s “Celebrity Help USA,” UGGs Australia (2003, 2004), Samsung’s “Four Seasons of Hope” and many more. Our Outreach Program has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for such high-profile charities as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, The Roger Clemens Foundation, VH1’s “Save the Music,” Muscular Dystrophy, and Long Island Jewish Hospital’s Children’s Medical Fund.

GOTTA HAVE IT!® is regularly featured in many of the world’s top news, business and entertainment media, including ABC, NBC and CBS News, CNN Headline News, Fox News, Good Morning America, The Today Show, PBS’ Antiques Roadshow, Fox’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” CNBC’s “Business Unusual,” the BBC, Sky 1, E!, Entertainment Tonight, MTV, VH1, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, London Sunday Mail, The Independent, People, Forbes, and Barrons. GOTTA HAVE IT!® has partnered with Cablevision’s Metro Channel and AMC to provide inventory and expertise for a series of live, interactive auctions.



In 2008, Gotta Have It!® Collectibles launched, an online auction site devoted to rock and roll and pop art.  Since its launch we have held two extremely successful auctions, the Rock and Pop Art Auction 2008, where we broke the world record for the highest priced Elvis Presley item ever to be sold at auction, his famed Peacock Jumpsuit! The sale of this jumpsuit is to be included in the new edition of Guinness World Records.  Another highlight of that auction was John Lennon’s Talisman necklace; the very same necklace worn by Lennon in the infamous nude cover photograph for John & Yoko’s “Two Virgins” album in 1968 and worn by Lennon constantly in ’67 and ’68.  This necklace was sold for $528,000!  Following on the heels of this auction was the Rock and Roll Photography Auction that featured over 250 original, many never-before-seen, rock and roll photographs. The August 2009 Rock & Roll Pop Art Auction featured Jimi Hendrix’s first known contract, Bob Dylan’s “Hard Rain” handwritten working lyrics and the Bill Porter Elvis Presley Collection, among many other extraordinary rock and roll artifacts.  Following on the heels of this auction was the Rock and Roll Photography Auction that featured over 250 original, many never-before-seen, rock and roll photographs. Subsequent auctions include the Rock & Roll auctions of 2009 and 2010 as well as a huge rock concert poster auction featuring posters from all over the world! Our most recent auctions from late 2010 and 2011 featured Princess Diana’s worn dresses from the famed 1997 Christies sale, Bruce Springsteen’s first car as well as Michael Jackson’s stage worn crystal glove and Japan MTV Award! Our subsequent Rock & Rol Pop Culture Auctions have featured Princess Diana’s worn dress from the famed 1997 Christies auction as well as Michael Jackson’s stage worn Swarovski crystal glove and his Japan MTV Award!



Since 1994, GOTTA HAVE IT!® has been located on New York City’s most fashionable shopping street at 153 East 57th Street, between Lexington and Third Avenues. Our retail gallery is a veritable pop culture time capsule, featuring incredible Sports, Entertainment, Rock & Roll and Historical artifacts. The gallery is located on New York City’s most fashionable shopping street at 153 East 57th Street, New York, NY. 10022.



On October 1, 2005 GOTTA HAVE IT!® opened our second retail store, at Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. The GOTTA HAVE IT!® experience has been re-created at this world famous restaurant where visitors can purchase collectibles right off the walls.


How to Contact Us: Main Store, Auction and Executive Offices

153 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022  Tel. 212-750-7900, Email: (for store consignment, auction consignment, and information about our one-of-a-kind collectibles and memorabilia).

Store hours: Monday – Friday 10:30am to 6:30pm, After Labor Day we are also open Saturday 11:30am to 5:00pm. During the holidays we are open on Sundays 11:30am to 5:00pm.


The Gallery at Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant

42 Central Park South at 59th St., (betw. 5th and 6th Aves.), Tel. 212-688-7777.  Hours: Monday – Sunday 11:30am – 11:00pm.























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